December 30, 2011

and now we know...

Details just in for Tucson, AZ!!

Wednesday Jan 4th
657 W St. Marrys. Unit c6

With special guest performance by
Whiskey Breath Burlesque
show starts at 8pm
$5 suggested donation

Group Bike Ride @7pm. 
meet at Occupy, Church and Congress

December 29, 2011

double blind porno study

Tucson! Jan 4th Thats all we know! with that much info, would you go to the show?

December 27, 2011

Portraits of a Pedalphile - Part III “Trikers”

Hate might be a strong word, but scorn might be too soft for our dear friend Merv as he attempts to describe how much cooler his mini bike is than those ridiculous tricycles.

Was this a backlash of pot labeling kettle darkly pigmented? Another example of transportation minorities keeping other transportation minorities down. To which there is only one proper response.

December 25, 2011

Touring the Texas Triangle

We have spent the past couple weeks meeting all the amazing bike-sexuals and other fantastic weirdos we can in the great trinangle of east Texas. (Houston, Austin and San Antonio). And we would like to thank everyone who has helped us out. Whether it was setting up fantastic shows, putting roofs over our head, or inviting us to xmas, we are truly grateful.

Like aloha means hello and goodbye, we think 'Howdy' can can work the same. With great sadness we have to say "Howdy for now" as we announce our final show in east Texas. Lucky o'l' San Antonio will do the honors.

Tuesday, December 27th
1116 W Mitchell St

Bike Polo @ The Slab before hand. 8pm, Probant & Cevallos
$2 pints at Boneshakers all night &
super delicious pizza. yum!

Hope we get to come back soon, y'all!!

December 23, 2011

Thought You Knew, ride a fucking bike!

Last week we reviewed the very straightforward Bike Taxi Babes calendar.

This week we go from the steamy southwest of Austin to brisk northern breeze of Chicago for our (we think) final people posting with bicycle calendar of 2011!

Bike Smut loves Chicago. Chicago is home to one of the last strong Critical Masses in the states. We got good peeps there and they have been doing great things for many years, before most people knew about fixed gears, polo or naked rides. (three things they still do extraordinarily well)

Introducing Thought You Knew a bike calender now in its 4th annual run.

Bike Smut, during its extended absence from North America, missed this year's fundraising cycle, but we wanted to include it just the same.

It is little surprise that the ladies who grace the calendars ride strong and stylish bikes, and in stark contrast to the very minimal Taxi Babes calendar,  Thought You Knew has got a lot of extra stuff.

TyK offers a robust website with lots of pretty images, backgrounds on the models, pictures of them in their pinup mode and in their street ware. Oh, and they got some pretty hump-worthy politics:
Cycling once freed women from the strict requirements of fashion, providing an excuse to untie their corsets and don bloomers rather than long skirts. The mobility that a bicycle brought to those women was even more empowering.
TyK’s pinups draw on that same tradition of empowerment through the personal mobility, while also letting women find confidence in the ownership of their sexuality. The experience of being the center of attention during their photo shoot does not fade when the lights go down and the hairspray washes out. Each woman carries her pinup self with her wherever she goes, into board rooms or bike shops.

Its been a good Calendar season. If you haven't ordered by now, you might be able to get a discount or you might be shit out of luck, or maybe you will just have to find some fun loving friends and a camera and D I the fuck Y.

December 19, 2011

The Lone Star gets Porn Stars

The last time we were in San Antonio...

After a super sextastic show in Austin on Sunday, San Antonio has stepped up to the Orgasm Trail challenge! Boneshakers Bicycle Pub has invited us to do a show tomorrow night and supplied us with great art to boot!

Tuesday, December 20th
1116 W Mitchell St
w/ $2 pints all night!

