April 25, 2020

Sympathy of the Bicycle Devil

We had a 6-month bicycle tour of Europe planned. This weekend we would be sharing Science Friction in Sicily, Italy at "Vieni? - Catania PornFest". We are fortunate, had the trip started a month earlier we could be custody of who knows which state!

This caused us to wonder about those whom weren't as fortunate. How much do we engage with random people that cross our paths? Because as a clever bicycle pornographer once said, "Wandering males can be dangerous." But what of those cast out? Those perpetual wanderers whom bring news and share stories are still out there, still wandering, still trying to find their nourishment.

Public offerings of thoughts and prayers have become taboo (for good reason) but one of Bike Smut's greatest values is that of exploring taboo. So with that in mind we offer those largely empty words in the hopes that somehow, someway when expressed will result in someone, somewhere being given the inclination to whatever kindness they decide they can offer.

And perhaps this will make all the bike-fucking difference.