February 21, 2010

Sweet oak town bike loving

Mutha Fuckin Blingin

Big thanks to the wild and fun (dare we say "zanny?") Roll-Up Bike Shop of Oakland.

Our hosts were uber-friendly and had the space dialed in! The crowd was as positive as ever and braved a torrential downpour to make it a great fun night of bikesexual exploration. We didn't know what to expect initially but their ideas about art, place and taco carts seem to be right on target! This was especially nice since we didn't come close to packing the audience in San Francisco where we had secretly expected to kill. We are, in fact, stunned by the way our San Francisco audience has shrunk over the years regardless of our pretty sweet media coverage. A good lesson for would be pornographers, expectations kill!
So heres hoping that the other "advanced" bike culture cities of North America will turn out in numbers closer to places like Salt Lake and Flagstaff who have frequently packed the house. (this is compared to the Platinum city of Davis which after several months of, er planning... well... let's just blame it on lazy students and interns.)

In another day we hope to show the goods in Santa Cruz. It could still happen but with shows on Thursday in Santa Barbara, Friday in Claremont, Saturday in LA, Sunday in Long Beach, and Monday in San Diego we are more excited for the heat of Southern California than ever!


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