October 28, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #5 Cypress Against Me

Exciting! We have managed to actually continue to present new interviews with our Bike Smut filmmakers! This might not be a big deal to some of you casual readers but our dedicated fans know we can be pretty challenged to maintain a coherent thought! So it is with great pride that we have actually been able to keep it up!

Our 5th interview comes from Gainesville, Florida. Where long time fans of Bike Smut had heard our challenge enough times. "Make a movie, or else we may not come back!" And so we are excited to let em know we are on our way south in your swampy lands.

Half the the filmmaking duo now lives in Boston, where we are showing The Porny Express on Tuesday, Oct 29th. Click here for the details

Do you have a back story? An introduction to who you are? Do you like flimmaking?  Why? Have you made movies before? What were they like? 
Cori:  I suppose our back-story is that we are a bunch of queer people who have lived in the Northern Florida town of Gainesville for ranges of 1 to 9 years each.  We are collectively radical queers, former room mates, former lovers, good friends, comrades, and circus freaks.  I (Cori) moved here on a Greyhound bus when I was 17 and haven't left since.  I'm not an experienced film-maker.  The only movies I've personally made include a short about a magic box of cereal, an epic disappearing-ninja duel, a re-cap of my cat's lesbian wedding ceremony and reception, and the story of a fictitious pregnant man.
Bill:   Prior to this, I had only made chemistry videos for my undergraduate university. So when I was approached by some friends to shoot this video, of course I had to say yes. It's not everyday a future high school chemistry teacher gets to make dirty little secrets her straight laced colleagues should never find out about.

What do you think about bikes? Sex?
Why did you shoot for Bike Smut? What you hope people will gain from watching your movie? 
Cori:  We love our bikes!  My bicycle and having the privilege of riding it (especially long distances) is like an emotional release for me.  I hit the trail for a good 30+ miles once a week.  Gainesville, FL claims to be bicycle friendly, and it's trails are ever-expanding.  We wanted our movie to highlight Florida ecology and the city of Gainesville.  We hope it will inspire folks to c'mon down to Florida and bike the beautiful Hawthorne Trail.  Oh, and by the way, the first look-out on that trail makes for some good sunset romance time.
Bill:  If you don't love bikes, you should probably just go home. I moved across the country and my bike came with me. We went from riding flat prairie trails to Boston's blue mountain hills and I would never give him up. We wanted to really show off how great our home state is and show the strong connection we have with the special ecosystem we grew up alongside. We hope people will be turned on by our video and inspired to make their own queer bike porn. I mean afterall, what's porn if you're not getting turned on in one way or another!

Tell us about your movie. Why did you make such an incredible ecosexual adventure?  How did you chose the music? How were the group dynamics? 
Cori:  My initial response to a push from my community to create a film for y'all was "Hey, why the heck not, it'll be fun".  I was so right.  The group that filmed together had nothing but love and brilliant ideas and laughter.  We shared a longer trek out into the woods than is evidenced on film, including a good half hour in the sweltering mosquito-laced heat without a good sense of direction, but we made it to the cypress in good spirits anyway.  The folks in that video are super incredible, talented people that I feel so fortunate to have been close to.  The filming itself involved a conscious element of consent that is inherent in our Gainesville community.  There was frequent checking-in and reflecting on personal comfort levels between all folks involved.  The music we chose is meant to create a transition between the hustle and bustle of city life and the calmness of hitting the trail to wander off on a swampy hike.  We wanted to share some swamp blues goodness with our audience.
Bill:  I think we couldn't have found a better group of people to work with. Everyone was friendly and relaxed and it was really a pressure free zone. I think we had way more fun than we could have anticipated and I feel so grateful to have been a part. What we should have done was filmed ourselves giving each other "tick" searches.. now that's some sexy eco time.

