December 29, 2007

One down, and still 3 to go?

We had a fun night sharing our unique material, or more accurately, we looked at sexy biker's tits and cocks and were happy. With the encouragement of Sarah from Babeland we hosted a Sex Positive Game Show, which included a brutally competitive 10 second orgasm contest. We did the WNBR Reenactment with our Naked Justice Players:
  • Fuzz Beast portrayed Off Duty officer (naked biker assaulter) Chad Stensgaard
  • Shawn Furst as the Coked-out pissed-off SUV driving debutant, Amanda Truscott
  • A hairy Franz played the naked and vulnerable road user, Rev. Phil Sano

Although the show's attendance was under my expectations, the two hundred screaming bikers seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to the sponsors (including the generous guy who give up some 2008 Sprockettes calendars) our raffle made $200 for the Bike Oven. (btw it is amazing to see how much they have grown in only a year.)

More exciting news: Bike Porn has a new sponsor. Our smutty underground friends over at Last Gasp Publishing have agreed to provide some of their finest goods for our San Francisco audience.

Now we are on our way to spooge over Davis, San Francisco and Cottage Grove.

That's right I said Davis (as in the town outside Sacramento). Pasture Ted has requested a screening for the other most bike friendly city in the United States. Who am I to turn down another man of the cloth... although I'm guessing mine is a little more crusty.

I'll be on their VELOlution radio show this Monday Jan 31st @ 5:15pm Listen to KDVS radio live by clicking here

I hope I can follow their dogma:

Bike Church Ten Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not throw away a bike

  2. Thou shalt not use a bike's name in vain

  3. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's bike

  4. Thou shalt not use an internal combustion engine when it is not necessary

  5. Honor thy tricycle, thy bicycle & thy unicycle

  6. Take the oil of the earth and anoint thy bike

  7. Love thy bike as thy self

  8. Thou shalt not worship other idols (cars)

  9. Attend church regularly and ride the last friday of every month in Critical Mass

  10. Metal recycling will be the only means of reincarnation

  11. Thou shalt leave the church as nice or nicer than it was found

Er... Maybe I will get to ask them about their creative mathematical skills.

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