October 4, 2016

Until it Burns, Chicago

Chicago, the 3rd city of these United States and the 1st place to inspire a riot during Bike Smut.

Its not everyday that the audience, due to vast intoxication, could belligerently necessitate stopping the screening. In fact its only happened a few times, but never with as much gusto as it was that cold March night at the historic Music Box in 2008. Screenings since then have come in all manners of flavor. We had our second show further west at a now defunct venue called Reversible Eye Gallery A two-person birthday party resulted in a back-to-back knocktapus (that's a four pairs of boobs slapping your in the face while your hands are behind your back... in case you didn't know) The stressful last min changes to the screen and projector at the Viaduct Theater at part of the Backlash Tour resulted in a enthralled audience. A return to the Music Box in 2011 was moderately successful with lots of sponsors but the massive venue was deemed just too large for our niche audience.

Finally after a few years of trying we were able to make a screening happen at Co-prosperity Sphere, and it was grand! We came back to do it again last year in conjunction with the WNBR and lots of local artists but while it seemed promising the record breaking rainfall was less than accommodating. Plus there was a shooting around the corner. Its a big city, these things happen.

Now we return for our final Chicago show, bringing thoughtful repose and levity to the people with performance and porn.

Sunday October 9th
2200 N. California
7:30 pm doors
8:15 pm show
$9 no one turned away for lack of funds

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