Tell us about the process. What was it like filming outside? How about being sexual in front of the camera? How did you find people to help you make this movie? What were the biggest challenges? What would you have done differently? What about being in that slow moving water? Some people have expressed concern for the players health. Would you like to address them?
Cori:  Filming outside was a challenge due to lighting limitations and time of day.  Our helpful friend Gabe (who is, by the way, a rockin' bike mechanic here in town) lent us a GoPro camera, which attached to our handlebars for some fun motion shots past the downtown utility plant and even caught an angry driver hassling us.  Finding people to film and be filmed was the least challenging aspect.  I'd say some of us were eager to be on or behind the camera.  Having sex on camera almost seemed more of a role than a reality for me.  Though I can't speak for the entire group, I liked that there was more of a playful aspect to our sexuality that day than there might be in private.  In retrospect, I would have liked to get more actual climax shots and possibly more shots of the Hawthorne Trail and wildlife around it.  And of course a higher-res filming device.  As for the slow-moving water scene, we thank the audience for their concerns.  The actor took full responsibility for wanting to film that particular shot and as far as I am aware suffered no ailments in consequence.  The scene itself was shot quickly and I'm under the impression that it wasn't the first time the actor had immersed themselves in swampy waters.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that doing so aroused the actor.
Bill: The process came pretty smoothly. As the "director" or camera person or whatever I was doing, it became easy to talk to the actors and try to make them feel comfortable ignoring the camera because everyone was just enjoying themselves so much. I would have to say we all were co-directing it together. We all had ideas of what we wanted to do, and it surprisingly was just very fluid. The actors had ideas of what they wanted to do, and so it made it easy to contribute advice to them on how it was coming off behind the lens (no pun intended). All I can hope is that I got good enough shots for the film and Cori did a great job editing them together and making me look like I knew what I was doing. I'm certainly a novice film maker, but I'm extremely proud of what we put together in such a short time.

What would you say to people who do not think this qualifies as porn?
Tell us a story about your community leaning about obscenity and how your community has changed.
Cori:  I'd say that they were welcome to hold that judgement as their own and that their judgement doesn't invalidate the project itself.  I'm not sure I've witnessed a radical change in my community's views on what is obscene.  I have memories dating back 9 years of watching porn with my friends during weekly "porn & pancakes* parties, hosting nude parties and nude beer-toss events.  I've noted just as many sex-positive comrades as I have naysayers through those years.  More recently, a man in town has been dancing around in hot-pants and skin-tight clothing on the corners of busy intersections and I hear onlookers and classmates claiming that even these actions are "obscene".  The outward showcase of our sex or sexuality will of course always differ from the private display of those aspects of a person, and I am incredibly thankful for those people who add to the de-shaming of sexuality by sharing their bodies and sexual experiences with us through live events and the media.  I'm also thankful to now be a contributor to that idea.
Bill: What Cori said.
Would you like to shoot for Bike Smut again? What would you tell other potential filmmakers?
Cori:  Yes!  I would love to do another film.  I'd advise other film makers to partner with people they love and respect, set boundaries and expectations early on, and give themselves lots and lots and lots of filming time to allow for the addition of last-minute concepts.
Bill: Absolutely. I think having a respectful connection with everyone you work with is important, and to just go and have fun with it. You'd be really surprised at what you can come up with and the wonderful art you can create from such a great organization inspiring you to do such a thing. I was approached by my friends having not a clue what Bike Smut was, and I have no regrets in saying yes to participating in this film.
Thanks for having us!
- Cori & Bill Nylateher


WHEW! Well I cant say much more than we are THRILLED to share your video! It comes off as gritty, raw and absofuckinglutely genuine. The kind of honest expression of joy and liberation of your body that really encourages the audience to think, "They are enjoying themselves and having so much fun filming it! I can do that too!" which might be the highest compliment we can afford to give a filmmaker without playing favorites. 

Moreover its so neat having an Ecosexual porn in the program! Annie Sprinkle would be so proud. As we have frequently quoted her it's important to see the Earth as a lover rather than our mother. In this way we might achieve some balance in our planet just as we would expect to have equality with our lovers.

Pretty smart fucking lady, that Annie Sprinkle.

Cori & Bill, we hope you will make another for us soon!

October 22, 2013

Getting a little hot under the Collar City

For the first time ever Bike Smut visits Troy, NY! AKA Collar City due to all the shirts made there. We think we will leave some hella awesome stains all over this collar...  

So come out and get a little seedy in the C.D! (aka Capitol District)

Thursday, October 24 "Undisclosed BikeSmut Venue" for info contact Guy.dammit@gmail.com 8pm $5 - 10, no one turned away 18 or older Potluck beforehand
FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428465000709707
Troy claims to be the historical home of Uncle Sam (guess even fictitious people gotta have a home)
See how he gleams!
uncle sam, as he appeared in Transformers 4: Patriot Action

Bike Smut has used Uncle Sam to make a point about fucking bikes before. Golly its been a long time since we pulled this particular image out of this rabbit's arse.

