April 29, 2010

24 hour Shore Leave

So we have been good littl pornographers and have played a show every night for the past 8 days, so we are treating ourselves to a day off!

We have a variety of options, including a pancake breakfast, community gardening, riding around in Columbus or Detroit or anyplace in between... but we might just sleep for a while.

Meanwhile the bikesexuals of Detroit are preparing for the coming onslaught. This tasty clip from Megan O'Neil:
Bike Porn rides over the established genres of porn and takes it down — or maybe up — a couple gears. With some clips intended to get you tuned up for where the road takes you later that evening, other segments cruise through more complicated issues of sexuality, sport and lifestyle.
Tanx! we think you are keen too!

This Friday night be at the Hasting Street Ballroom
715 West Milwaukee Street
$6 or $5 w/ bike or $4 w/o pants

Then to Chicago on Saturday!

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