May 31, 2013

Come Find Me - World Premiere!

Soon we will break a mold we have used without failure for seven years. Seven years of only live sharing our of movies. No DVD sales. No online distribution. We didn't even allow ourselves to trust any members of media.

But now something has changed. We have made excellent connections with radical allies that have helped us do this right. We are offing a DVD and folks are taking notice!

Jerome Stuart Nichols' review was dripping with earnest appreciation:
There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who knows what she wants and fucks it. You can tell by the look in Poppy’s eye that she knows what she wants: to fuck Gasper Johnson and cum, a lot.
I always love having sex where laughter’s involved, it means that I’m relaxed. Throughout “Come Find Me" Poppy is running back and forth between excited squeals, guttural moaning and this really fucking adorable giggling.  My favorite scene is the orgasmic face riding scene at the very end. Poppy has a crazy strong orgasm and she’s practically seizing on Gasper’s face, which is completely engulfed in her vulva. The whole time she’s cuming, her face is cycling through this crazed collections of expressions. It’s all very lusty, hedonistic and hard-on inducing. Me gusta. 
Thanks for noticing, Poppy does pride herself on her joy of orgasms. Which she frequently will remind those luck to be around her about.

We were also thrilled that the
Come Find Me, with its darling-dark plotline and focus on female orgasm (not to mention use of tire tubes as BDSM tool) will certainly fan the flames for lovers of hot feminist porno. 
The world premiere is tomorrow. With live performances and rad politics we expect our final event in The Bay to burn the patriarchal pants down!

Come Find Me
Saturday, June 1st
Center for Sex and Culture 
1349 Mission Street
8 - 10 pm,
 Adults only

May 30, 2013

Porny Express World Premiere

Its nearly arrived!

After a solid year of Turning Trixxx around North America and beyond, promoting bikesexuality from Mazunte to Montreal we are finally making our pilgrimage home to share the bounty.

Bike Smut will be Turning Trixxx no more, forever. But out of the ashes rises a John Holmes-like phoenix set to scatter the sadness from the bike porn-starved lands with our new program of human-powered erotica!


It is time to hop on
The Porny Express
June 12
Clinton St Theater
2522 SE Clinton
8:30 pm
$7, 18+ 

And what a program we have! The filmmakers live in from Quebec, Chicago, Gainesville, Oakland, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Vancouver, Milan, Geneva, and Berlin!

Many of the films have incredible production values, but many are also slapdash nuggets of bikesexual brilliance. Our new trailer shows some of our favorite moments from this year and last.

This year, not only are all the movies inspired by the joy and liberation of sex and cycling, but the North American tour itself is human powered! This has not happened since the original Cascadian Bike Porn tour of 2007 and is an exciting challenge for our spunky team.

In 1891 intrepid riders spirited across the untamed landscape of the Western United States. Dubbed the Pony Express, they brought news from afar they connected disparate communities. This year Bike Smut will travel along a differently dangerous path. Braving extreme conditions and xenophobia we will ride our bikes more than 5,000 miles to bring this unique content.

Help us start off on the right track. Get your tickets now!
Hop on The Porny Express! 

May 28, 2013

New Trailer: What is Bike Smut?!?

Finally! It has been too long since we shared a new trailer and this one is pretty amazing!

check it before YouTube pulls it down
nevermind, they done pulled the buttplug out in a most unfriendly manner.
But fuck YouTube, we got QUEER PORN TUBE! No that website is dead, alas. But thankfully The Internet Archive is eternal (we hope)

It is difficult to explain bike culture or sex culture to a person who has never been in a fun group ride or ever fucked in a strange place. People are made to feel insecure about their choice of transportation and/or their choice about sex. From insecurity comes all manner of emotions but rarely curiosity.

Most people look at bikers and perverts as an other, as something different. When we see more differences than similarities we are given the ability to distance ourselves. "They are not like me; I am not like that." How are we supposed to be able to learn and adapt when we have so many hangups?

This video takes a look at what a lot of people think of when they hear the word "bikes" and the word "porn". Seven years of traveling and screening independent films from all over the world have taught us to keep our minds open, because there always seems to be something new . We hope we can continue to explore the universe with bright-eyed curiosity!

May 24, 2013

Hell is Frozen - Bike Smut made a DVD

7 years and we have never sold a single DVD. We also never sent out copies to the media. We kept the content and filmmakers safe. If Bike Smut is making a DVD that has all changed! Have the vanguards of ethical porn and radical distribution have fallen? What hath the we wrought?!? Surely a bikesexual hell has frozen over!!


Whoa... easy there mr/s judgey-pants. We will address your legitimate concerns about this new limited edition DVD. But you do have reason for excitement. Come Find Me is a Heterosexual-focused, Feminist Porn Collaboration between famed queer porn director, Courtney Trouble and Bike Smut!

"Come Find Me" World Premiere

Exclusive screening and release party info
Saturday, June 1st
Center for Sex and Culture 
1349 Mission Street
8 - 10 pm, $6 get yr presale now!
Adults only
FB event page

You now may watch, for the first time ever, a Bike Smut DVD in the privacy of your home.  WTF?!?