Boston Hops on the Porny Express

We are packing in the posts now! This could be a 4 post day. A new all time record for BikeSmut!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Tuesday, Oct 29th
389 Congress Street, 7th Floor
FB event: 

our organizers also helped out with Boston's Naked Bike Ride so be ready for nudity or just loads of smiles

photo credit to Alyssa Stone 

October 21, 2013

The Porny Express in Brooklyn

"If you can do it in New York you can do it anywhere."

By that logic for the past 6 years we have been able to fuck bikes anywhere! SWEET!

The day after Halloween you are invited to put on a costume, watch some amazing bicycle pornography and dance the night away with other sexy NY bikers.

We are so fucking excited to be back in the states we are practically jumping out of our cockpits! Moreover its exciting to be celebrating Halloween in New York where people know where getting rad and looking good go together like cycles and crotches. Make your saddle genie grant you the wish of better sex and transportation! (and while your at it, ask for a sweet, rideable/danceable costume!

Friday, November 1st
Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave,
Adults only
with costumed dance party to follow
FB Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/157113071165186/

photo credit to
and we think  

The Porny Express in... BERLIN?!?

Damn right! The Porny Express is moving fast! So fast we are gonna have screenings in multiple hemispheres the same week! This hasn't happened since we played in Australia almost two weeks ago!

Porn Film Fest Berlin

Kottbusser Damm 22


This show is hosted by our own Spokeslut, Poppy Cox!

 Get your tickets soon, last year was sold out and over capacity!

October 17, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #4 Brazen Saddles

Every week (or sometimes 3 times per week...) we present a new interview with someone who decided, "I want to make a bike porn and share it with Bike Smut!"

Our 4th interview is also our 3rd (and final, for now) interview with a Montreal based artist. Extra exciting because tonight is also the world premiere of this movie!

Do you have a back story?:

SKYLAR: You mean besides being really into bikes and sex and the blurring of those lines?

An introduction to who you are:
Julia is a recent journalism graduate with plenty of video experience under her belt, though this is the first piece of fiction she's ever done. She's quite capable of working a DSLR one handed while riding a bike.

Skylar was a philosophy and sexuality studies student, who put that to use by being a bike messenger for a while (lots of time to think and lots of ass-on-saddle time). The last video Skylar made before this was a chalkboard stop-motion animation when he was 9.

We're also partners, both really into bikes, sex, and the sexiness of bikes and people on them.

Do you like filmmaking?  Why?:

SKYLAR: Yes! Although there have been many long and stressful nights in this process, seeing ideas represented and creating something feels great.

JULIA: I work with other people’s films on a daily basis as a so having my own ideas being worked on feels great. Also having a wonderful group of people who believe in the project we created is very rewarding.

SKYLAR: I think the best part of making this film was really the process itself. When we first started reaching out to people, I think we said, "the most important thing we're doing here is having fun". And it totally was, from huddling under blankets in insane Montreal weather to sexy folk riding bikes in sexy outfits around town, to sitting down at the end of the day with beers and food and just hanging out.

Have you made movies before? What were they like?

JULIA: Never fiction! Julia has done lots of mini docs and music videos.

Why do you make the movies you do?

JULIA: We made Brazen Saddles because we wanted to make an erotic film in Montréal, exploring issues we think are important, such as representation of women in bike culture and consent.

How you came to shoot for Bike Smut and what you hope people will gain from watching your movie?:

SKYLAR: We went to Bike Smut last year in Montreal and loved it. One thing we noticed though was the quality of a lot of the films. We don't mean content, even one of the ones done in one take on what seemed to be an iPhone was sexy as hell. We asked, "Why isn't there much alternative porn with higher production quality?" That got into a long conversation on viewership, the economy of porn, the means of production, access to porn (paid vs. free), etc.  Somewhere in that process we finally realized what we had available to us: a couple DSLR cameras and people who know how to use them, a cargo bike + trailer to haul gear, friends with lighting equipment or access to equipment, friends with shops or connections to bike shops, and of course, friends interested in getting naked. All of a sudden it was just as simple as, "Let's do it."

