April 29, 2017

¡El Ultimo projeyction en Mexico City!

Come for the free bikeporn stay for the free popcorn! Its the last ever screening of Bike Smut in Mexico City!

Lunes, 1 Mayo
DF @ Cine Club Condesa Av. Veracruz #102 en el búnker del Hotel Condesa DF
gratis palomitas y entrada!

We have only a couple weeks left in our final tour of Mexico. With two shows planned in Puebla in May and a lot of people asking "can bike smut come to _____" we are not sure what will come of us.

Living the high life in the mountains of Chiapas?
Riding the night life in Guadalajara?
Spanking the thighs right in Oaxaca?

Get at us and let us know where we should go before it is too late!


April 26, 2017

Bike Smut Intelligentsia

Below learn about our final two screenings in Mexico City: 
 Bike Smut Intelligentsia

Bike Smut has always been for the people. Not just the people it serves directly (ie, our audience) but the people that will never know of its existence. We would like to believe that there is some massive Butterfly Effect that filters out of each show, causing the participants to engage with their mobile-sexuality a little differently. The ideals of Joyful Exploration, Shameless Flirtation and Radical Honesty help us find and embrace our desires. Witnessing someone make themselves vulnerable by sharing their fantasies emboldens others and puritanical shame is diminished. We all benefit from this scenario. But while we are very proud of our methods many choose other ways to engage these topics.

Recently a festival was going to invite Bike Smut or a person who has made a culture of encouraging people to photograph bikers without their consent (technically legal in the USA but still sketchy).

We are not one to Yuck another person's Yum but we wish there was a better way. For sure, its not easy. Besides the obvious challenge of racing after a person on a bicycle, just imagining how one might obtain feedback from strangers is difficult enough. "I just took your picture, can I use it in this context" strangely seems even more invasive then just snapping the photo and running. But why? Perhaps because we have trained ourselves to exist in a culture that spends more time begging for forgiveness than asking permission.

Thankfully we don't have to suffer in contemplation the ethics of others. We simply have to live our truth and hope that others are similarly inspired. But we do enjoy the mental exercise so we invite you to take part in a rarely seen side of ours,  Bike Smut's intellectual explorations of bikes and sex.

First this weekend is the North American Anarchist Studies Network (nassn.org). Basically political wonks gathering for what we presume is an opportunity to stoke their own red and black gears. Although our voices might often be drowned out by the capitalist machine when we gather, when we organize our ideas have wheels of their own.

A bunch of intellectuals sharing theories on various political systems may not sound exciting but then you might have gotten accustomed to the yoke of capitalism. If you spend more time wondering how to maximize your net worth than you do dancing I hope you are able to join us for a rousting examination of what bodies will do with given the freedom to move and fuck as they please without concern for compensation.

Friday 4/28, 6pm @ Social Reconstruction Library with NAASN - FREE

Then on Monday the woman responsible for making all the screenings at this year's World Bicycle Forum has invited Bike Smut to present at her weekly film club. Its a kickass place to watch a bunch of porn and we will be making a rare performance at the end.

Monday 5/1, 8pm @ Cine Club Condesa - FREE

Nuestras dos proyecciones finales en Ciudad de México:

Viernes, 28 Abril
NAASN @ Biblioteca Social Reconstruir 
Godard y Delibes, Guadalupe Victoria II,  Ciudad de México, CDMX circa La Raza metro stacion

Lunes, 1 Mayo
DF @ Cine Club Condesa Av. Veracruz #102 en el búnker del Hotel Condesa DF

April 18, 2017

nuevo arte bicisexual de Mexco!

