January 19, 2015

Media Monday: More Mexican Madness

Post double vez en Mexico's Capital City nos sentiamos nesitamos un poco restora.

Now would be a great time to remind folks that they can buy a piece of exciting Bike Sexual art!

It took media in Mexico to remind us that we have so much great, unique art to share!

Moreover this series of photos is available now direct from our Milano Bike Smut office!

*Festival de cine erótico que difunde la idea de desestructurar el porno y fomentar el apoderamiento de la sexualidad y la movilidad humana Claudia Rodríguez de Subterraneo

We are totally grateful for the various people who chose to write about us and more expressions are to come!  And while we wont be going to New Zealand and Australia this winter we are hoping we can making something work later in the year!

original photo credit Aaron Leverenz 

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