As for what we want people to gain from watching it… Maybe some increased blood flow, a little sweat, some heart racing? We're definitely a little nervous because we aimed so high with what we wanted from the film, probably higher than what time realistically permitted (and the time that was totally volunteered by the other 20 or so people involved). I think aside from being turned on, we really hope people appreciate the sex scene. The whole film was scripted except for this, and that was intentional. We wanted to film something very real, not contrived or planned. We think we got this, and it's pretty fucking sexy.

Tell us about your movie:

SKYLAR: It takes place in a small quiet town, where everything is relatively peaceful and orderly, largely thanks to the kind, helpful, and law-enforcing town Sheriff. Everything would be great in this orderly world if it wasn't for the ruckus girl-gang, Lola and the Alleycats, who make mischief and disregard all the rules of the road to ride fast and hard. One day, the Sheriff has enough of the Alleycats teasing and blatant disregard for the law and takes chase. Without giving much more away, let's just say chasing some sexy riders with asses in the air who playfully taunt and tease you while you sweat it out might get some a little hot.

Tell us about the process:

JULIA: We really wanted everyone involved to be part of it, especially the actors. We wrote the script and then had a session where we talked about porn, bikes, femininity and bikes, women and bikes, bikes and gender, and also about the actors’ roles within the script. Especially for the main characters, we let them build their identities as they felt it. We didn’t write it in that the Sheriff would wear pink, for example. That was something that the actor wanted and that collaboration was something we really enjoyed.

Who wrote it?:
We did.

What was it like filming outside?:

SKYLAR: Terrible. We had a very tight schedule, since coordinating over a dozen people to dedicate a whole day (multiple days really) to shooting is not easy. The first day of shooting we had 9 hours of shooting planned. It was April 20th, and on that day it went from 70F/21C, partially cloudy, and gorgeous, 34F/1C with hail, to sun, to rain, to sun, to snow, to sun, to heavy winds that ruined any audio recording. It was ridiculous, because we were concerned with "continuity" on screen, but reality didn't even have continuity.

We of course also got one asshole cat-calling some of our actresses in the middle of a shot, who wouldn't leave even when a dozen people were yelling at him to get out. Though, humorously, he did end up yelling "Whatever, you're probably making some gay porno anyways", and we yelled back "Yes! We are actually!"

How did you find people to help you make this movie?

SKYLAR: Through journalism school, sexuality studies, and messenger life, we seemed to have a pretty strong network already. We did a couple call-outs though, and the response was very positive. We've actually got a few people already who contacted us interested in getting involved in another one.

What about shooting on location?

JULIA: When we had people in skimpy clothing ride bikes and pretend it wasn’t a cold, snowy Montreal April day by the Lachine canal, it was a bit of a challenge. After that, everything seemed easy.

In the bike shop?

JULIA: We got the full support from a local bike co-op, Right to Move, who not only gave us permission to shoot in their space, but also generously contributed to the fund that went to feed the actors and crew. Shooting in their space was awesome!

What were the biggest challenges?

SKYLAR: The biggest challenge hands down had to be coordination of a crew this big. We ended up losing shooting time because too much time passed before we could get everyone together again. Tattoos were gotten, hair changed, bikes changed, the trees filled in with leaves, the sun was setting in a different part of the sky, there was no way we could do it without it being obvious. This is also the challenge of so much of the film being outdoors. It'd be different if we were paying people, cause then we can be more adamant about production needs like availabilities and such, but it was all volunteer. As is, most people involved put in 20+ hours into the making of this film.

What would you have done differently?

SKYLAR: If we do it again, we'll work with a much smaller cast and probably find an indoor set.

What about the sex?

JULIA: When we were about to shoot the sex scene, the actors requested everyone from the crew to take off their pants! And if that was to make them more comfortable, it definitely worked. We were thrilled with the results, and it really comes through how much they are into it.

What would you say to people who do not think this qualifies as porn?

SKYLAR:Well, what qualifies as "porn", or "erotica" or just "sexual imagery" or whatever rating boards use? We don't really care too much about whether or not this "qualifies as porn", we just hope people find it sexy, that there's a comfortableness in this sexiness, and that it's apparent our actresses and crew were having fun.

Tell us a story about your community learning about obscenity and how your community has changed.

