May 24, 2015

Come to Kansas City, then Come Again!

Bike Smut has played shows in 36 different US states. This Friday Missouri gets added to that list!

Kansas City is throwing down a huge bikesexual party!

Get ready for a night of never ending pleasure with performances by GARDENCORE & SCHWERVON! Photobooths from Oh Snap Photography! Booze from Tallgrass and Boulevard! Grassroots erotica from lovers worldwide! And overall too much sexiness!!!

May 29th 2015
- 3333 Roanoke Rd, MO

Come the

May 16, 2015

Come Again, Detroit!

When we were in LA this past year they said, "Hey it's been two years since a show! We dont want to miss any of it so we are doing two shows back to back!"


Detroit now hosts some expatriot bikesexuals of LA among other places and they being in the same place responded in kind. "Its been two year's since Detroit hosted a screening! We want double pleasure too!"


We make all your bikesexual dreams come true!

Friday May 22nd
Cinema Detroit
3420 Cass Ave
8pm - Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
10pm - Bike Smut 8: Come Again

FB event page

Plus this weekend is the Movement... Detroit's premiere electronic music festival, and we have bikesexuals who will be repaving the streets with fine-ass dance moves!

mobile dance after porn party FB event page

Its been a while since that perfect bike fucking storm gathered but it seems ready to Come Again!

May 14, 2015

Come Again, EUROPE!

We are in the midst of a delightful tour where we have eschewed some classic east coast cities NYC, DC, RVA in favor of more fresh-faced locations like Kansas City and Peoria, Illinois but all the while our Bike Smut queen, Miss Poppy Cox has been plotting and preparing her own bikesexual tryst in Europe.

TOMORROW in Amsterdam you can have your first taste!
Friday, 15 May
Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-I (trap op)

May 12, 2015

Come Again, Buffalo? Wait a second...

Thursday, May 14
Hot Mama's Canteen
12 Military Rd, Buffalo

Wait... Buffalo? when was the last time were in Buffalo?

Its been like FOUR YEARS!

Last time we were here we blew the doors off. No really, a huge wooden door blew off their hinges. This kinda stuff happens when you pack 50 horny bikers into a small room. Also, our founder had to break out of a nonconsensual full nelson grapple at the conclusion of our last show because one attendee was really REALLY excited. (no really).

We are not complaining. In fact it reminds us of our mantra for 2015

"better problems"

That's the goal for this year. Its something we came up with around the time we had 7 liters of excellent mezcal and only a week to drink it. Whew.

What kind of problems will we have this week? Come on down and find out, then COME AGAIN!

poster art by Delaney Coady

May 10, 2015

Reverend and The Devil went down in Boston

Kaedon aka The Devil interviews Reverend Phil about Bike Smut, women's bikesexual liberation and Neil Gaiman:

Thanks for encouraging independent media and sharing one of our finest moments ever!

Don't forget, the deadline for Bike Smut 9: Science Friction is coming!
S you best be going, or else you'll never be cuming!

Come Again, Troy

Troy got a little excited with the upcoming theme, Science Friction and decided to get a head start... 

Tuesday May 12 in Troy, NY
FB event page




----------end of TRANSmission-----------

A clothing-optional bike ride will meet up at Troy Bike Rescue at 6pm to see the space, fix flats, minor repairs, and get ready to ride. Come as you are, be comfortable, and don't forget your helmet. We pedal off at 6:30 on a northern loop using the Uncle Sam Bike Path, arriving at The Hangar by 7pm.

From there, local groups will present, live performance may happen, and everyone can enjoy beer provided by Rare Form Brewing Company. Potluck is open so feel free to bring your own snacks to share and be shared with.

At 8pm the Bike Smut: Bike Porn screening will begin outside behind the Hanger (weather-permitting) bike-in movie style. Bring blankets and other comforts if you like.

$7 at the door, $1 off if you donate feminine products to the Helens of Troy.

So drink beer or not!
Wear clothes or not!
Donate a tampon or diva cup or not!

Its your life and your choice but we encourage you to fill it full of joy and liberation!

