November 3, 2013

Finally, Philly on The PornyExpress!

We've rode from Minneapolis to Montreal and now we are heading to Mexico!

Is your map out of date? We thought we were so reFresh

The population density is impressing upon our MMM Bikes tour.

Still we are pressing down. Down south and also down on the new hardware! A shiny new neck, a (rather dull) fork and colorful bags!

In the middle of cutting the fork we pondered how history would judge our culturally enforced genital mutilation of children.

We were able to get an updated fit on Duff #5 who is now outfitted with a tall angled neck, front rack and bags! It took a while to dial it all in but with kind-felt patience and genuine excitement for rolling bikesexual adventure. We also are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Bike Wizard family,  Bicycle Roots co-owner Nachama, who with deft tool manipulation shared the secrets of the star fangled nut driver.

But don't try to get between her and her crown race remover!

Also we are excited about the response Bike Smut in Brooklyn, New York. No, they didn't get down the way Boston did but they did express a great deal of happiness and a zeal for the lols. They were challenged to present more better heckling and they delivered!

"They are spoken for"
"Don't worry, they are fixed"

But the winner for the best heckle of the night came right after a startlingly abrupt transition between scenes. The audience was caught off-guard, then we all heard someone yell,  

"Hey i'ts about bikes, not Segways"

sweet rapture.

But no volume of jaded hipsterizm could outlast the drive of self-empowered legs, a badass venue and good, cheap pizza in the hood. There are strange wages to living in a massive city of perpetual excitement.

PHEW! Thanks NY! Now we head south... er southwest? Philadelphia was being so coy, we thought we were gonna have to bail on her. But the city of brotherly love is ready to get down and dirty (ya know in a mature kind of childish way... with homo)

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Turner Dome
181 Turner St  -  19122
Wednesday, Nov 6 

Come get Phillthy with us!

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