Information additional - Hacemos una Taller: Deconstruir Pornografía, con Bicicletas!
a Viernes 21 Abril a las 16h 
Trae tijeras, pegamento, espacio / scifi picutres, revistas de bicicletas y porno para cortar y pegar

We are so stoked to be back in Mexico. The culture, food, people are all so welcoming. And our friends at Casa Bicitekas are making it happen! With the world's largest gathering of bicycle nerds happening in Mexico we were dubious we would get an invitation. We like to wonk hard, but for some reason many people in the US don't like to get transportation advice from porn stars. It seems our neighbors to the south are more reasonable with their politics. As the imitable Courtney Trouble said, "let your porn inform your politics and your politics inform your porn." (more or less, I hope I didn't fuck up that quote)

So we are fortunate to present not only the world's only collection of futuristic, sci-fi themed, bicycle pornography but also host a workshop deconstructing bike porn as well! Both happen Friday at Casa Bicitecas!

Deconstructing Porn, with Bikes!
April 21 Friday
Casa Bicitekas
Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
4pm with Science Friction to follow at 9

April 15, 2017

¡El Final Feliz Comenza - Ciencia Fricción en Mexico!

en español mas tarde (mas of menos... problemente menos)

Bike Smut returns to Mexico! In all the world there is only one homegrown film and performance festival displaying the joy and libeartion of human-powered mobility and sex-positive culture. Although we have moved into a comfortable retirement from touring there were 4 movies made in Mexico in our most recent program so we couldn't keep Science Friction from our Southern neighbor for long.

We have officially been invited to present our glorious bikesexual films at the 6th annual World Bicycle Forum aka la Foro de Mudial de la bicicletta. Some have called it the biggest bike party on earth, and we are happy to be here. Thankfully we are a pretty good judge of bike parties. Our friends the Dead Baby Bicycle Club of Seattle whom have been hosting a massive party every first Friday of August for the past 21 years might argue they have been doing it longer and better.

Bicycle dance performances by the Sprockettes at The Dead Baby Downhill
Never any shortage of bikes, beer or fire
Well what they lack in fire and freaks we hope they will make up for with radical collaboration and ideas from across the planet. We are sure the #FMB6 is gonna have more wonks but will it have more wanks? Only time will tell but we are excited to rub thighs with some of the world's finest thinkers.

Read the FMB6 schedule of events. bici polo, WNBR body painting, y mucho personas hablando

  • The Mexico premiere of Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
  • Friday, April 21st
  • Casa Bicitecas 
  • Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
  • 9:30pm 
  • FaceCrack Event Page

  • En todas la mundo solo esta una programma de cyclosessual peliculas y performancia. El primo presentation de Bike Smut 9:  Ciencia Fricción
  • Viernes 21 de Abril
  • Casa Biciteka
  • República de Nicaragua, 15, Colonia Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • 21h
  • evento a FaceBook 

 Vamanos a otras cidudads, Puebla, Guadalajara, y ? ayudame compartir la ultimo programa!

October 29, 2016

Science Friction in Berlin!

Bike Smut may be done touring in the US but lucky for German bike fuckers Miss Poppy Cox is on hand to deliver the goods in Berlin, Tonight!

We are delighted to have Science Friction be part of the Berlin Porn Film Festival! (but with a name like that how could they refuse?) Come revel in the splendor of the future of bikesexuality!

Saturday, 29 October
Moviemento Kino
Kottbusser Damm 22
10967 Berlin 
Get Tickets!

Das Pornfilmfestival freut sich, wieder die Fahrradsexuellen zu Gast zu haben!
Präsentiert von Poppy Cox

October 10, 2016

The Penultimate Bike Porn ... mmm MKE?

This is it.

We are on the verge of getting sentimental, because we have done so much writing and engaging more than 1000 posts and 700k views over the past decade. But the numbers, which are interesting are nothing compared to the qualitative sense of value from our interactions with people over the years.

We have had some great opportunities to challenge strongly held views about sex and mobility. The dominate culture rarely makes room for anything other than the tightly prescribed notions about how you can move and how you can fuck. But these ideas are limiting the vast possibilities for bikesexual expression. "You are unfulfilled! You must desire this expensive car, and desire this unrealistic body..." So many of us just watch whatever free porn is good enough, even tho its painfully formulaic, so formulaic that its like eating formula intended for an infant. By only consuming the porn equivalent baby food we are denying ourselves the complexity and diverse flavors our mature palettes deserve!