Portraits of a Pedalphile - Part II “The Thrill”

Please enjoy "King Tingle's" testimony about "his time" with a "fucking Huffy"

Thanks again to the entirely quotable Merv of Memphis and his handlers,

December 18, 2011

Austin's Forpaly Ride

A pre-ride to Austin's only screening of Bike Smut will meet at Plaza Saltillo (same spot as the TNSR) at 6p, ride stars at 6:30pm and ends at the film fest a little before 8pm 


ALSO presenting tonight with the story of her first orgasm is the very vocal Sadie Smythe, of the monthly Austin event,  Bedpost Confessions

Bring a lock, lights, basic tire maintenance tools, and some cash for drinks and donation.

Face Booking Action:

2906 Fruth Street
$5 suggested donation
with PopNoir SoundSystem  hosting a smutty dance party after.

December 16, 2011

BikeTaxiBabes - in depth

We just arrived in Austin and immediately were treated to local beer, tortas and our host's copy of the Bike Taxi Babes calendar.

In a word, simple. Possibly the most simple calendar we have ever seen. No flavor text, nothing about the model/pedicab driver/people messenger, no supplementary images in the corner,  no phases of the moon, no special dates of interest in Austin history.

here is what you get:

12 large, quality pictures
365* boxes with numbers
1 page explaining why**

Simple. As. Fuck.

Cant complain much when they do it simple and do it right, but in the name of fair and balanced bikeseuxal journalism we offer these two notes:

There was nothing exciting about the background either (a simple greyish gradient... er grayshient?).  We know first hand how challenging finding a dozen unique locations or backdrops can be, and if not done right... it can make a lot of hard work and good intentions look like a pile of stupid.

The biggest complaint offered by our team (you didn't know, we had an entire TEAM working on this analysis) was the curious makeup technique. Why so much white face? Was it old time antiquing? Flash back to a time when every bike race came with personal flour delivery?

On the whole, an excellent way to keep track of the days. Get your direct from

*there are lots of boxes, many have numbers you know what a calendar looks like
** The creators of the calendar, Dropout Publications a mainstay in Austin bike culture, made this calendar as a fundraiser for Texas Bike Collation

only days left in the race for bikesexual calendars; dont let the booty eclipse your wall!

photo credit to Ghostdad and Anomililly

December 14, 2011

Awesome in Austin

Bike Smut has visited Austin a couple times before, and we know it is full of tons of sweet sexy bikers. But never before have we seen community come together like this for us in Texas. Battling restrictive Texan laws and tightly booked venues, our Austin team has come surging through with totally 'awetim' (see what I did there?) event planning skills! Including, not one but two locally made posters!

Sunday, December 18th
2906 Fruth Street
$5 suggested donation
with PopNoir SoundSystem  hosting a smutty dance party after.

Pre-ride meets at Plaza Saltillo (same spot as the TNSR) at 6p, ride stars at 6:30pm and ends at the film fest a little before 8

Bring a lock, lights, basic tire maintenance tools, and some cash for drinks and donation

Need more face time, have some FaceBooking action:

December 13, 2011

Houston Encore!

Confession time. Bike Smut travels around via internal combustion engine. It's not something we are proud of cause we would rather be riding our bikes, but the combination of vast open distances, scheduling and hauling gear make the prospect of a long haul touring via bicycle seem near impossible.

Thus we have a car. Having a car means dealing with car problems, which are kinda like bike problems only way more complicated and WAAAY more expensive. (They also result in us bike folk saying things like, "that's why i love bikes" more often.)

One of the silver linings of car failure is that it gives you time to reflect. During a breakdown we can't help but think,  "If I were on my bike I would probably have been able to diagnose and solve the problem by now." But after the minutes start dragging on we begin to let our minds wonder to other places and before you know it fantastic ideas have been sprung!

Our artistic director, Poppy Cox's first short movie for Bike Smut was created at just such a time in Northern Greece. Frankly we can't imagine a better way to spend out time than riding our fucking bikes.

A similar situation just transpired here in Houston! Facing terrible choices our crew of plucky adventeruers broke down and RTFM-ed all over the place. Low and behold we not only fixed a car but also got a last min Encore screening at a great bar in downtown Houston tonight!

