November 18, 2014

Boning Your Eros Zonna

Winter has come to North America; it's time to go down... south!

For residents of Arizona, this weekend is a double fisting of joyous bikesexual activity!

Friday Nov 21
Space 55
636 E Pierce St
Doors at 7:00 pm, show at 7:40. 
$7 FB event

Saturday Nov 22
The Screening Room
127 E Congress St
Doors at 9:00 pm, show at 9:30
$6  FB Event

tickets for the Tucson show available now:

Adults only, please!

Austin! Houston! San Antonio! You are next!

November 5, 2014

Come Again, Rockies!

We have a slew of great shows coming up for you higher elevated bikesexuals!

Saturday Nov 8th
Velowood Cyclery - 2526 E Colfax 
Two shows!  8pm  and 10pm! $8  FB Event

Sunday Nov 9th
Phoenix Asylum - 2510 47th St, Boulder
7pm, $8 FB Event

Tuesday Nov 11th
Ft. Collins
Lyric Cinema - 300 E Mountain Ave
9:30pm  $10 FB Event

Wednesday Nov 12th
Col Springs
Voodoo Leatherworks, 2422 Busch Ave
9pm $1-10  FB Event

Friday Nov 14th
Salt Lake
Physics Warehouse
8pm  $5  FB event

Sunday Nov 16th
Pornotopia, The Guild Cinema 3405 Central Ave NE
7pm $10 FB event
Join the group ride to the show!

Look at the Rocky Mountain grouping! Thats 6 shows in 9 days! (Not including the double header in Denver!) How are we to keep our minds in the gutter for such an extended period of time?

We are gonna need your help! Please reach out to someone in this region and share with them the value of kickass sex and transportation!

October 19, 2014

Exxxtra Curricular California Porno!

Bike Smut is touring down the west coast by bicycle. As such we get to have some pretty curious adventures and meet lots of colorful characters.

We also get to show porn is some pretty odd places...

TONIGHT in San Luis Obispo (or SLO)
Bike Smut selected cuts! 8 years of whatever we want!
Perfect Vision
2020 Ruth St
7:30 pm

Wake up you bastion of conservative fuddyduddies! We got the hot bikesexul action coming at ya!

October 14, 2014

Los Fuckin Angles

Bike Touring is great. We are riding south along the west coast! It great to be on the road again and now with a fabulous new tourista!

It gives time to ponder some of the great questions of our time, for example:
QUESTION: "How many LA bikesexuals can dance on the head tube?"
QUESTION: "When can I watch a screening of erotic bike films?"
QUESTION: "Where did you get that 'My other car is a tiny penis' sticker?"

Thankfully these questions have answers, which we are prepared to offer below:

October 24th
Church of Fun

410X Melrose Ave


October 2, 2014

Extra Bay Area Action!

We are having a hoot at El Rio!

But the bikesexual train doesn't stop rolling just cause we are in the most densely populated city on the west coast.

We got 3 more shows for ya!

Wednesday in Oakland!
Feelmore 510, 1703 Telegraph Ave, 9pm

Thursday in Emeryville!
GUAVA, 4210 Holden St, 8pm

Saturday in San Jose! 
Back Bar  21 N. 3rd St

September 27, 2014

Stepping into El Rio

Heraclitus said, "you can't step in the same river twice"

But if he were alive and in San Francisco this week he would totally say, "You can watch all new bicycle pornography at El Rio!

Two years ago the Bay Area forces of rad, sex positive queerdom* gathered to appreciate Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx. We had a fantastic performance by Bianca Stone:

In the two years since that screening we have showed forced haircuts from Chicago, golden showers and swampy dendrophilia from Gainesville, greasy cock and ball torture from Berlin, spaghetti-western anarchists from Montreal, gender queer Mario Brothers from Geneva, hardfem bicycle-mounted cavalry-archers hunting to feed their sexual appetites in Pheonix, and a hardcore ginger-on-ginger bisexual, bikesexual educational film... and that was just in Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express

Now with Come Again we will share androgynous frottage in an ice cave, bike thief revenge, euro bicycle lap dances, bike gang consensual non consent, wheelchair porn and the finest collection of animated gifs the internet could provide!

But since we never got to show #7 we will be selecting some choice cuts from each program! We have a lot of great porn to share and only a few chances to share it!

Dont miss a step in your river of bikesexual fantasies, come watch porn made by your community!

Bike Smut 8: Come Again
Thursday October 2nd
El Rio
3158 Mission St
9pm, $10 suggested donation

September 17, 2014

Eureka! The Porn is between our legs!

For the first time in two years Bike Smut is going back to California!
We have several shows planned but please contact us to help us set up more!

First stop, NorCal!
Sunday, September 21
The Ink Annex
47 B West 3rd St, E
7pm, $5-10 

Live musical performance by Mad River Rounders
Q & A post screening for you brainy types.

Get yr FB on

SF is booked! Can we get any more shows in the middle? Contact and let us know you deserve good sex and transportation!

September 9, 2014

Free Tickets to Come Again World Premiere!

Thats right FREE TICKETS for Friday's World Premiere of Bike Smut 8: Come Again

Like adding chocolate to peanut butter, the combination of bikes and sex has delighted people all over! But it only happens every so often. Portland is lucky that it gets at least one chance every year.

Bike Smut 8: Come Again
Friday, September 12th

You want free tickets? All you gotta do is leave a comment here on PDX Pipeline.

This is a $14 value, all yours just for clicking writing something.

We are also giving away two tickets to:
Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland!
Also worth $14

Leave a comment stating why you should get free tickets to which show. Best comments win.

Deadline for comments is Wednesday September 10th

Make your voice heard. Watch amazing films and performances for free. Have some fucking bike party!

Dont wanna use your outdoor voice to get free tickets? You can still buy tickets online!

Make it a Double Whammy! Pay just $3 more and you get to see both Aftermass and Bike Smut!

More information on the event and other activities happening before and after is all on the main event page.

September 5, 2014

Das Porno Kapital

Its time.

Time for the final,
the ultimate,
the last chance for a full on turned on hard on with a bike on the big screen screening of Bike Smut!

Tonight in Berlin, the porno capital of the world we share the best of the past 3 years of Bike Smut.

Saturday, 6, September
Eizeit Kino [eye-sight]
Zeughofstrasse 20
5 - euros

There are only 81 seats so either to reserve tickets by phone (and then pick up your tickets 20 minutes before the start) or buy the in advance.










Its gonna be a good fucking time.