June 22, 2017

Ride Naked, Las Vegas!

Everybody has a body, born nude and soon thereafter wrapped in shame for its naked existence. Everybody has to be able to get around in a city packed with cars leaving room for few other options. Its time to take back our bodies and our streets. Its time for the 2nd annual Las Vegas World Naked Bike Ride!

This is a global event held to fight body shaming, patriarchy and
the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The ride is "As Bare As You Dare" so wear as much or little clothing as you desire on your bicycles, skateboards, or any other form of human-powered transportation to celebrate human-powered locomotion.

Due to the Las Vegas heat, the museum will be hosting indoor activities including a craft tables, body painting, and more, beginning at 6, with the actual bike ride starting at 9 pm.

Crank and Grind has agreed to support riders before and during the WNBR. Minor bike repairs will be provided for by donation. Bad Ass Coffee and Hot Diggity Dog will keeping the riders fueled and ready for action and free water will be available to everyone.

ReBAR is hosting the official Las Vegas WNBR afterparty (pasties required) and will be giving a free beer to anyone on the ride. Bike Smut is providing technical support and coordinating entertainment, including a set by Fans of Jimmy Century as well as some special guest appearances and a yes, we even have a pool to cool off after the hot ride.

"For the second year in a row, The Erotic Heritage Museum is supporting the Las Vegas World Naked Bike Ride," said museum
Director, Dr Victoria Hartmann. "As a longtime Las Vegas institution, part of our mission is to advocate for sex positive culture. It's ironic that one of the most sexualized cities in the U.S.-Las Vegas-criminalizes non-sexual nudity. We hope to bring attention to these hypocrisies and help to change the laws in Clark County, bringing them in line with other cities like Chicago, Portland, and New York. We believe nudity as a form of protest should be a 1st amendment issue and thus a form of protected free speech."

Dr. Victoria Hartmann

Naked rides have existed a long time. The origin of the wheel is not exactly known but its safe to say that someone was naked on a wheel shortly after the wheel was invented. 5 thousand years later organized rides are common in select places such as Seattle´s Freemont Festival. Then in 2004 Conrad Schmidt asked friends to organize bikers and nudists across the world into what was officially named the World Naked Bike Ride. 13-years later hundreds of rides happen every year, some with only a handful of riders others with more than 10,0000 riders.
The WNBR is a protest against oil dependency and a celebration of body positivity. For years bikers have struggled to be recognized on the road. All too frequently the simple defense of ¨I didn´t see em¨ was enough to relieve an innatentive motorist of any culpability. Thankfully, the WNBR has a simple solution: RIDE NAKED & BE SEEN. If being naked is necessary to be safe on a bike then we are morally obligated to bike in the buff as much as possible.

¨The bike is the unabashed vehicle of the revolution. By cycling naked we declare our confidence in the beauty and individuality of our bodies and the bicycles’s place as a catalyst for change in the future of sustainability, transport, community and recreation.¨-  pdxwnbr.org

For more details visit the Erotic Heritage Museum

or call Call 702 794 4000

Special thanks to Glitterguts who took these pre-ride photos of this year's World Naked Bike Ride in Chicago!