Encore Houston Bike Smut
Tuesday, December 13th
314 Main Street

Be there or be stuck in traffic

last photo credit to ChrisGO

Portraits of a Pedalphile - Part I “Why Kids Bikes?”

Our new favorite filmmakers from Memphis have something extra cuts from their new movie, Confessions of a Pedalphile

 More to come soon!

December 12, 2011

Introducing Austin's Bike Taxi Babes

UPDATE - calendar release party Tonight at the Scoot inn, 9pm in Austin


You've seen the sexy girls AND boys from the Bike Saviours of Tempe, AZ bike kitchen -esce nonprofit AND the sexy JUST boys from PedalFresh, a Portland-based right-to-water organization.

Well we objectified girls and boys, then we objectified just boys... thats it right?


Well actually, even in this age of male objectification and liberation of gender altogether we can still take time to appreciate women's bodies. Sometimes even without drooling.

Thus it is now time for the fine-ass-hauling ladies of Austin TX get there chance to own our attention.

We dont know shit about Bike Taxi Babes. We dont know if they are actually employed as, as we call them, "people messengers" or if they are just PYTs posing with bikes. We would like to have the answers, but that would require doing the research. So until we find out (bother to write them an email) lets just cross our fingers and pray we too may get to enjoy the view someday soon.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

What happens when you take a Italian sex worker and find her in a Czech Republic gender fucking festival, in a Dutch bike punk kitchen in Berlin, and finally bring her some some inspiring porn to her London home in the swingingest queer bar in the UK?

Introducing one of our favorite Europeans,  Ava Caradonna!  As a biker, an activist and a sex worker Ava was a tireless supporter of our cause all over the continent.

She is a little nervous here but she speaks on an important cause: X Talk Project

Sex work is an important issue that, not unlike porn, makes people feel uncomfortable. Rather than feeling pity for "those poor people" we must take a more enlightened view of this occupation. As the video points out, many sex workers are undocumented foreigners who can't appeal to cops for fear deportation or worse. Take time to appreciate the oldest occupation today!

Connect with her via FB: Ava Caradonna

We don't care how liberating their wings are, Flying Toasters got nothing on this lady!

We hope to be able to remember a few more key people in the bikesexual revolution and will try to share their vision for a brighter future in the months to come. Thanks Ava, we miss your help in getting the audience bouncing.

December 10, 2011

WWC Loves / Hates Porno Revolution part 3

We love those folks in the Appalachians! They love bikes and they love sex and they expression and they love sharing!

sharing bikes sharing space
It has been just about a month since the students of Warren Wilson College outside Asheville, NC had to pile more than 30 people into a 10x10 room to watch Bike Smut. This obvious fire safety was made necessary due to the schools discomfort with our sharing of independent, DIY transportation erotica, some of which made by residents who were trying to share their rather mature ideas with other consenting adults.

Interesting they intervened with our local student supporters, then let other students use the WWC facilities to show how lame most porn is.
The film criticizes the way pornography, as one of the most profitable cultural mediums, promotes skewed sexual behaviors, particularly through sexism, racism, and violence. The film highlights how this behavior becomes practiced in the viewer of pornography’s private sexual life.
“We’re critical of the way an industry capitalizes and makes films for monetary gain. [Pornographic] films are affecting our sex lives, so in effect profit motive is affecting our sex lives by extension,” said Comstock.

We think its at least a step in the right direction that they are using their public space to talk frankly about sex, porn and the effects on our society. Too bad they couldn't see the forrest from the trees to accept that what we do is precisely that with the added bonus of actual manifestations of how we can DO IT BETTER!

As our former tourista/ and reigning Bike Smut Theoretician, Liberty Sprocket eloquently stated:
We believe that by riding bicycles we take control of our transportation, of how we move
across our communities and interact with them. Bicycles free us from the rigid boundaries of a car. By asking our community to make erotic films, we can help redefine obscenity, and free ourselves from the capitalist ideals of pornography. Bike Smut is about reclaiming agency over our daily lives and defeating the patriarchal appropriation of our bodies.

