June 22, 2010

2 times a porn star

There are but 2 more chances to observe this years program in PDX! Come watch it before you miss your chance. There are no DVDs and it shall not be available online!

Thanks to the Clinton for hosting us, its been grand

photo credit to Have Bike Will Travel

June 18, 2010


What the fuck is a Strip Knife Fight you ask?

how pointed a question, where is the subtlety, the romance, the French word for some other word?

Knife Fights are a sort of 1 on 1 game of bike polo. Imagine a game of footdown, plus sword fighting = KNIFE FIGHTS

but in this case, the looser strips. Tonight only as a part of the worlds best idea for a polo turny, the Polo Domination eXhibition

Bike Porn 4: Play
Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St
Portland, Oregon

all shows at 9pm

  • Friday 6/18 w KNIFE FIGHTS
  • Sun 6/20 w HAMMERCISE
  • Mon 6/21 TBA
  • Tue 6/22 TBA
  • Wed 6/23 TBA

$6 ~ 18 and over

to respect the performers privacy, the films are never shown on the Internet nor released on DVD. The only way to view Bike Porn 4: Play is to attend the steamy screenings.

Part of Pedalpalooza

photo credit

June 14, 2010

after the pegging

Occasionally, we are treated to a bit of afterthought in the media. Apparently Canadian heartland is now on the bikesexual map!

Bikesmut.com was in town last night and eager volunteers in the city put together a show at the Emma Goldman Center in less than 24 hours with a full crowd. The movies were funny, sexy, clever, and very creative.
Thanks to the anonymous writer of this article in Praerie City who apparently enjoyed themselves at the show.

ah the memories...

June 9, 2010

World Premiere of Bike Porn 4:PLAY

Bike Porn 4: Play

Clinton Street Theater

2522 SE Clinton St

Portland, Oregon

Premiering Friday, June 11th at 7pm & 9pm

Additional Shows: Fri 6/18 9pm, Sun 6/20 9pm

Mon 6/21 9pm, Tues 6/22 9pm, Wed 6/23 9pm

$6 ~ 18 and over

Bike Porn 4: Play is the newest collection of short erotic films focusing on positive sexual cycling energy and greener transportation options. It's goal is promoting healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy attitudes and a healthy planet through provocative artistic expression. The diversity of the artists involved in each vignette creates a stimulating variety of films that all reflect progressive sexual and cycling attitudes in a very arousing way.

The Bike Porn phenomenon has it's origins in Portland but in a few short years has titillated an international fan base of thousands. The traveling film festival crew has recently made their triumphant return to Portland from the Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound Tour. Their heavy show schedule took them over 10,000 miles to 64 cities in a 100 day span.

to respect the performers privacy, the films are never shown on the Internet nor released on DVD. The only way to view Bike Porn 4: Play is to attend the steamy screenings.

Part of the Portland Underground Film Festival and Pedalpalooza

June 4, 2010

Before the 4:PLAY

we have got a pile of awesome images for you from our newest show, the 1st come from bike porn regular Nickey Robo

yes it was done in a dark, wet place. thanks for the teaser!

June 3, 2010

The Backlash Falls

Thank you so much for helping us on our mystical bikesexual tour of North America. Traversing the landscape would not have been possible without rad folks such as you. Our team of plucky pornographers, Courtney, Lindsay and Morrighan all say, "HI! THANK YOU!! KISSES!!!"

It's been a long and crazy ride... and its not over yet!


Soon we will be back in PDX!
Soon we will stay in the same bed for more than 2 days consecutively (probably)
Soon we will find out who actually made us a bike porn and who was lame


Sure the twice extended, drop dead, might-as-well-submit-it-in-July deadline is coming up incredibly soon, but we have seen fantastic movies made in an incredibly short period of time. Maybe you saw the movies and were inspired. Maybe you saw the movies and were unimpressed. Maybe you didn't see the movies and want to ensure that you dont miss it next year. Maybe you just like bikes and sex. The best way to respond to any of these feelings is to Make a bike porn!

