January 29, 2013

Touching your Bay Area

Its been a peculiar winter. With multiple flights, bus rides, blown up cars and other examples of touring at its most stressful we have gone from the sun quenched lands of Oaxaca Mexico to the queerly crafty of Austin, Texas, across Arizona and now we are breaching the midsection of California.

Come enjoy some radical bikesexual movies with us in the Bay!

Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx 
Sunday Feb 3rd
 The Roll Up Bicycle Shop & Art Space
4401 San Leandro St
7:00pm . with bike ride beforehand  
details on the FB page, probably 
 (did you know the Superbowl is a great time to ride a bike? empty streets for hours! amazing!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
El Rio
3158 Mission St., San Francisco
Plus special guest performance by Bianca Stone

photo via Snaked Girl Productions

with loving support from Crash Pad Series.

EXTA SPECIAL BONUS This year includes two Bay Area local filmmakers who are also Feminist Porn Award-winners: Courtney Trouble and Madison Young. Thus your odds of seeing and interacting with awesome porn stars has never been greater (unless you are reading this from the set of a porn shoot, all yalls can just be excited to hang out with some non porn stars for a change)

January 17, 2013

Best Coast - er brakes!

We are back in LA in January, and we are excited to partake in old school hilly challenges!

Join us in the violent regression from a technological future!

January 12, 2013

Turning TriXXX in LA

Bike Smut is back on the West Coast!

We got a full weekend - 3 consecutive days of bike-sexual movies for you to chew on.

Friday Jan 18 
3706 N. Figueora St
8pm , $5  

Saturday Jan 19
Church of FUN
4109 melrose ave
6pm and 10pm, $5 presale, $10 day of show

Sunday Jan 20
105 W Broadway

We are jumping into LA fast and we are getting out quick too. Dont hope you will see it somewhere else because these are the only three screenings in LA

The Southwest Roundup

Yes, we have no blog posts. This communication is as much a form of living history as it is promotional tool so we only feel slightly annoyed withoutselves that we have had multiple shows that didnt get their full due on this blog.

But in memorial

Jan 5 - Amazing show in Austin. Thanks to the folks at Bed Post Confessions and Queer Ride
Jan 8 - Nearly rained out show at Boneshakers in San Antonio. Them bikers are melty.
Jan 11 - A real show in Tucson at The Screening Room w/ Whiskey Breath Burlesque

and tonight
Jan 12 - we do another show in Phoenix at The Trunk Space w/ the Rusty Spoke collective!

All this because our van mostly died 4 times! Fuck cars, we dont need no stinking exaust!

Car free? Care free!

January 1, 2013

Suerte en Mexico

Mexican lessons for the sojourning bikesexual, or "What I fucked during winter break"

We are only days away from returning to the United States, or as I like to call it, the Information Empire. It is always quite enlightening being able to travel and share and learn with so many enthused budding bikesexuals.

  • Without much doubt, my favorite new slag for orgy is "horchata". I have often enjoyed that fabulous rice drink but with the addition of this double entendre we have been "hacemos horchata" quite often. 
  • "Tocar" the verb means "to touch" or "to play" which lends itself to a variety of awesome play on words.
  • Last but not least the word for "ariola" or the circle around one's nipples is "halo" which, while a challenge to work into conversation casually, is pretty hilarious when referring to the sweet rings on Mother Mary or St. Guadalupe. 

Between the barrels of Mezcal and a seemingly endless struggle to navigate the semi-socialized health care bureaucracy we learned a lot. Thanks to our hosts, and supporters!

District Federal - Bicitekas, Terrormoto CrewCentral del Puebla,
Guatalajara - GDL, Puc, Bici Polo Tapatio
Puebla - Prof├ętica
Oaxaca - Central Cinema