Be sure talk about it, but dont just talk. Unless you are ready to actually take your sexuality by the handlebars and steer the way you wanna go you are still just talking about getting on a revolution.


December 7, 2011

Gettin' dirty in The Big Easy

Friday will bring us to the playground of the south, New Orleans. Known for its relaxed attitude, great music scene and epic parties, we hope we can satisfy NOLA's taste for fun, freedom and a bit of smut.

Hosted by the wonderful DJ, man-about-town and known bike-sexual, Rusty Lazer. We will start off the night with our sexy bike films from 8-10pm. From there we take off into the "Night of 1000 Contests," where all are encouraged to 'B.Y.O.C' (bring your own contest) to the party.  Bike Smut has definitely had experience with that! 

Maybe we can take a few tips from our folks in Jacksonville too.
Jacksonville Zombies getting dirty with some Bike Chicken

We also have a couple sweet bands lined up and Rusty Lazer and Lady Bizness making sure everyone is dancing all night long!!

Friday, December 9th
2227 St Claude Ave
Bike Smut presents The Orgasm Trail

Houston and Bill Hicks on the Orgasm Trail

We have more than a few exciting shows in Texas. Last time we shared our sexy bike friends with the United State's 4th largest city we played a show with OG Southern rap star, BLOWFLY.
It was also a meeting for Houston's World Naked Bike Ride. This time we have no such amazing performers backing us up, but we do have an audience that wants to choose its own bike porn adventure!

More WNBR images from Houston Press (used without permission)

Catch the goods in our 1st screening in Texas in almost 2 years!

Sunday, December 11th
Supper Happy Fun Land
3801 Polk Street
with a special tribute to comedian Bill Hicks for his 50th Birthday

Fun loving Houstonians join in the "bare as you dare" World Naked Bike Ride/pub crawl. You may want to skip to 3:00...

December 2, 2011

Every Day is (bicycle) Hump Day

sweet new media story and art from Live From Memphis! Thanks!!

For years Bike Smut has attempted to break into Tennessee's parallelogramic borders. Promises from bike clubs that resulted in "a perfect shitstorm" have prevented us from breaching this elusive state. Was there some sort of sinister plot holding the would be bikesexuals back? Clearly, the city has a rich tradition of welcoming wet travelers, so being from the Pacific NW is no excuse. And tho many would claim that the sport of running cyclists off the road is more popular that cycling itself we are dubious that their trucks are that much larger than the ones in Texas, for example. (NOTE: while our experience of morning rush hour on the freeways outside Houston were absolutely terrifying, most surface streets were pretty relaxed.

But wait no longer, for we have not only a venue, but also a filmmaker in Memphis! Introducing  Corduroy Wednesday. Their new movie, Confessions of a Pedalphile always gets a strong response from the audience. Come and see the hometown heros work!

Bike Smut
Five in One
423 North Watkins
8pm Doors, 9:30 Show
$5 Donation

No breaks? Crack open a face book invite

November 29, 2011

November 28, 2011

The Great Baltimore Bike-Sexual Weekend

It's queer! It's bike! It's bike-sexuality!
Come experience and support the joy and liberation that sexual and transportation diversity can provide!

Saddle-licking scene from  'Multiple Maniacs'

Bike-sexuality is not something new to Baltimore, MD.  Our bike-sexuality research team found evidence as early as 1970, when Mr. John Waters included a bike-sexual saddle licker in Divine's 'Cavlacade of Perversions' in the film Multiple Manaics.

Fast forwarding to today, Bike Smut is pleased to announce that Baltimore is still a center for bike-sexual activity. Coming this spring, the awesome queers of Baltimore will be opening a women, trans and queer community bike shop. Go go D.I.Y!!

But in order to open this radical space, they need funds. To achieve this, they are throwing a fundraiser on Friday, December 2nd! 

Besides having sweet performances and 'so much fun'. Bike Smut will be helping out the raffle by donating TWO pairs of tickets to our Baltimore show on Saturday, Dec 3rd! Yes, that's right. . . Baltimore gets two days of awesome bike-sexual action!

