December 25, 2017

exploit bikes for fun, not profit


Its not just a casual concern. We are feeling it too. There is so much stress and horror available without end. Our revolutionaries are not operating at their full capacity if they are not keeping their own fires stoked at home. So please try to answer the question: are you making space for the development of your mobilized, sexualized self?

Moreover, is this the crap Santa delivers when we neglect to actually ask for things we want?

It could just be another sign of the coming apocalypse (there are many, we know) but it could be a sign that you and we and everyone are letting bastards win. Whenever the d-bags, like Logan Paul have their way with pop culture they usually take something as beautiful and inspiring as the song "Handlebars" and pervert it into an vapid reason boost their fragile ego. So if we don't react to the inherent objectification with derisive scorn we end up letting our pure bikesexual waters become tainted and tho Bike Smut may be slowing down (... a lot) that shaln't happen on our watch!

For the appropriate background here is the original video by Flobots

And since modern culture eats sentiment and shits piles of post-digested manure, here is the cis/white/hetero/male scat you have been fearing was being squeezed out:

But we are not content to just be casual observers of media. We got a fucking degree in this shit and worked print, broadcasting, street media, trade journal, industries. We get to take a swift crack at this cracker's ass.


does it mean that Paul:
- can ride a bike without handlebars, although it never once happens in the video?
- can have sex without using his hands? A subliminal request for bondage?
- can ride a woman with a smaller mustache than him?
- can inspire women to throw off their patriarchal burdens by standing up for themselves?
- gets punched in the mouth so often he is secretly advocating for dental health?

Thankfully, rather than let this trash go on unaddressed the Flowbots provided their own retort:

So here is our  New Years resolution: To be thankful for our awareness of the radical, independent media that already exists! There's lots of it out there and we love it! We enjoy the Intercept and Democracy Now almost every day. Partly because they keep us reminded that some media outlets are not paid for by corporations that benefit from endless war.

We believe most people actually desire this kind of truth but are frequently overwhelmed by the never ending torrent of crap that is shoved down our collective throats. We can all do better and engage in more uplifting media that if it punches at all, it punches up!
(also, this really was posted on a Media Monday, which hasn't happened in years so there's something else to be thankful for)

NOTE: there is a good chance that Bike Smut will travel to Australia in February. Finally making the Pacific Rim Job Tour a reality and one step closer to world domination.

September 27, 2017

Bike Smut en España!

Friday, October 6th in Barcelona, Spain
única función en BarceLoca  

Festival Internacional de Cinema Ciclista de Barcelona

Viernes 6 de Octubre
Teatro moral del Poblenou
Carrer de Pujades, 176-178

Con presentacion de Miss Poppy Cox!

Arte gentileza de @felipealmendros

Art by Felipe Almendros

June 22, 2017

Ride Naked, Las Vegas!

Everybody has a body, born nude and soon thereafter wrapped in shame for its naked existence. Everybody has to be able to get around in a city packed with cars leaving room for few other options. Its time to take back our bodies and our streets. Its time for the 2nd annual Las Vegas World Naked Bike Ride!

This is a global event held to fight body shaming, patriarchy and
the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The ride is "As Bare As You Dare" so wear as much or little clothing as you desire on your bicycles, skateboards, or any other form of human-powered transportation to celebrate human-powered locomotion.

Due to the Las Vegas heat, the museum will be hosting indoor activities including a craft tables, body painting, and more, beginning at 6, with the actual bike ride starting at 9 pm.

Crank and Grind has agreed to support riders before and during the WNBR. Minor bike repairs will be provided for by donation. Bad Ass Coffee and Hot Diggity Dog will keeping the riders fueled and ready for action and free water will be available to everyone.

ReBAR is hosting the official Las Vegas WNBR afterparty (pasties required) and will be giving a free beer to anyone on the ride. Bike Smut is providing technical support and coordinating entertainment, including a set by Fans of Jimmy Century as well as some special guest appearances and a yes, we even have a pool to cool off after the hot ride.

"For the second year in a row, The Erotic Heritage Museum is supporting the Las Vegas World Naked Bike Ride," said museum
Director, Dr Victoria Hartmann. "As a longtime Las Vegas institution, part of our mission is to advocate for sex positive culture. It's ironic that one of the most sexualized cities in the U.S.-Las Vegas-criminalizes non-sexual nudity. We hope to bring attention to these hypocrisies and help to change the laws in Clark County, bringing them in line with other cities like Chicago, Portland, and New York. We believe nudity as a form of protest should be a 1st amendment issue and thus a form of protected free speech."