Please note that we have a couple requests for filmmakers:

Make it tight! (if you are not an experienced editor than make it short!)
Make it proportional! We are asking for a 16x9 aspect ratio.
Make it inspiring! Make us want to fuck, or bike... or fuck bikes!
Make it today! You dont have much time left, DO IT!

Here is a blog post with lots more info including where to send your movie!
You make it possible for bikers to talk about sex, you make it
possible for sex fiends to enjoy biking, you make your community
stronger and more aware. You share these things with people you care
about because it improves their lives.

Thank you,
Bike Porn Industries

June 2, 2010


This is the end. Not just the end of low, reasonable prices for great DIY bicycle erotica (we assume that will continue long after we are gone) but the end of our finest achievement yet. The epic Bike Porn 3: cycle bound and The Backlash tour. We will have some closing numbers for you soon, but for now lets take time to appreciate these final 2 screenings This friday night in Oly

  • 6/4/2010 Olympia
  • Media Island International‎
  • 816 adams st SE
  • 7 and 9pm
  • $5
  • adults only
Another Capitol idea... its a brave new world.

Naked Justice Rolls On

Update: a local news station picked up the story... as its top story of the night? Really?

Guess this shit is important to more people than we realized. Expect this kind of advertising free journalism to come equipped with a "donate" button.

A year ago a sweet bike party was going down in the humble burg of
Vancouver, Washington. "The Couve" was full of fun loving bikers and people enjoying the awareness of their bodies in motion... and booze, we were consuming booze.

But then, just when everything seems so perfect and all things are right with the wold tragedy struck. As a naked biker turned the corner he heard screams and cheers from the sidewalk, so he took 3 quick lefts and came back around again to see what was up...
"why are all these people on the sidewalk at midnight in Vancouver?" we are paraphrasing).

Turns out a gathering of teens going to a club were totally excited by a 40 yr old biker.

WHAT? DID YOU CATCH THAT?!? As if we needed more proof to the health benefits of cycling, you can still get encouragement from the most cutthroat of demographics even into your 4th decade, provided you live right and are traveling under your own power.

Cops, who were reported to be on the scene to deal with some sort of teenager drug overdose saw the naked biker, pulled him over and then, after the biker had stopped his bike, the cop decided to run into the cyclist... for good measure we assume.

Read the various stories at the Vancouver's daily paper, the Columbian or on BikePortland.org

Defendant Matthew Vilhauer said naked biking fun way to socialize with other cyclists, but he also believes nudity draws exposure to the vulnerability that cyclists feel sharing the road with vehicles. He said he has been hit, so he feels strongly about promoting bicycle awareness.

This begs the question, did the cop actually see the naked biker? And chose to hit him? Was the cop incapable of operating his car safely? Possibly his emotions got the better of him... if so shouldn't a sit down with the officer to make sure that latent homophobia is not present, cause no one wants a loose cannon on the streets.

It is terribly frustrating that the officer has the power to commit vehicular assault without fear of repercussion. Such is the nature of police work these days. Of course most cops DONT want to hit a vulnerable road user, and then there are bad apples who make every other cops job a living hell.

Way to fight the good fight Matt!

June 1, 2010

Finish Strong

You are approaching the end!

Our final show of Bike Porn 3:CYCLE BOUND is this Friday in Olympia! Two screenings back to back! (chest to back?)

Its not just the end of the Backlash tour but also of your opportunity to make fab film for bike porn 4:PLAY!

like, it should be in today.

But you are a lazy fuck and not quite done yet so we will give you a another 36 hours. BUT DAMN you are making us crazy. If we had hair we would most certainly be pulling it out. Except our pit hair, we need that to attract the twiks.

Seriously tho, the world premiere for 4PLAY is 10 days away. Dont make us seise up like a rusty seatpost. Bring the lube and finish us off right!