June 20, 2012

Vancouver : the Last Orgasm

NO! Must it be? Alas tis true...

After traveling 10s of thousands of miles to bring you the most ethical porn in the world our plucky team of bicycle pornographers have concluded that this will be the final stop on


Bike Smut: the Orgasm Trail will be showing at the 
Russian Hall (600 Campbell @ E. Georgia) this 
Friday the 22nd, 7:45pm, $9 for all the 
DIY bicycle p0rn you could beg for

All things must come to an end, (except circles? ... until you break a spoke!) and we couldn't ask for a better place than the home of bikesexuality. For before there was the World's Largest Naked Bike Ride, there was the Wholesome Undie Ride. Before there was Bike Smut there was BikeSexual.org

So while Portland is the current reigning champion of all bike culture, it owes a lot of it's current rad-ness to the folks up north who have been throwing down since the beginning.

In their honor, we are leaving our glorious home to re-stoke the flames of bike passion! We'll be joining forces with Velopalooza, (Pedalpalooza in Vancouver) and Bike!Bike! (a gathering of bike nonprofits and collectives)!

Our itinerary starts on Friday, June 22 at 10:30am PST with us on Pedal Revolutionary talk show. Here is a blurb they put out:
We are going to perform another radio striptease, with racy music to get you in the mood for bike-loving! Time for an hour and a half of the raw Reverend Phil; committed, unadulterated, and ever-so-obliging! Tune in to hear the stirring sounds of whispered expletives, torn-off rain ponchos and peeled-down bike shorts!

You'll also have the chance to win tickets to this Friday's Bike Smut: the Orgasm Trail by answering challenging skill-testing questions such as: "What are you wearing?" Note: you need to be a current member of Coop Radio to win, but it's easy to join. If you make a pledge using this form and send it back to me you're eligible. Pay-what-you-want for this -- your donation will support bike radio and cooperatively-owned community radio into the future. Anyone pledging $60 or more will get a CD of amazing bicycle music!!! (Or a download if you want to save plastic.)

Then join the Bike Bike-ers as we dissect and analyze the connection between bikes and sexuality with our "Dismantling Bike Porn Collage Making Workshop" Friday at Purple Thistle @ 4:30
Feel free to BYO scissors, glue, and stacks of porn or bike mags for cutting. Or just use ours!

Then the big show just up the street from the workshop to the Russian Hall (doors at 7:45) for the FINAL SCREENING OF THE ORGASM TRAIL.

There will be other fine events happening all weekend and summer long, check out the Velopalooza calendar or just go out on your bike and see what joy you can discover!

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