Dr. Victoria Hartmann

Naked rides have existed a long time. The origin of the wheel is not exactly known but its safe to say that someone was naked on a wheel shortly after the wheel was invented. 5 thousand years later organized rides are common in select places such as Seattle´s Freemont Festival. Then in 2004 Conrad Schmidt asked friends to organize bikers and nudists across the world into what was officially named the World Naked Bike Ride. 13-years later hundreds of rides happen every year, some with only a handful of riders others with more than 10,0000 riders.
The WNBR is a protest against oil dependency and a celebration of body positivity. For years bikers have struggled to be recognized on the road. All too frequently the simple defense of ¨I didn´t see em¨ was enough to relieve an innatentive motorist of any culpability. Thankfully, the WNBR has a simple solution: RIDE NAKED & BE SEEN. If being naked is necessary to be safe on a bike then we are morally obligated to bike in the buff as much as possible.

¨The bike is the unabashed vehicle of the revolution. By cycling naked we declare our confidence in the beauty and individuality of our bodies and the bicycles’s place as a catalyst for change in the future of sustainability, transport, community and recreation.¨-

For more details visit the Erotic Heritage Museum 
or call Call 702 794 4000

Special thanks to Glitterguts who took these pre-ride photos of this year's World Naked Bike Ride in Chicago! 

May 10, 2017

3 noches en Puebla

People often ask what is the biggest market for Bike Smut. They want to compare the meccas of sexy cycling: Vancouver, Berlin, Minneapolis, London, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New York, Amsterdam, Portland... Bike Smut has a an impressive history with each of these cities and each of them are quite bikesexually impressive in their own right.

For many years the most exciting shows, the most consistently stoked audience and frequent submissions came from, of all places, Salt Lake, the Mormon headquarters. Its easy to make assumptions about the reasoning behind why cities are different (eg in rains in Portland so people are more crafty). We are a reluctant to make any such assumptions, but for many years we have postulated that in cities where sex and cycling culture are accessible many of the people don't immediately see the value of Bike Smut. In cultures that are more oppressive, where people use terms like "biker", or "queer", or "queer biker" as insults. In these places it is a call to arms to say, "Fuck yes, I'm a queer biker and me and all my friends are gonna fucking party queer-biker style!"

But a couple years ago the mantle of most popular bikesexual city was passed on from Salt Lake to the most religious city of Mexico: Puebla. With more than 6 million people and nearly as many churches, Puebla is considered to be the most conservative city in Mexico.

Our last show there included more than 100 different submissions of bikesexual photography from various artists and the attendance reflected that vast cultural buy-in. More than 800 people filled the courtyard and cheered for more.

This weekend they have pushed the limits again with 3 shows on 3 nights completing our tour with 5 shows in 6 days!

Viernes 12 de Mayo
Roda Da Vida
23 Poniente 701A, Chulavista
8pm - FB event link

Sábado 13 de mayo
Nexus; Galería, Café y Foro Cultural
6 Norte 3, Centro. 

7pm - FB event link

Domingo 14 de Mayo
Gallo Negro 
6 OTE. ESQ. 8 N, San Andres, Cholula 

What a way to end a great tour of Mexico!

May 7, 2017

La Primera y Ultima Vez en Chiapas!

Se presentará por primera vez en Chiapas "Bike Smut"

Martez 9 de Mayo
EL WAPANI Espacio Cultural
Calle flavio Paniagua #10, San Cristobal
Entrada Libre Cooperacón Consciente

Wow! We were all ready to give up on Chiapas. We have been trying to make a show happen there for many years and every year we shrug our collective shoulders and just give great bike porn to the fine Mexicans that clamor for it. We had tried many places but came up short. But finally our message got though, and just in time! With a week left we have FIVE shows booked!

The Wapani culture center should be an excellent place to watch Bike Smut. Even the Google Translation of this place sounds pretty fucking amazing:
Wapani is a space where everyone can enter, space in continuous change
It is a cyclope eye a collective view totally free and independent a quest for self-management believing that from the arts we can support any initiative linked to it.
Wapani according to the Native Americans is an act of exchange and generosity without expecting anything in return and in that definition we find our name.
Between bread and water is born the idea of Wapaní.un a game of words where everyone can somehow participate.
y en espanol para las pinche penderos que quieren buscar para problemas con la transduction:
Wapani es un espacio donde todoas pueden entrar,espacio en  continuo cambio
Es un ojo de cíclope una mirada colectiva totalmente libre e independiente una búsqueda hacia la autogestión creyendo que desde las artes podemos apoyar cualquier iniciativa vinculada con la misma.
Wapani según los nativos norteamericanos es un acto de intercambio y generosidad sin esperar nada a cambio y en esa definición encontramos entonces nuestro nombre.
Entre pan y agua nace la idea de Wapaní.un juego de palabras donde todos de alguna manera podemos participar.
Quieres mas opportunidad leer por que bicisexual?

