April 18, 2017

nuevo arte bicisexual de Mexco!

Information additional - Hacemos una Taller: Deconstruir Pornografía, con Bicicletas!
a Viernes 21 Abril a las 16h 
Trae tijeras, pegamento, espacio / scifi picutres, revistas de bicicletas y porno para cortar y pegar

We are so stoked to be back in Mexico. The culture, food, people are all so welcoming. And our friends at Casa Bicitekas are making it happen! With the world's largest gathering of bicycle nerds happening in Mexico we were dubious we would get an invitation. We like to wonk hard, but for some reason many people in the US don't like to get transportation advice from porn stars. It seems our neighbors to the south are more reasonable with their politics. As the imitable Courtney Trouble said, "let your porn inform your politics and your politics inform your porn." (more or less, I hope I didn't fuck up that quote)

So we are fortunate to present not only the world's only collection of futuristic, sci-fi themed, bicycle pornography but also host a workshop deconstructing bike porn as well! Both happen Friday at Casa Bicitecas!

Deconstructing Porn, with Bikes!
April 21 Friday
Casa Bicitekas
Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
4pm with Science Friction to follow at 9

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