August 26, 2016

Troy, Ready For the Bikesexual Future

Although it may not appear on the top 10 lists of any swanky magazines, Troy, New York has been keep their underground festive and lively, building their culture on their own. That kind of entrepreneurial spirit lends itself to appreciating other DIY kinda activities. So it is really exciting when we have talented hosts who want to actually take advantage of our presence and ACTUALLY *ADD* to the overall event!

It's like my excellent hosts in Milan once said, "Ya know, we a-love the Bike Schmoot, its great but the best part is not the films, its the pretext for our community to make our own bikesexual art"

Whew. When my people get it... they get it!

In the first year Bike Smut came to Troy was only two programs ago for The Porny Express. Reverend Phil was bike touring across North America and had to do some creating routing to grom from Montreal to Burlington back to the Capital District, then back to Boston, but they totally made it worth it and hosted a fun quick show... and The Troy Bike Rescue gave Rev.Phil one of the best, most confusing t-shirts ever!

srsly, there's a heart riding a bike, with a hypodermic needle as an eyeball... and some exposed rib cage, perhaps?

 The following year we had the right people lined up and sure enough they made sure to make it more involved with more people and more fun! Extra events and silly games were planned including a naked bike ride that was a series of Cop Cars following very slowly and creeping people out until we crossed the bridge out of their jurisdiction and all the drivers backed up behind them started passing us with great indifference to our well-being. The peril was no match for our optimism! As even as bikes were needing repair the team gathered and made it a fun time for all.

Now we have a community of sexy bike people, who are gonna make it a really exciting night!

Come celebrate liberation on wheels!

We will meet at Troy Bike Rescue (TBR) to conduct bike safety checks, decorate, and get comfy before the ride. Any kind of non-motorized transportation is welcome. Helmets are encouraged.

Bare As You Dare Bike Ride!
Troy Bike Rescue
3280 6th ave 


This ride is clothing optional, which means express yourself however you like. Be creative! We are protected in our rights both constitutionally and within city & state codes to bike in as much (optional) nudity as we want since this ride falls under artistic, political, and educational expression.

Most of all, it is a fun and lively event that allows us to make bicycling super visible and celebrate our liberation on many fronts! Then great ready for the last ever Troy screening of Bike Smut!

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction in Troy, NY
Sunday, August 28
The Ranch - 442 2nd St.
with snacks, libations, and LIVE PERFORMANCES!

with beer from Rare Form
adult material from eXpressions
 intrigue va La Domaine Esemar

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