June 4, 2015

Come Again, Memphis

In the South there are bastions of bizarre culture. The Notsuoh's of Houston, most of NOLA and Florida still has its own category of weird.

But in Memphis, TN what we hear the most is, "people just don't give a fuck"

This phrase can be used in a variety of settings, although we frequently hear it when people talk about traffic. Taking a drive in a friend's muscle car at midnight a person all in dark colors was walking at a shallow angle across 6 lanes of traffic without much concern or awareness. I saw him/her and said,

"oh shit, that's probably human!" the driver looked up, took evasive action and we didn't commit vehicular homicide. "Whew! that was close"
"This is Memphis, people just don't give a fuck"

Taking a ride around I came upon a tattoo parlor. They were giving me the deets on the hood and what nearby action I could find.

"So I ride west then south then west. Sounds pretty easy."

"Yeah, the folks at any of those places will treat ya nice but be careful riding around. I mean really; cause they just don't give a fuck."
Well this is your opportunity. You can give all the fucks you want! Just try to keep it consensual. Thankfully we have a great place for creative weirdness!

Saturday, June 6
Five In One
2535 Broad Ave
9pm - Adults Only
FB Event


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