June 26, 2013

Impalin' Palin an airborne bikesexual fantasy

Behold scenes from our newest Bike Smut venture:

Impalin' Palin
an airborne bikesexual fantasy

For those who were not aware, Bike Smut is currently plotting amazing adventures in Alaska! We have a couple shows in the works. You can expect pictures from the cabin party show soon, but until then we are committed to adding crazy to the mix.

You remember Nailin' Pailin, right? No? Here's a little reminder snipped from Bike Smut supporter, Violet Blue

Two RUSSIAN SOLDIERS in long trench coats and fur lined hats.
RUSSIAN 1: (brushing snow from coat) Previet! We hate to trouble you but I'm afraid we have a flat tire.
SERRA peeks through a window next to the door. We see a smoldering Russian tank crashed into a tree in her front lawn. She shoots them a skeptical stare.
RUSSIAN 2: We were wondering if we could use your phone to call the Kremlin.
SERRA: I'm sorry fellas, I don't speak Russian.
RUSSIAN 1: Knock knock.
SERRA: Who's there?
RUSSIAN 1: Sherwood.
SERRA: Sherwood who?
RUSSIAN 1: Sure would like you to come over here and [redacted] [redacted] [redacted].
SERRA smiles. She slowly crawls across the floor.

Of course trying to improve on the existing work is no small challenge. There has been many hard training sessions.

We are still casting. Danny Macaskill get back at us!

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