You may be asking yourself, what has happened to your favorite touring festival of erotic bicycle movies? Have they lost their sense of pride? Their decency? Their street cred? Their local credit union?!?

To which we offer a hearty guffaw.  You can't loose something you never had. Decency indeed... Indecency in deed...? No we are not suffering from a financial crisis (any more than normal); we haven't been duped into selling out to some nasty, cheesy, hairy Italian-American porn director (in fact, we hired him as our male lead so that we could turn the tables on male gaze);  and we will still be touring all over in the coming year. We maintain our pledge to protect our filmmaker's anonymity while doing the hard work of creating safe spaces for engaging ethical pornographic content.

We have not cast aside our beliefs on distribution and the importance of bringing communities together to observe and define obscenity FOR THEMSELVES.

What we have done is partner with the world's greatest riot grrl turned independent queer porn star/director: Courtney Trouble! The self made fem has a list of accomplishments as long as our rim and has helped us make a stunningly good feature length porn.

 We won't lie. This DVD is packed full of the hottest bikesexuals you will ever see.

The film will be released as a limited edition of only 300 professional-grade DVDs with handmade packaging, available for purchase on tour with Bike Smut, or online at TROUBLEfilms.Com.

With an adorable, romantic, and kinky storyline, Come Find Me is a bikesexual's dream. This heterosexual porn incorporates a female point of view, kink and expressed consent, authentic sex, and a personality-driven storyline.

Gasper sends his girlfriend Poppy on a bike-powered scavenger hunt ending at an empty house with a gorgeous man ready to ravage her inside out. He binds her with bike tubes, spanks her, and taunts her until she's too wet to stand - and then with an HD cam in hand, Poppy (and award-winning director Courtney Trouble) document an afternoon full of lustful oral sex, fingering, and finally - some deep, desperate, hard core fucking that makes both of them come hard - at last!

A true collaboration, with a narrative shot by Bike Smut real-life couple Poppy Cox and Gasper Johnson  and a gorgeous, high definition, high art sex scene of the two of them.

Courtney Trouble and Bike Smut have created a straight porn flick that stands out from the rest. Challenging the formulaic male gaze of mainstream heterosexual pornography, Come Find Me is a fine example of Feminist Porn, a hot topic in both the adult industry and feminist circles in 2013. Come Find Me features spoken and visual consent patterns, focus on female pleasure, and an altruistic approach to character development that allows you to fall in lust with the woman, and the man. It strays from the stereotypical "porn for women" trope by offering up hard core close ups, rough sex, and HD cinematography along-side it's romantic authenticity.

So what about distribution?  Well we can not tour to every place that demands Bike Smut. The logistics are impossible. We will continue to strive to provide the best bicycle erotica on earth, but now we have a really great movie that you should buy and share with your lover (or bicycle) immediately! Now we have a few new ways to share a totally legit porn that can serve as an introduction to so many of the ideas we have been promoting. Sex positive, expressed consent, creative passion, fucking bikes!

It's clearly a winner for all genders, couples, solo men, solo women, bisexuals, bikesexuals, kink lovers, amateur porn aficionados, and indie porn experts!


Get your tickets now!

May 23, 2013

Thumpa Thumpa Thumpjuice!

So you like bikes, sex and movies depicting these things. You wanted to make a movie but you didn't and now you feel a certain tightness on your chest, like something deep inside you wants to be free. This is because you haven't been able to really get your emotions out! This is your chance to express your deepest, darkest feelings about bikes and sex.

Don't hold back the bike love, let it flow all over the radio!

This Friday night tune into Radio Valencia where we will be broadcasting bikesexual Transmissions from the Mission!

Friday May 24
8pm - 10pm
Online all the time at:
Sometimes on 87.9FM when you're in SF near a repeater station.

The specific show is called "Thumpjuice;" they promise to have some hard hitting feminist/sociologists/smarty pants ready to whup on Bike Smut's mission and methods.
Explore DIY mayhem and trashpicked 45's from the safety of your home!

Podcast link post show (please wait at least 36 hours):

May 16, 2013

DIY Bikesexual Bliss

 Oh the glory of it all!

We love this time of year, Spring has SPRUNG, the oppressive snow and overcast is beaten back replaced by glorious sun, meaning the streets are clear for the bikesexuals to come out and play! And oh boy are they playing in Montreal! We are expecting no fewer than three exciting submissions from those fabulous francophiles including an epic porn with such production values that there is a Facebook page already buzzing with excitement about it!

We are so giddy with excitement that we had to share these words direct:

Reverend Phil,
I just shot a smut for this year's bikesmut... it was so exciting!
I had the best time i have had in my life and was with the sexiest people i have known in my life. Thank you so much directly and indirectly for this inspiration... postproduction starts now... and onto the deadline we rush...

talk to you later,


There is but 9 days left to submit your short movie. Make it with bikes, sex and make it fast!

Check the latest on the Brazen Saddles!