¡Libertad de transporte y libertad sexual!
  • ¿Eres bici sexual?
  • ¿Crees que una mejor manera de transportarse y mejor sexo son la llave para una mayor calidad de vida?
  • ¿Tal vez piensas que la bici es sexy o que te sientes muy bien cuando andas en ella?
Bike Smut es el tour de un festival internacional de cine que celebra el transporte impulsado por energía humana y una cultura positiva del sexo.
La única manera de ver a Bike Smut es cuando se presenta en un teatro/cine, taller de bicicletas o en un sótano para una audiencia en vivo.
No hay DVD's a la venta y no hay proyecciones en medios. Esto es un reto para Bike Smut pero es la única manera de asegurar la privacidad.
Después de más de 1,000 proyecciones Bike Smut no ha tenido fugas. Mantienen la privacidad de los realizadores tan segura como ellos deseen.
Bike Smut es una experiencia compartida.
Normalmente vemos porno solos en los lugares más íntimos de nuestra casa (o para algunos, en el trabajo) rara vez hablamos de ello.
Bike Smut hace un llamado a una mayor honestidad en nuestra sexualidad. El sexo sucede. Podemos ignorarlo o aceptarlo.
¡Ver Bike Smut en un entorno social fomenta hablar de sexo, género y otros temas considerados tabú!
Bike Smut es cívico. Las políticas actuales están diseñadas para
reprimir la expresión sexual y la elección del transporte.
Bike Smut desafía esa tendencia mostrando la calidad de la expresión creativa y la cantidad de diversión inherente tanto al ciclismo y al sexo.
Ambas actividades (ciclismo y sexo) son elementos importante para un estilo de vida saludable y una agradable calidad de vida.


May 2, 2017

Oaxaca Bike Smut

The last time we were in Oaxaca (in the city Oaxaca) we were just able to stymie a full on bikesexual riot. We were staying at the venue so we knew that if the place burnt down we would be the ones with no place to sleep!

That was our first visit to Oaxaca. What will happen this time?

11 May
Luna Negra
Divisiòn oriente 508, Barrio ex Marquenzado, Oaxxaca
Entrada libre
@8pm - FB event

April 29, 2017

¡El Ultimo projeyction en Mexico City!

Come for the free bikeporn stay for the free popcorn! Its the last ever screening of Bike Smut in Mexico City!

Lunes, 1 Mayo
DF @ Cine Club Condesa Av. Veracruz #102 en el búnker del Hotel Condesa DF
gratis palomitas y entrada!

We have only a couple weeks left in our final tour of Mexico. With two shows planned in Puebla in May and a lot of people asking "can bike smut come to _____" we are not sure what will come of us.

Living the high life in the mountains of Chiapas?
Riding the night life in Guadalajara?
Spanking the thighs right in Oaxaca?

Get at us and let us know where we should go before it is too late!


April 26, 2017

Bike Smut Intelligentsia

Below learn about our final two screenings in Mexico City: 
 Bike Smut Intelligentsia

Bike Smut has always been for the people. Not just the people it serves directly (ie, our audience) but the people that will never know of its existence. We would like to believe that there is some massive Butterfly Effect that filters out of each show, causing the participants to engage with their mobile-sexuality a little differently. The ideals of Joyful Exploration, Shameless Flirtation and Radical Honesty help us find and embrace our desires. Witnessing someone make themselves vulnerable by sharing their fantasies emboldens others and puritanical shame is diminished. We all benefit from this scenario. But while we are very proud of our methods many choose other ways to engage these topics.

Recently a festival was going to invite Bike Smut or a person who has made a culture of encouraging people to photograph bikers without their consent (technically legal in the USA but still sketchy).

We are not one to Yuck another person's Yum but we wish there was a better way. For sure, its not easy. Besides the obvious challenge of racing after a person on a bicycle, just imagining how one might obtain feedback from strangers is difficult enough. "I just took your picture, can I use it in this context" strangely seems even more invasive then just snapping the photo and running. But why? Perhaps because we have trained ourselves to exist in a culture that spends more time begging for forgiveness than asking permission.

