March 20, 2011

bike dick

Oh my!

we are told the film quality might not be all that impressive and the story might be lacking, but it looks like its got bikes and dick.

So, thats pretty exciting.

Perhaps when we do a weekend screening we will include this gem. Until then please leave your opinions about this movie below.

We labeled it 70s porn just cause. we know it was made in 1983, so, like Sideshow Bob said, "dont bother pointing that out."

1 comment:

  1. I'm gay, and an urban cyclist.

    Spokes is a classic Falcon gay porn film, centred around a bike team. Spokes II and Spokes III have been produced, indicating the popularity of men in cycling gear having it off with other men.

    Part of the attraction of riding a bike (I wear ordinary street wear) is seeing other men wearing lycra - there's nothing like seeing other men in lycra shorts. Yum.

    For a subset of men (and come to think of it, women), lycra is a fetish object (though, it isn't for me - I just like the look of it but don't wear it). I don't think the Spokes series would statisfy those gay men into lycra because trust me, the shorts come off in short order n'er to be seen again.

    But the fantasy for most men lies in the link between fit sexy men who ride bikes that wear lycra shorts, and the thought of being with such a man.

    Although I live in Aotearoa NZ, I admire Bikesmut for its chutzpah - it would be neat to see a branch set up here in Auckland


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