June 26, 2015

Bikesexual Vegas into the Fucking Future!

A whirlwind of energy and excitment await at the bleeding edge of inhumanity. Where man has tempered the desert with unparralled climate control and a vision of money and power persist across the land.

Las fucking Vegas.

A world onto itself with the power demands of a Donald Trump hairpiece

July 11th
Harry Mohney's Erotic Heritage Museum
3275 Industrial Road
10:30 PM

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But more than just sharing dirty movies we are proud to be the headliner for the Erotic Heritage Museum's unveiling of their newest installation. They have engineered the largest EROTIC exhibit on the west coast! COME AND LOSE YOURSELF IN OUR MAGICAL FOREST and VENTURE INTO YOUR SEXUAL FUTURE!

June 25, 2015

Science Friction - WORLD PREMIERE

This is it! For more than a year we have plotted and schemed to get some amazing new films from all over the world and now its happening!

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
Friday, June 26
Clinton St Theater - 26th and SE Clinton
With live performances
9pm,  $7 - advance tickets available now!

ITS HOT! Get cool with the AC! Climate Control... FROM THE FUTURE!

June 16, 2015

Come Again, one last time, in Minneapolis!

Its the final screening of Bike Smut and its gonna be a doosie! Last year Minneapolis was one of our best shows! A perfect storm of bureaucracy threatened to shut down one of our favorite venues, The Bedlam Theater.  30 hours before showtime the city of Minneapolis told them there would not be allowed to host Bike Smut! Thankfully its a good community of people working together to make some amazing art happen and the excellent people at Ground Zero decided that the power of the Smut wouldn't be interrupted in Minnesota! Go on we did... and how! With the power of our legs we bike toured from Minneapolis to Montreal to Mexico! Now we have reversed the trend, going counter clockwise and doing it with the power of mass transit, eschewing our ass transit.. for now! Soon we plan to be bike touring again but for now enjoy THE ULTIMATE SCREENING OF BIKE SMUT 8: COME AGAIN!

Saturday June 20th
Ground Zero - 15 NE 4th Street

But first we are gathering for freedom of sexuality and mobility... and also for  deliciousness of great beer!

We're taking to the streets in the first round of QUEER Tour de Breweries. Ride in style with your favorite queers while cheering with your favorite beers!

$10 gets you $1 off full beers at Eastlake, Entry to Bike Smut 8: Come Again: Minneapolis

4 PM: Meet at Eastlake Craft Brewery
4:30 Roll Out to TBA
7:30 PM: Arrive at Ground Zero Nightclub for Bike Smut Celebration
Dance at the BSDM after party with beats provided by
DJ Fenris

The "Come Again" theme has inspired bicycle lap dances, Craigslist hookups, androgynous ice cave explorations, Chinese bondage pegging lessons, bike cops taken hostage until they squirt and wheelchair porn! Minneapolis is the last stop on the tour!


Come Again... Penultimatly!

Whips, chains AND barbwire fence, bikers can take the abuse.
Bikers can also dish it.

Normally its a beautiful and inherently consensual expression your freedom. But then there are lots of ways to "get around". We invite joyful sexploration of mobility!

June 17 - Fetish Night @ Cardinal Bar
418 E Wilson St   9pm  +18
w DJs Brook and Siberia

$5 Cover, or $3 admission for those in gear - Come play in your favorite sexy fetish gear. Bring your favorite electro, rope, tape, leather, sports, lycra, rubber, and beating equipment for play.

Mistress Mayhem's kinky artwork and Spike's tripod and sexy ropework. We also have Zebulun Jurgens as our guest leather smith.

SUCK THA FACEbook! https://www.facebook.com/events/805118646251414/814938391936106/

Our host in MKE did the math. This is the 5th time Bike Smut has come to this state.

5 times in Wisconsin but not without sin.

Badger up! Badger down! Come Again!

June 14, 2015

Come Again, MKE!

Wait, MKE is Milwaukee not Mike, but actually, YES also Mike and while we are at it everyone else who is ready to appreciate self-mobilized, sex-positive films!

We have several years of kickass shows at one of the greatest bars on earth and we have another coming up quick!

Tuesday, June 16
815 E Locust Street
8pm, $5 ADULTS ONLY!

Also its naked bike ride season! We had a blast in Chicago but Im taking yalls on a fleshback to Portland 2014 courtesy of BikePortland.org

Find a WNBR near you!

June 11, 2015

Come Again, to the WNBR in Chicago

If it wasn't clear the World Naked Bike Ride is pretty important to us. It is the bare truth of our ideals set into motion.

We are overjoyed to be partaking in the WNBR in Chicago this year! The day after our screening!

double your pleasure? I thought you would never ask!

We are double-fisting the joy and liberation of human-powered transportation and sex-positive culture in Chicago this weekend!

Plus double fist the art installations cause we have two great ones!

"Battle of the Naked Bike Rides" - A pictorial history of the WNBR in Chicago and Portland!

Portland submissions from BikePortland.org

And sculpture artist Jonah Ortiz will bring out his new fuckbike machine for its Chicago premiere!

behold the action packed schedule of emancipating bike fun!

Friday, June 12
Sex on Wheels' Bike Smut & WNBR-Eve Ride
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM 
Zaytune - 3129 S Morgan St - meeting at the Middle-eastern restaurant near where the Bike Smut screening is going to be. Show up early if you want to have a bite to eat before we ride.

Bike Smut 8: Come Again - Chicago
8:30 PM – 10:45 PM
Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S Morgan Street

Saturday, June 13
Chicago World Naked Bike Ride
6:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Go to Mary Bartelme Park to get the secret meeting location - 115 S Sangamon Street

June 9, 2015

Peoria? Really?!? YES, YOU TOO MAY COME AGAIN!!

In our travels we meet a lot of interesting characters... "Salt of the Earth," one might say.

So it was two years ago at Chicago's 15 year anniversary of Critical Mass in September. After touring the epic ride of 1000s of people claiming the street I found a character who had missed the ride and been stuck in traffic driving into town.

He and his boys all had tall bikes and were making some waves in the small city of Peoria.

"that's great, bikes are winning the big cities but we need more active people fighting for it everywhere!"

Two years latter we have our first ever screening of Bike Smut in Illinois, outside Chicago!

Tuesday, June 9
Larkin Building - 637 W. Main St 
7pm Doors, 7:30 Show$5 donation - no one turned away for lack of funds


June 4, 2015

Come Again, Memphis

In the South there are bastions of bizarre culture. The Notsuoh's of Houston, most of NOLA and Florida still has its own category of weird.

But in Memphis, TN what we hear the most is, "people just don't give a fuck"

This phrase can be used in a variety of settings, although we frequently hear it when people talk about traffic. Taking a drive in a friend's muscle car at midnight a person all in dark colors was walking at a shallow angle across 6 lanes of traffic without much concern or awareness. I saw him/her and said,

"oh shit, that's probably human!" the driver looked up, took evasive action and we didn't commit vehicular homicide. "Whew! that was close"
"This is Memphis, people just don't give a fuck"

Taking a ride around I came upon a tattoo parlor. They were giving me the deets on the hood and what nearby action I could find.

"So I ride west then south then west. Sounds pretty easy."

"Yeah, the folks at any of those places will treat ya nice but be careful riding around. I mean really; cause they just don't give a fuck."
Well this is your opportunity. You can give all the fucks you want! Just try to keep it consensual. Thankfully we have a great place for creative weirdness!

Saturday, June 6
Five In One
2535 Broad Ave
9pm - Adults Only
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