Milwaukee (or as they like to abbreviate it, MKE) is the home of macro beers but they also got plenty of people appreciating the finer things. So while most overlook our plucky independent film fest we've seen a growing appreciation for the crazy fun happening in the rather eclectic neighborhood of Riverwest and specifically the happy (if not slightly wobbly) patrons who frequent the Riverwest Public House, Bike Smut's home in MKE for the past 4 years.

And now it would seem the rather attentive but prudish censors of FB have decided to ban RevPhil yet again, so combined with the difficulty finding a venue in Madison and a strong case of homesickness the following screenings in Madison and Minneapolis are cancelled/postponed indefinitely.

The final screening of Bike Smut 9: Science Friction 
on this fucking long ass tour that is almost over!
Saturday, October 15
Riverwest Public House
815 E Locust St
8PM,   $5

So this really is it. Milwaukee, i hope you are ready because you are getting the entire truck load of porn coming your way and this is your last change to get it!

October 4, 2016

Until it Burns, Chicago

Chicago, the 3rd city of these United States and the 1st place to inspire a riot during Bike Smut.

Its not everyday that the audience, due to vast intoxication, could belligerently necessitate stopping the screening. In fact its only happened a few times, but never with as much gusto as it was that cold March night at the historic Music Box in 2008. Screenings since then have come in all manners of flavor. We had our second show further west at a now defunct venue called Reversible Eye Gallery A two-person birthday party resulted in a back-to-back knocktapus (that's a four pairs of boobs slapping your in the face while your hands are behind your back... in case you didn't know) The stressful last min changes to the screen and projector at the Viaduct Theater at part of the Backlash Tour resulted in a enthralled audience. A return to the Music Box in 2011 was moderately successful with lots of sponsors but the massive venue was deemed just too large for our niche audience.

Finally after a few years of trying we were able to make a screening happen at Co-prosperity Sphere, and it was grand! We came back to do it again last year in conjunction with the WNBR and lots of local artists but while it seemed promising the record breaking rainfall was less than accommodating. Plus there was a shooting around the corner. Its a big city, these things happen.

Now we return for our final Chicago show, bringing thoughtful repose and levity to the people with performance and porn.

Sunday October 9th
2200 N. California
7:30 pm doors
8:15 pm show
$9 no one turned away for lack of funds

FB event


September 29, 2016

Bike!Bike! Wants the D

Once considered the city of the future, Detroit has been on a decline almost as long as Buffalo. Now its famous for its decay and rebirth. But what kind of phoenix will rise from the ashes of Motor City? We have seen what extensive highways diving roads does to neighborhoods, what the legacy of Robert Moses means for childhood asthma, what abandoned buildings mean to bikers obsessed with post-apocalypse-themed pornography!
It means doing the hard work of organizing within and between communities. It means going outside your comfort zone today to improve your opportunities tomorrow. It means seeing our vulnerabilities as an opportunity for growth. It means making space for others to grow. It means the future is in our hands.

Don't let your idle hands be the devil's plaything! Unless that is what you are into, but don't expect any pleasureful rubbing in return. Get in there and get your hands dirty in a good way!

This weekend Detroit hosts Bike! Bike! the annual gathering of bike collectives. Folks interested in learning and sharing host workshops and events. Including but not limited to the LAST EVER screening of Bike Smut in Detroit.

Come for the smut, stay for the radical civic betterment.

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
Saturday, October 1st
4210 Trumbull
7:40 pm
$9 donation
Adults Only

September 26, 2016

Rim Job Across The Rust Belt

What's this? So much porn that even we epic bloggers of 10 years cannot keep up? With over a thousand posts, many of them with salient information it was bound to happen sometime. We had a show in Buffalo and we didn't even make a post for it! Wasupwiththat?!?
  We had a full house in Buffalo! Sorry if you didn't hear about it. Thanks to Hot Mommas for  hosting us and all these fab performers. It was a wild night. So much excitement, and also confusion and also delight.

