October 14, 2008

Hot Colorado Bike Action

Having just left what could be the Bike Porn capitol of the Universe (yes Salt Lake is just that crazy go nutz!) the tour has slowed down a bit. But excitement is brewing in the air (more like our veins) again!

  • Tuesday, Oct 14th we are joining in at least one if not TWO Full Moon Bike Rides in Ft. Collins!
  • Thursday we tour the environmentally intimidating brewery, New Belgium; challenge the local team to a game of (what is this? we were promised hardcort!) Bike Hockey, and have our screening at Hodi's Half Note @ 8:30
  • Friday we get some hot mutant action in Boulder with Burnworks who is hosting our show with special burlesque duo performing at the show
  • Saturday a first time ever, locals only DIY bike porn screening of new content made in the past 168 hours AND both The Pornography of the Bicycle as well as Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation at Orange Cat Studios in Denver


Keep up with us if you can.

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