May 9, 2015

Come Again, Boston

Last time we were passing through Boston it was on bicycle. Having ridden from Minneapolis to Montreal, we were heading south on our way to Mexico! It was quite an adventure and Boston provided no shortage of exciting times.

We met organizers at what I believe is still the world's largest hack space.
We ate raman noodles at an strikingly authentic Japanese restaurant.
We watched the Red Sox win the World Series

We also saw one of our greatest Bike Smut promoters for the first time since a terrible bicycle accident nearly claimed their life. The recovery has been slow but steady and for the first time in 4 years we are proud to present Bike Smut with the help of Aliza Shapero and various members of Boston bicycle community.

Plus we this weekend we are totally sketchy!  Dr. Sketchy that is.  Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school is the world's premier alt.drawing movement. Artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of boozy conviviality. We have a handful of sexy biker models to strip and pose and we need YOU to come and draw them!

Sunday, May 10

Great Scott 
1222 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, MA
2:30 - 4:30 Drawing
4:45 - 6:00 Watching porn! 
$8 for drawing class and the show! SO CHEAP!!! 18+ 

Choose among our array of FB event pages:

Excessive? Perhaps. Either way we all think you should come, and then Come Again and while you are at it how about we all Give it up for the mom's. They have been hoping you would get your shit together and get laid for a while now.

May 1, 2015

Come Again, Burlington!

This is normally where we make a humorous quip about the city or state hosting Bike Smut, usually involving their name, or motto into some sort of play on words.

In the past we've said, VerMOUNT (as in, to see you get on) and I think we also tried a Voldermount joke once, although its hard to out-parody the self-referential internet. Burrrrrlington made more sense when we came through a snow storm 4 years ago.  But none of those are popping and we are only into the freshest recycled humor.

So fuck it, we have a show at Arts Riot, a totally excellent space in Burlington, Vermont and we are stoked about it! Plus we are donating part of the door to Pride VT, who on top of throwing a great festival celebrating the joy of sexuality, also encourage the responsibility of healthy behaviors to keep you safe!

Bike Smut 8: Come Again
Wednesday, May 6
Arts Riot
400 Pine St, Burlington, VT
9pm - $5 advance tickets

hey! don't forget to put on some shoes, those pedals will tear your sensitive feets!

If you are gonna wave your wand around like that it might as well be used to fuck the patriarchy... Like Hermone, "the girl who gave literally zero fucks".

April 29, 2015

Viens encore, Montreal!

English below

Bike Smut- aka le festival bicyclo-pornographique est de retour à Montréal. Cette année, avec deux nouveaux films de Montréal qui ont eu un grand succès-- pour que personne ne nous manque... le même show jouera deux fois. 

Café Cléopatra 
1230 St. Laurent
Viens! à 7h30 pour le premier show, sois sexy pour plaire, puis 
Viens encore à 10h30 pour le deuxieme show, habillement optionnelle 
sliding scale 7 to 10$
billets e-transfer -

Live performances, games, and things to win and 90 minutes of radical bike-loving, woman-centered, man-centered, trans queer gay bikesexual movies. 
It is your only chance to see them. Bike Smut comes once a year and not available online

Café Cléopatra 
1230 St. Laurent

 Yes two showings! 
Come at 7:30 pm/ show at 8pm- dressed up sexy please
Come Again at 10:30 pm/ show at 11 pm - clothing optional 
sliding scale $7 to $10
advance tickets - e-transfer -

April 28, 2015

Pornorgraphic Extension INTO THE FUTURE!

Your deadline for submission to Bike Smut 9: Science Friction has been extended!

No longer will you need to work relentlessly until 5/5 to create your vision of sexy mobility

... instead you can work relentlessly until 16 June!

SciFi is one of the most challenging genres to do well so give yourself a bit of extra time to execute a brilliant expression that will inspire future bikesexuals from around the universe and beyond.

ALSO we now have the official submission form available for your entry. Please fill it out and include it with your submission so that we can ensure we give proper credit where it is due!