July 16, 2015

Come Again, Alaska, its the Midnight Sunburn!

"Bikes and cussin' and carrying on" - the low key way to infer of a festive time among people who love to love (and hate) on each other! Right up there with tomfoolery and horseplay and a pile of other adjectives for mostly safe fucking around.

This weekend is the 4th annual Midnight Sunburn Bike Polo Tournament! Hosted by the people at Anchorage Bike Polo who on top of a great series of bicycle games, rides and a smattering of pleasureful things will also include the northern most screening of Bike Smut in 2015.

That means epic vistas! Fun fucking rides! Mobile hot tubs! 

  • Wear a helmet? Sure! Your protection and your comfort are your business.
  • Wear down your opponents? Sure! The abuse you dish out should be equivalent to the pain you can suffer though. Infliction is one thing but this is some old style polo. mallet to mallet, bike to bike, body to body.
  • Watching amazing bicycle erotica? Absofuckinlutly! Its gonna be a hell of a party and if our last time out is any indication we expect to we rewarded with a pile of smiles.
 We had so much fun last time we have great expectations for the future.  

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