5th dimension
405 E Franklin
Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm
$5-10 sliding scale

This will be Baltimore's only chance to see our latest program films from all over the world! Bring your bike, bring a friend, and come support your community!

November 27, 2011

A European Tour at a glance

As it was said by our official Bike Smut numerologist, Liberty Sprocket back in 2011:
"We did 63 shows in 21 countries."
This list is a historical document of our incredible European Tour:

16 April - Berlin, Germany (UNOFFICIAL SCREENING)
22 April - Leipzig, Germany (UNOFFICIAL SCREENING)
27 April - Vienna, Austria
30 April - Budapest, Hungary
2 May - Fabrica, Bucharest, Romania
6 May - Lambda Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
13 May - ODTÜ, Ankara, Turkey
15 May - Kaos GL, Ankara, Turkey
17 May - Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, İstanbul, Turkey
18 May - Empire Project Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
26 May - BFest, Athens, Greece
29 May - Cerkno, Slovenia
31 May - Social Center Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2 June - Zagreb, Croatia
3 June - Kino Udarnik, Maribor, Slovenia
7 June - MKSMC, Koper, Slovenia
10 June - Wien Bikekitchen, Vienna, Austria
12 June - Kapu, Linz, Austria
13 June - Styrian Sprint Shop, Graz, Austria
15 June - Cross Club, Prague, Czech Republic
17 to 19 June - GenderFuck festival, Tabor, Czech Republic
20 June - Galerie Skleněná Louka, Brno, Czech Republic
21 June - Bratislava Bikekitchen, Bratislava, Slovakia
22 June - Klub 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic
24 June - Cafe Miesna, Poznan, Poland
28 June to 3 July - Bike Punk Fest, Warsaw, Poland
5 July - Lenin Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland
7 July - King Kong Klub, Berlin, Germany
9 Berlin - Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany
14 July - Autonomes Zentrum, Cologne, Germany
15 July - Gangerviertel, Hamburg, Germany
16 July - Erbse, Kiel, Germany
21 July - Kontrapunkt, Malmo, Sweden
23 July - Bokkafe Velgo, Gothenburg, Sweden
25 July to 31 July - Queer Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
30 July - Kopi Squat, Berlin, Germany
3 August - Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5-6 August - DIY Bikefest, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
7 August - Passing Clouds, London, England
12 August - The Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol, England
14 August - Yard Theatre, Manchester, England
20-21 August - Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire, England
27 August - The Forest, Edinburgh, Scotland
28 August - Islington Mill, Manchester, England
30 August - Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, England
31 August - ReWorks, Cambridge, England
1 September - Colorama, London, England
2 September - The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, England
7 September - Andrea's house, Brussels, Belgium
8 September - Les Marmottes, Amiens, France
10 September - Nicolas Ehrhart Cycles &Le Houla Oups, Paris, France
16 September - Casablanca, Madrid, Spain
17 September - Patio Maravillas, Madrid, Spain
22 September - Teatro de los Manantiales, Valencia, Spain
24 September - My Beautiful Parking, Barcelona, Spain
27 September - Le Trou de Balle, Toulouse, France
29 September - Association le No, Marseilles, France
30 September - Un p'tit vélo dans la tête, Grenoble, France
1 October - Les Tanneries, Dijon, France
2-3 October - Tostaki, Lyon, France
5 October - Cinema Oblo, Lausanne, Switzerland
6 October - Csoa Gabrio, Turin, Italy
7 October - Cascina Torchiera, Milan, Italy
8 October - Sos Furnace, Milan, Italy photos
9 October - Mondrian Suite, Rome, Italy
11 October - Ciclofficina, Modena, Italy
12 October - Autonomer Beauty Salon, Zurich, Switzerland
14 October - Kafe Marat, Munich, Germany
27 October - Porn Film Fest Berlin separatist show

Click for a complete Bike Smut history...

This post is in sweet remembrance of jenny

November 23, 2011

Tip of the Cock Ma!

