August 29, 2008

bad sex is its own punishment

Enough discouragement of all things humpy! Prudes can spend a lifetime explaining why anything other than sex for reproductive purposes with a single life partner with whom you have had an extravagant ritual (and possibly in exchange for a dowry) is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

But we shall mock their baseless puritanical claims wagging our collective genitalia at them. With our furious raspberries, hand gestures and logic we shall drive the uptight prudes out to swim in a sea of frigid discontent!

Or possibly we'll go about our normal, fucking amazing lives as if it is no big deal. Just like Dinh Dai Ngan, who this summer has opened the first sex shop in all of Vietnam, Chac nhu bap, which translates as "hard as corn."

"Sex is a normal thing, just like when you feel thirsty, you drink water. Why should we shy away from our basic needs?" he says.
Bringing safe, smart, comfortable sex culture to the masses is a daunting task. Many communities have suffered though horrendous periods of repressive belief systems. Those that contribute to fear and ignorance are directly responsible for many sex crimes as well as a metric shit ton of bad sex. Listless sex must end. Demand better sex today!

And so it is with great pride that we announce the second ever cascadian bike porn tour: "Cascadian Bikexploitation" Now with 100% more Olympia!

September 15-20 expect wonderful fucking bike action across the Northwest.

News of our SW tour to come soon. Please maintain a ready position

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  1. bad span is not very interesting or entertaining and hopefully soon you can eat a bag of genetailia


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