April 25, 2008

Sexual violence among bikes and bikers

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. An awkward time for pornographers. Being on the supply side of sex culture usually feels great! But there is a lot of silence about the other side.

In Pittsburgh we were criticized for our lack of warning regarding the graphic nature of some of the movies.

A debate ensued. We asked them and we'll ask you. What is the proper way to explain to an audience the graphic content they are about to watch? It is far to easy to just say, "Its bike porn. It's about bicycles and pornography" and leave it at that.

The matter is more complicated. Pornography comes in lots of flavors, from vanilla to snuff. So too does our program of sexual bike movies span a wide spectrum. On the more vanilla side you have an audience heckling for sex, and on the other hand you have an audience disturbed by the surreal nature of hardcore bike fucking. So what way should we brace the audience?

Consider that as your are making your films. The deadline is only days away. May 7th. Do it faster, harder, better.

Well April is not over yet. The Portland Women's Crisis Line has just one more event happening this coming week: Confronting Sexual Violence in the Workplace
7pm Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy

We hope to be there. Maybe some other "industry" types will also benefit from learning what employers and unions can do to prevent it the wrong kind of sexual violence.

The difference between appropriate positive sexual reinforcement for your bike,
and scary discomfort is not always easy.

April 18, 2008

what ho! a bike porn film festival!?!?

Some highlights from a year of sharing bike porn:

Presenting 24 short movies from 6 west coast cities

The videos range from 8 minuets at its longest down to less than 10 seconds

22 screenings in some of the most famous venues in cinema:
  • Roxie in SF
  • Musicbox in Chicago
  • Byrd in Richmond
Bringing together 1000s of horny bikers across North America.


So now is your chance to give them more. The Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation EXTENSION!

You have been given more time to dream up, document, edit, (then edit more) and turn into us a final product you feel is worthy of the historic trashy endeavor.

Make it dirty and make it fast cause on May 7th if I dont have it in my hand you will be too late!

SLC gives up the goods

The ubombers at SaltCycle.com made a video of the Bike Porn weekend in Salt Lake City.

The first half is pictures from the Minibike Escola, where adults prevent kids from using their playground for hours. We personally asked a little girl to be escorted off the park by Officer Tallbike (also pictured).

It also shows the warehouse where 150 sexy bikers showed up for the screening. As well as the gold sprints, which dominated the rest of the night.

Salt Lake City must have been well primed for the bike love, we already have had 2 promises of bikexploitation videos made from them! Get your submissions in soon.

April 13, 2008

home, humpy home

Any homecoming feels great. Finding the comfort that was lost while one was away... reconnecting with bikes and riding friends.

Portland we missed you. But it was grand to come home to such fucking bicycle beauty. Filmed by Bike, Portland's original homegrown bike movie festival held it down in impressive style. What organizational mastery. 1000s of bikers yelling and drinking and showing off the goods all weekend long at the Clinton St Theater.

It means something special to us that so many 1st time filmmakers are pushing the envelope. What saucy upstarts!

Speaking of starting up with the sauce,
our favorite drinking club with a biking problem is on the verge of hosting another bike movie festival

The Dead Baby Bikes International Independent Film Festival, or DBBIIFF (pronounced deh-BEH-ff, we think) is Thursday, May 1st. If you are in Seattle sick around an extra day and join the monthly "first Friday" club ride on the 2nd.

We hope more people will step up to help define what "bike porn" is for our community this coming season. The early deadline is rapidly approaching. Contact us if you are making something.

photo credit bikeportland.org

April 11, 2008

BikePorn2: call for enteries

April 15th, the "softpack" deadline for Bikexploitation is upon us!

Maybe you are a sexy biker, or know of a sexy biker that you would like to exploit. Consider creating a short video on the theme, "bikexploitation".

This is the call for entries, please note: not all bike porn is taking seats up rectums!

Not that we are opposed to people literally interpreting the term, "entries" but you should know that Bike porn can manifest in many forms. Consider the decisive nature of steering, or the delicate way your pom poms float in the breeze, how brutally you dominate those pedals, driving each of them further and further. There are a multitude of manners by which to derive ones sexual gratification from a bike but have you considered how many ways to deliver such gratification to your bicycle?

Sexual liberation is a right. Claim it proudly. Stand tall with us as we say, "FUCK BIKES!"

Please don't let your feelings (or orifices) get hurt, contact us if you are making something and we will try to reserve your time slot; and please be safe.

April 5, 2008

The (almost) end of the Choad

Gabe is still in the hospital, probably being released on Sunday April 6th. We are driving back from SLC to Denver to collect the sexy body and return our collective tired asses back to the northwest.

But what a way to go out. Salt Lake, UT (or as my friend Professor, Frank Lynch calls it, SL UT) was exploding with porny flavors. A warehouse party with kegs of beer, Sucker Punch cocktails, Gold Sprints, striping on bikes, midnight mass to Joseph Smith's rock garden, tall bike allycats, and more.

Thanks for hosting us in style and ending this tour in a way Gabe would have loved. We were drinking beer for him while he was taking shots of morphine for us. What a guy.

Some good news for our friends in northern Cascadia, The Pornography of the Bicycle is coming to Vancouver BC for Bike Prom! We may just strap gabe to a stretcher and send him up as he is.

April 4, 2008

pornographer down!

Funny story, we spent the morning bombing down Pikes Peak on minibikes. The high wind warning made for empty roads but poor filming.

Then in the afternoon we came back to Denver and checked out the skate park. The turf was slick, and while biking around Gabe's tire slipped out and he landed on his hip and broke his femur.

And now he is undergoing emergency orthopedic surgery this Friday morning at 7am. Yet we have a screening in SLC on Friday! We are forced to leave our fellow pornographer behind to enjoy a kick ass warehouse party:

Friday 4/4/2008
Doors @ 8:00 pm
, Movie starts @ 9:00 pm
Point Six Percent Productions

1130 South Richards Street

parking around back

We heard there is a pool back in our hometown of Portland, OR about who would drop out 1st and when. Time to collect.

April 1, 2008

polygamy bike action

The fine bike friendly folk of Salt Lake City are throwing a bike porn weekend of fun for us!

Show up and help us make it crazy go nutz