December 22, 2007

Countdown to Calipornification

I have abandoned my Portland bike mecca to take up arms (and legs) in the heart of car culture. Los Angeles! A fierce combination of cyclists are assisting me with the Bike Calipornification Tour.

We are hitting all the biggest, baddest, cycle-horniest places south of Portland on this tour: LA, SF, and CG*

One of the most exciting part for me is getting to meet some of the people who submitted videos. Both Paul de Carcass of the SFVISBF and Colin Arlen of Macaframa who co produced the San Francisco Track Bike video will get to see the entire program for the first time.

We are very thankful for our supporters who remind us that our bodies and our bikes need lots of love.

A variety of sponsors is helping to make this evening even more special... that is to say there is some cool stuff you might get just for showing up:

  • A display of too sexy bicycles, Merry Saddles is strutting its stuff.
  • One of the longest running, women operated sex stores in the country Good Vibrations is helping us shake it up in San Francisco.
  • Ashira of Red Riding Hood Productions has some hats.
  • Liz and Shay of C.I.C.L.E. are providing tshirts
  • Babeland has recently opened a new store in LA and is pulling out all the stops!


  • Orange 20 bikes will support the cause with some of their fine wares
  • Jen Diamond has stepped up to provide one of her handmade Jerseys

screenings in Santa Cruz? Dubious. In Davis, CA? Likely! Bike Porn Radio interview New Years Day @ 5:15 PM with Pastor Ted.

*CG... as in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Duh.

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