January 31, 2011

are you gonna finish that?

Vancouver provides a lot of excitment and... rather aggressive hardware?!?

Thanks for the fine times with your well lubed machines, Canada. We loved the live performances, the responsive crowds and sharing the bike love in BC. We will see you again in Mid March when we journey to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal!

January 28, 2011

Final BC show tonight!

Thank you Victoria, as always the Island delivers more than its fair share (by population) of bikesexual radicals. Kisses to our hosts at Camas Bookstore, the live performances, and of course the badass Velo Vixens.

Tonight we have our last show in British Columbia,

Saturday Jan 28th
Dharma Lab
1881 Pandora
Donations split with the Revelry Society

Thanks Seattle Bike Blogs!

As part of our continuing work to bring our bikesexual content to more communities we have expanded past our typical places where we pimp the goods.

It has been a few months since we uprooted ourselves from our glorious bike-fucking-fun-tastic city of Portland to place ourselves in the emerald city, or as we like to think of it, the Northwest's Family Jewels. Since that time we have been sucking up to the best pimpers of bikes this state has to offer.

And what exciting news do we have! THREE big shows this weekend in Seattle!

We are up in this jam here, thanks Go Means Go, we love that you love movies.

and we have a sweet interview with the fine folks from the Seattle Bike Blog.

Finally we are scheduled to be on Hollow Earth Radio Wednesday afternoon. Tune in for your dose of audaciousness.

Bike Smut in BC

Some might think that with all this plotting and scheming of cross country and international touring that we might forget our roots. That "bike porn is so post-Cascadian"

(and not in the way that we usually mean "FUCK", ie something we want to be sexual with)

Bike Smut learned to fly in the Pacific Northwest and we have a duty to keep our home fires burning as hot as possible. We have already found a few ways to keep em stoked in our absence. We have entered a film into the world's 2nd longest running festival of bicycle movies; we will be announcing the theme for Bike Smut 5 soon and there there is this:

BIKE SMUT 4:PLAY in Victoria tonight!
Friday, January 28 ·
Camas Books and Infoshop
2590 Quadra (@ Kings)
6:30pm and 9:00
with LIVE performances from international burlesque star Miss Cherry Contrary

Standby for info about a show in Vancouver tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 29th) and Seattle next week!

January 27, 2011

fans pimping 4 PLAY

Hey there bikesexual fans. we asked friends to make a quick video for our new program, Bike Porn 4:PLAY and you you delivered!

We will start delivering these videos every week while we are on our upcoming Northern Exposure tour!

stand by for more awesome

January 16, 2011

Northern Exposure Tour

Sure, plans to travel (and eventually dominate) around the world make for some pretty exciting times, and perhaps we are not tracking the exploits of the BikeSexual Industry the way we should (especially concerning everyone else is willing to just let it slide by like a scratch and sniff saddle, awkwardly wanting to lean over and catch a whiff, but terrified of being caught)

So we have been a bit distracted, but we are well aware of the engorged members of our North American inContinent and before we jam out to the vast unknown waters of an european fantasy tour we want to satiate who we can.

Victoria, Seattle, Spokane/Moscow?, Missoula, Bozeman, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia? New York

Its gonna be a wild ride.

January 6, 2011

Q: What is wrong with women?

Tre excitement! A new documentary that has been struggling with issues of distribution has been green lighted for limited release.

Suffering through the torment of the indy video circuit for two years is enough to win our empathy (cause we knew that we didn't have the patience), but that they are talking about sexual health in a matter of fact manner has just about won us over.

We dont pay to see many movies these days, and with the exception of Winter Bone we haven't encouraged others to sit and watch cause there is usually a better view if you are straddling steel. Still, we have high hopes for Orgasm Inc.

Good luck, Liz Canner!

A: the same thing that is wrong with men.

January 4, 2011

The BikePorn Euro Zine

The Bike Porn film festival is now in its 4th year and has never been a single person's vision. Rather a coalition of the horny work together to bring the synthesis of transportation and sexuality to life.

The only way to see Bike Porn is when it plays in a theater, bike shop or basement for a live audience. There are no DVDs for sale and no screeners for the media. This creates a challenge for us but is the only way to ensure the filmmaker's privacy, and it woks. After more than 100 screenings we have had no leaks. We keep filmmakers identity as safe as they desire.

Bike Porn is a shared experience. Typically we view porn only in the most private places in our home (or for some, at work) are rarely do we talk about it. This is a call for a more honesty in our sexuality. Sex happens. We can either ignore it or accept it. Watching Bike Porn in a social setting encourages talking about sex, gender and other topics considered taboo.

"Bike Porn is civic. Current political policies are designed to repress sexual expression and transportation choice. The Bike Porn film festival challenges that trend by enthusiastically displaying the quality of creative expression and the amount of fun inherent in both cycling and sex. Both actives are worth elements of a healthy lifestyle and a pleasant quality of life"

Feeling bike-curious? Why don't you tell us what you think bike porn is, or better yet show us by making a short film. Any consenting adult can do it!

a somewhat accurate map of our proposed intinary

Hoy you say "fuck bikes" in...
  • Hungarian fasz kerékpárok
  • Romanian dracu biciclete
  • Turkish siktir bisiklet
  • Greek gamo podílato
  • Italian cazzo bicicletta
  • Spanish joder bicicletas
  • French baiser vélos
  • German bumsen Fahrrad
  • Dutch neuken fietsen
  • Polish pieprzyć rowery

We are badass friendly (and humble)! We are looking for other badass communities who might pimp, bathe, house, feed and fuck us (or any combination thereof). Please introduce us and lets make a night of erotic bicycle films to remember!