Miami is a lot of things to a lot of people.

- a place to evade/envision tan lines
- a show that features drug/gun/bad haircut trafficking

- a "bikini" runway for depressed midwesterners

But none of these topics scratch the surface of what is to come...

It's the only screening of DIY, erotic bicycle movies with the consequences of knowing your friends better and being able to hold your head higher saying, "fuck yea I know how to ride!"

Well suffice it to say Critical Mass, you have been warned and polo might be in play. When we are done Florida's junk might not be so limp that it dips into the Caribbean, we can get this penis-peninsula poking the depths of the Atlantic!

Miami Bike Smut

30 NE 14th St.
Doors at 9, show at 10
Post Critical Mass

Thanks to the Miami Bike Scene and Sweat Records!

November 22, 2011

Orlando on the Orgasm Trail


 No dice, Mickey.

18 months ago Bike Smut came to Orlando on a wing and a prayer, next thing we knew we were swept up in a all night dance party with more sexual diversity than a pile of queer ass folk stars/singers/songwriters

Wednesday Nov 23rd
1842 E. Winter Park rd
Evening time

lets do it like a pile of uh nevermind

November 20, 2011

Is Cocoa Loco for Porno?

We will see on Tuesday November 22nd.

Maybe a pre-thanksgiving chocolate turkey will come our way?

Tuesday, November 22
333 King Street
Cocoa, FL 32922
$5 suggested donation
doors at 8pm

November 18, 2011

Action Jackson

Last time we were in Jacksonville...

We are coming back. This Saturday night. Do you know where  your bike is?

Sat Nov 19th
Burro Bar
100 e. adams st
Jacksonville, Florida

College Denies Studs and Students

Last week we learned about how the administration of Warren Wilson College denied their students their rights to expression and assembly by preventing Bike Smut from being displayed in their common space.

Finally the story has broken out in their local media.
 the house was informed that bike porn does not “reflect community standards, and they didn’t want it attached to Warren Wilson’s name.”

So, how strongly do we have to protect people from sex? Is protecting students from the possibile danger of being exposed to a glimpse of something objectionable so important? then, for example other

As one savvy commenter noted:
Wilson just put themselves in the awkward position of endorsing everything else that goes uninterrupted

True dat.

Well, we can always turn back the clock to see what movies were being created when Dean of Students Deb Myers was in College...

November 17, 2011

Gorgia on my jock... er mind... er never mind...

Given the delightful plethora of sexy bikers about the Deep South, Bike Smut has been kicking back and taking account of its journeys. It wasnt long ago that the prospect of blanketing europe in our viscus lube seemed a laughable idea. Now that it has been accomplished we will try to keep things in perspective. A more through and hopefully pictorial trip down memory lane will be in order soon, but tonight we got hot bike sex to deliver!

we do have our doubts about how many miles she rides on this particular bike

Starting with a sweet micro house show TONIGHT in Athens, GA!
  • Peach Pit
  • 732 Pulaski
  • 10pm  (ish)
  • donations of shaking booties accepted

Friday we are in Savannah and Saturday in Jacksonville (reuniting with the Zombies)

image credit to The Epic Ride

November 16, 2011

get your adorable foible on!

If you think whipped cream and love-seats can make for awkward lovemaking then you can also imagine what trouble bikes can get us into...

sometimes liberation comes when you least expect it.

image credit to freestylee

Try to get some revolutions on today!

November 14, 2011

objectify fluid guys

Last time we checked in with the printing pretty pictures with dates of the week industry we found the hot and not very humid bikers of Bike Saviours in Tempe, AZ posing in a variety of exciting compromising positions.

Now we see that a handful of the sexy biker boys of our very own Portland, Oregon have stepped up to  keep people properly hydrated.

