November 8, 2011

Richmond For Pedal Revolution

During our brief stay in New York our team got to take in some Hardcourt Bike Polo, a show at our new friends at The Living Theater and a bit of THE REVOLUTIONWe loved swinging our mallets, our genitalia and meeting the people who might bring forth the political change that could produce a higher quality of life for the other 99%.

But for now we press on, for the Orgasm Trail is long and hard and must be ridden!

So tonight we recharge in Baltimore home to a variety of exciting debauched characters.

Tomorrow we press on to Richmond, VA, which besides hosting a variety of exciting moments in bikesexual history, was also a hotbed of revolutionary action:
"In 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his famous, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death", speech in St. John's Church in Richmond, crucial for deciding Virginia's participation in the First Continental Congress and setting the course for revolution and independence." - Historical nerd core info
Only tomorrow night, Its "Give me liberating, erotic, DIY movies of human-powered transportation or give me a pedal to the shin!"

Richmond, VA
304 Grace St
Doors @ 8:30
Show @ 9:15$3 Suggested Donation

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