Thankfully we don't have to suffer in contemplation the ethics of others. We simply have to live our truth and hope that others are similarly inspired. But we do enjoy the mental exercise so we invite you to take part in a rarely seen side of ours,  Bike Smut's intellectual explorations of bikes and sex.

First this weekend is the North American Anarchist Studies Network ( Basically political wonks gathering for what we presume is an opportunity to stoke their own red and black gears. Although our voices might often be drowned out by the capitalist machine when we gather, when we organize our ideas have wheels of their own.

A bunch of intellectuals sharing theories on various political systems may not sound exciting but then you might have gotten accustomed to the yoke of capitalism. If you spend more time wondering how to maximize your net worth than you do dancing I hope you are able to join us for a rousting examination of what bodies will do with given the freedom to move and fuck as they please without concern for compensation.

Friday 4/28, 6pm @ Social Reconstruction Library with NAASN - FREE

Then on Monday the woman responsible for making all the screenings at this year's World Bicycle Forum has invited Bike Smut to present at her weekly film club. Its a kickass place to watch a bunch of porn and we will be making a rare performance at the end.

Monday 5/1, 8pm @ Cine Club Condesa - FREE

Nuestras dos proyecciones finales en Ciudad de México:

Viernes, 28 Abril
NAASN @ Biblioteca Social Reconstruir 
Godard y Delibes, Guadalupe Victoria II,  Ciudad de México, CDMX circa La Raza metro stacion

Lunes, 1 Mayo
DF @ Cine Club Condesa Av. Veracruz #102 en el búnker del Hotel Condesa DF

April 18, 2017

nuevo arte bicisexual de Mexco!

Information additional - Hacemos una Taller: Deconstruir Pornografía, con Bicicletas!
a Viernes 21 Abril a las 16h 
Trae tijeras, pegamento, espacio / scifi picutres, revistas de bicicletas y porno para cortar y pegar

We are so stoked to be back in Mexico. The culture, food, people are all so welcoming. And our friends at Casa Bicitekas are making it happen! With the world's largest gathering of bicycle nerds happening in Mexico we were dubious we would get an invitation. We like to wonk hard, but for some reason many people in the US don't like to get transportation advice from porn stars. It seems our neighbors to the south are more reasonable with their politics. As the imitable Courtney Trouble said, "let your porn inform your politics and your politics inform your porn." (more or less, I hope I didn't fuck up that quote)

So we are fortunate to present not only the world's only collection of futuristic, sci-fi themed, bicycle pornography but also host a workshop deconstructing bike porn as well! Both happen Friday at Casa Bicitecas!

Deconstructing Porn, with Bikes!
April 21 Friday
Casa Bicitekas
Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
4pm with Science Friction to follow at 9

April 15, 2017

¡El Final Feliz Comenza - Ciencia Fricción en Mexico!

en español mas tarde (mas of menos... problemente menos)

Bike Smut returns to Mexico! In all the world there is only one homegrown film and performance festival displaying the joy and libeartion of human-powered mobility and sex-positive culture. Although we have moved into a comfortable retirement from touring there were 4 movies made in Mexico in our most recent program so we couldn't keep Science Friction from our Southern neighbor for long.

We have officially been invited to present our glorious bikesexual films at the 6th annual World Bicycle Forum aka la Foro de Mudial de la bicicletta. Some have called it the biggest bike party on earth, and we are happy to be here. Thankfully we are a pretty good judge of bike parties. Our friends the Dead Baby Bicycle Club of Seattle whom have been hosting a massive party every first Friday of August for the past 21 years might argue they have been doing it longer and better.

Bicycle dance performances by the Sprockettes at The Dead Baby Downhill
Never any shortage of bikes, beer or fire
Well what they lack in fire and freaks we hope they will make up for with radical collaboration and ideas from across the planet. We are sure the #FMB6 is gonna have more wonks but will it have more wanks? Only time will tell but we are excited to rub thighs with some of the world's finest thinkers.

Read the FMB6 schedule of events. bici polo, WNBR body painting, y mucho personas hablando

  • The Mexico premiere of Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
  • Friday, April 21st
  • Casa Bicitecas 
  • Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
  • 9:30pm 
  • FaceCrack Event Page

  • En todas la mundo solo esta una programma de cyclosessual peliculas y performancia. El primo presentation de Bike Smut 9:  Ciencia Fricción
  • Viernes 21 de Abril
  • Casa Biciteka
  • República de Nicaragua, 15, Colonia Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • 21h
  • evento a FaceBook 

 Vamanos a otras cidudads, Puebla, Guadalajara, y ? ayudame compartir la ultimo programa!