Read all about it:
Water is an $800,000,000,000 industry in this world, but who's getting left out? PedalFresh is a project started in Portland, Oregon. It works by raising funds through creative projects that involve Portland's bike community to build renewably powered water filtration systems for implementation in non-industrialized parts of the world. Decommodifiyng global water systems is of dire importance for community survival around this planet.
Ever since we got around to reading the most influential science fiction novel of all time we have been fascinated with the stuff of our bodies are made of and how we make them more dehydrated. But for anyone not paying attention to the state of commodities markets, oil is over, water is the next big thing. Lets keep it flowing the whole world over.

If you wanna support the impending moistness, by all means buy a calendar and if you are in PDX head down to their opening this wednesday evening!

November 13, 2011

Campus Security Denies Your Right to Naked Assembly part 2

When last we checked in with the folks at Asheville we learned that campus security likes to drive behind naked bikers. In this episode Bike Smut explains the principles of obscenity laws to said Warren Wilson College campus cops.

Thats right folks, obscenity is a community standard. It is more than your right, it is your obligation to learn and determine what you like and dont like. Dont let people who are not in your community define these things for you!

Savannah, Practice Safe BikeSex

Most US streets are not considered particularly comfortable for most animals.

In fact, they are't considered safe for people either! Only humans with a protective shell are thought to be safe. What a mindfuck that the only ways a person is considered safe are:

A) engaging in the activity that makes it unsafe for others to travel (driving)


B) staying at home, where danger lurks at every corner

How does the bikesexual community respond to this pandemic of danger? Is turnabout fair play? How about Hit and run? Fuck and run? Fuck and ride?

Just try and escape our sexy bikes

Friday Nov 18th
No Control (space)
108 e. 40th st
$5 (suggested donation)

We may not have all the answers, but if you are a vulnerable road user consider making yourself vulnerable to the in-transit hook-up.

November 11, 2011

Campus Security Denies Your Right to Naked Assembly part 1

Last night following an exciting Bike Smut house show on Warren Wilson College the attendees decided to head out on a naked ride...

November 10, 2011

It's all columns on 11/11/11

The Orgasm Trail heads to Athens, GA! 

Only a few months ago we were conquering the south of Europe in Athens, Greece and now we push down into the south of the USA to Athens, GA. 

Hope we can erect more columns in some budding bike-sexual's pants, tomorrow evening! 

Ben's Bikes
$8 donation w/ a raffle ticket and a cup for beer!

November 9, 2011

Appalachian Erotica

The Orgasm Trails continues south to the land where tall bikes went from amusingly tall to "OMG that might kill us all" Tall.

Located just outside Asheville, NC, Warren Wilson College is notable for more than just having insane tall bikes and pornographers being one of the few colleges in the United States that requires on-campus students to work for the institution in order to graduate. This can be done in a variety of ways. Consider "servicing" the community this Thursday night!

Thursday Nov 10th
Preston House
From Warren Wilson Road turn right at the Chapel on North

Pot Luck bring a dish to share
more details to follow

Story of Broke as(s) Fuck

Its not about bikes or sex, but riding a bike usually means saving money by spending less money to have fun.

Thank you annie leonard! Lets make a betting fucking democracy today!

November 8, 2011

Richmond For Pedal Revolution

During our brief stay in New York our team got to take in some Hardcourt Bike Polo, a show at our new friends at The Living Theater and a bit of THE REVOLUTIONWe loved swinging our mallets, our genitalia and meeting the people who might bring forth the political change that could produce a higher quality of life for the other 99%.

But for now we press on, for the Orgasm Trail is long and hard and must be ridden!

So tonight we recharge in Baltimore home to a variety of exciting debauched characters.

Tomorrow we press on to Richmond, VA, which besides hosting a variety of exciting moments in bikesexual history, was also a hotbed of revolutionary action:
"In 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his famous, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death", speech in St. John's Church in Richmond, crucial for deciding Virginia's participation in the First Continental Congress and setting the course for revolution and independence." - Historical nerd core info
Only tomorrow night, Its "Give me liberating, erotic, DIY movies of human-powered transportation or give me a pedal to the shin!"

Richmond, VA
304 Grace St
Doors @ 8:30
Show @ 9:15$3 Suggested Donation