March 6, 2010

Inspiring freedom

The infamous naked bikers of the Claremont Colleges displayed skin and mettle when local police decided to get involved during a ride before a screening of Bike Porn 3.
"I think it was excessive and dangerous for him to take me down like that,” Reiss said. “We were non-threatening and…there was no danger until that douchebag officer put his hands on my naked body."

Read the rest of the juicy story from the college paper


  1. Quick note to say thanks for that delighfull derrier, I mean photo-journalistic document ;-)

    It actually inspired me to write a Blogpost about how bi-cycles can be modified to become eco-friendly sex toys...True Story!

    Ride Safe!

  2. Hi Jo, that is some fine bike love you describe there.

    thanks for pimpin the show, we hope you had a great time and will consider submitting a short film of bicycle sexuality for next year's program!


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