JULIA: It’s interesting you ask that. In our little sex-positive, university-educated, radical politics bubble we don’t think anything we did with our film is obscene in any way. Personally, I prefer to call our film “erotica”, which is artistic work “that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter” (thanks Wiki), while “obscenity” is defined by U.S. Law as material that can be considered by the average person “of prurient interests”. And prurient has also a relative meaning, “having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters.” So does our film have prurient interests? I don’t think so. I don’t think there is and “excessive” interest in sexual matters. But that’s beside the point.

Our partnership with the community in Montreal was essential for Brazen Saddles to happen. We filmed in two bike shops, one of them a co-op, we borrowed equipment from a community TV station, from bike community people, friends and acquaintances. I’m not sure the community has changed in a significant way, but I know that conversations over what is “pornographic” have been sparked, as well as what is the role of a community in supporting sex-positivity.

Would you like to shoot for Bike Smut again? What would you tell other potential filmmakers?

JULIA: We would love to! I’d tell other potential filmmakers to get in touch and talk about their plans. I know it definitely helped us, and it’d be great to have open lines of communication with Bike Smut content creators.

- 30 -

Thank you Julia, Skylar and the entire cast, crew and supporters of Brazen Saddles! We are thrilled to present the world premiere of your film tonight in Montreal!

October 16, 2013

Riding Across Your Border

Soon we return to the good old (possibly even not bankrupt) United States. One country down, two more to go and this northern half of the hemisphere is done! (Assuming you don't count the other 20 countries in North America... Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is that a fucking band?  Oh actually, it is)

We have more smiles, joy, oral health pamphlets and porn to deliver as The Porny Express rides on!

No use crying

Burlington, Vermont
Monday, October 21st
Arts Riot
400 Pine St
Adults Only

Sponsored by RU12? ("Are You One Too?" for the tracially unhip) Testing, Educating and Celebrating sexuality with all of Vermont! photo credit

October 12, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #3 - The Hot, The Bold The Foxy

Its time for another Filmmaker Focus! This week we hear form Mayssan, a Lebanese woman who loves her bicycle, movies and encouraging mirth in Montreal.

I wasn't actively planning on doing a smut for this year until a week before I shot the movie. I heard that Julia and Skylar were making a movie for Bike Smut and looking for actors/resses, I was real down for that. "A western? Wow! That's the theme? I love westerns!" I have wanting to make one for years, and a little voice in my head has been saying: "You can't make a western without a horse!"

This came like a dream! the bicycle would replace the horse in a romantic, yet realistic way! I damned myself for not thinking about it by myself and set my mind on doing a smutty western. It was two weeks before the deadline. I specially like spaghetti westerns, what i like about them is that
they are over stylized and aware of it, yet they remain raw and grungy. My first instinct was to do the Good the Bad and the Ugly, the dual scene, for purely stylistic reasons... but before I decided on that idea I thought about parodying another Leone western :  For a Fistful of Dildos (the last scene again). The good, the bad and the ugly just kind came together faster so I went for it. But I swore to do the sequel. The costumes all come from my wardrobe, except for the hats. Hence the disco theme (I am a DiscoBoy). We thought that disco and spaghetti would go well together
. The whip is my personal whip i used when I trained horseback riding back in Lebanon and i made the flogger out of inner tubes of course.

I wasn't yet decided on which one of the westerns to make when i started talking to Francis about wanting to make a smut. Francis was super excited and wanted to help. We brainstormed. They say, "My friend Simon from Germany is coming into town next week, you should meet him"…"he's a videographer" "does he have a camera?" "yes" "would you let him shoot?" "yes"

I stormed back home, this is my opportunity, I can't let it slip, I feel it the ideas starting to form inside my chest… the actress, the camera… my head turns, I need a location… my phone rings, it's Jamie. Jamie is the only other person that I know that would be up to anything, anytime for the fun or the art of it. She has a voice lesson in Toronto, she says she thought she'd take the opportunity to come visit me in Montreal (8 hours away, go figure!), would that be a good time? if you wanna be in a smut it would! Sure!
The next couple of days I spent riding, visualizing a movie in my head. I am looking for sand and horizon.
At home Marguarita who's heard me ask about a location at Right to Move, a community bike shop, writes to tell me that next to her house in Laval is some vacant land, with sand! Did I hear Sand? There are pictures, with real sand... Simon gets from the plane to the park, and a pleasure to meet him, conversation flows until we are both exhausted and over-laughed. This is gonna be a blast!