So we have officially started our final tour of the land of steel. This part of the country has seen better days but we love a touch of grey, or in this case, patina, in our rides. So we are delighted to be in the midst of our Rim Job Across The Rust Belt mini tour. Its already started hitting us fast. Saturday night was an epic blur, which probably means it was a success because other than the people who were ejected for yelling racist shit (no doubt, doing their part to Make American Porn Great Again) everyone was beaming massive smiles.

We hope to post some videos soon but for now these glam pics will have to suffice. So exciting to have our our Jetson's-themed Rosie the Sex Robot!

Tuesday we return to Columbus OH, where we have not had a show since early 2008! So we have 8 years of inspiring porn to choose from. What will it be?  
  • consensual non-consent / forced haircuts from Chicago?
  • golden showers and swampy dendrophilia from Gainesville?
  • greasy cock -and-ball torture from Berlin?
  • spaghetti-western anarchists from Montreal?
  • gender queer Mario Brothers from Geneva?
  • hardfem, bicycle-mounted, cavalry-archers hunting to feed their sexual appetites in Phoenix? 
  • a hardcore, ginger-on-ginger bisexual, bikesexual educational film?
Either way, it will be a night to remember, and remember it is for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Tuesday, Sept 27
Columbus, OH

FB Event

Bike Smut: Smut Pedalers Ride
6:30 PM at Goodale Park Shelter House

Ride starts at 7 to get you all geared up for the show
Adult activities along the way

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction

8:30 PM, NoWhere House
1217 N 4th St.
9pm Show begins!
Suggested donation $5
Adult Beverages and snacks available
Screen printing of your items available on site for small donations as well. Bring something sexy!

Cum with the group or on your own. Provocative short films and titillating performances. 

Next stop: Bike!Bike! wants the D

Art and Illustration by Mickey Harmon

September 21, 2016


We are fresh out of Harvest Festival, the electro-dance filled forest 300 km north of Toronto. We partied, we made silly, we worked with our local host to fabricate a pedal-powered disco... and we showed some classic bicycle pornography to some hippies in the woods. Now its time to get deep into Canada's most popular city for our last ever screening here!

The first show we ever did was at Cine Cycle and, honest to mercy, it included some locally made, live-action tentacle porn.

this is not from that show but gawd we love Huebucket's work

The following year we were treated to some bicycle bondage as our hosts proceeded to tie up and suspend $15,000 worth of bikes that made as art, never to be ridden. Plus a dance party that raged past dawn. Stunning.

Our 5th year was half consumed by our first European tour, the other half we were driving back along the southern border on The Orgasm Trail (because the south didn't get the 4th year)

We returned to Cine Cycle for Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx, which included our first collaboration from the amazing sex-positive store, Good For Her. On top of providing excellent body-positive support to those exploring sexuality they also organize the Feminist Porn Awards, which are on sabbatical at the moment, likely for similar reasons that Bike Smut is retiring... when you hold yourself to such high standards its difficult to maintain a pristine track record, and as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

The following year was a somewhat stressful ride from Buffalo that included an emergency repair of our hand-built trailer.   There was some serious biker cred back in those days. Yeesh!

Last year we upped-the-punx with a collaboration with Soy Bomb housing coop and the Welcome to Toronto art collective.  Fabulous art was made and distributed and the party was a massive success.

This year we return to our Toronto roots. Back with the crazy old British bike mechanic who loves independent film and dirty jokes. Come on down and wish us farewell as we dance the night away!

Thursday September 22 
CineCycle 129 Spadina Avenue (in the Coach house in the Alley)
7:30 pm doors
8:15 pm show
9:30 pm afterparty private FB event

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! with Mineta and 3 DJs!