With Jamie and Simon, we go to the park the next day, and try out some shots. I make out with my bike, hmmm! How sexy it is close to my body. I let my bike top me, it lays there on top of me, cold, dirty. I am horny, it makes me laugh!

On the day of the shooting, we were first to arrive at the location…. But not so long after, 6 kids aged around 12 came armed with guns and paint come to their usual spot. They suspect from our costumes that we are getting smutty and hang around. Getting the kids to leave the set was the most challenging part of making the film. They sure cleared the area but kept sneaking as much as they could to the action, while firing guns and yelling dirty things
Kieran is sure that the story of the smut will live on forever in a town like Laval, that these kids will proudly tell their grandsons who in turn would tell it to their grandsons, the legacy of the proud smut witnesses.

We liked this idea and sang a song as we walked out of the woods, the song goes like this "ta ta ttata ta ta making porn in Canadian forest in what i do in my free time… ta tat a tata ta…
When people tell me it is not porn, i say it is true it is not.. and I ain't proud of that or anything… It just isn't a porn yet for me. It's a tease, it's hot, it's bike-centric but it doesn't turn you on the way a porn does. It's an intro to a porn. it needs a sequel to be porn. 

Making this smut changed my life in many ways. I am a filmmaker and I love sexuality but i had never put the two together, despite thinking about it. Now it seems like a priority for me, I see the need for it and I want to do as many smutty film as often and as possible. Bike-centric or not…

Flood the net with conscious porn. Get smart people into porn. I owe this to Bike Smut…. and the funnest week of my spring.

I tell anyone who thinks they wanna make a smut to go ahead and do it. I wanna see it.

Many things I would have done differently. 
I am really annoyed that Jamie didn't show her tits, she would have, we just shot her once and didn't get to shoot her again. There was a lot of things missing.

I would have made it one song shorter too, and/or would have thought a funnier or sexier twist at the end. 
But it's made... and that's what counts.


Whoa! Thanks Mayssan! This was so delightful. Thanks for sharing your voice, body and ideas. They are all quite fabulous. We couldn't agree more, encouraging everyone to make their own conscious pornography would do a lot to changing the way we think and deal with sex.

Own your own sex! Own your own transportation!

This isnt over! we still have one more rad Montreal bikesexual filmmaker that we will hear from Thursday, Oct 17th! Get ready!!

October 9, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #2 - Vulvaline

We continue our weekly series where you the content starved bikesexuals get to learn a little more about the people who turn you on to getting off... on bikes!


This 2nd Filmmaker Focus highlights a brilliant bit of bikesexual/automotive/transpirational tonge-in-cheeky action. The kind that pulls you in and brings your attention to a peak then delivers the big "HEYO!" at the end. Its one of THREE from Montreal this year, the most movies we have ever received from a single city in one program. It is also directed by a woman, although that is hardly a rarity for Bike Smut. 7 of the 12 movies are directed by women compared to only 4 by men (and there is a little queerness about some of the directors' gender so it might be closer to 5 or 6 women, 2 or 3 men with 6 films by queer filmmakers/multi-gendered collaborations)

But why listen to us prattle when you can hear direct from Marie-Ève Laroche, of Montreal, Quebec.

This is the little story of Vulvaline... 
I made the movie Vulvaline because my boyfriend went to your presentation in Montréal last year and when he came back, he told me that it was the best evening of his life. At the same place he saw sexual movie, bike performance, he ate grill-cheese and he drank lot of cheap beer, four thing that my lover can kill to have! 
He was so impress about your festival that he spend the last year trying to convince me to make our personal movie. He wanted us to go downhilling naked with just a fullface helmet and having outside sex after the ride. All this while being filmed! I was not very open to his idea, I am video journalist and usually when I produce a video, it's for more serious subject!  
But is stubbornness had made a trail in my mind and one night that I could not sleep, I found the idea for my movie. It's inspired by a friend who described us little bit too much about the juice of his fuckfriend. He told us, that she produce so much that he can market it for old dry women. 

My boyfriend is a bike shop owner and he told so many customers about the festival, that it was not difficult to find a beautiful girl willing to play in my movie. Maria (the actress) was very motivate and we made the movie in one day last spring. I borrowed all the equipment at my job and William my colleague helped me for the filming and editing. He was very professionnel because I don't know many guys who can stay concentrated when filming a girl cuming. 

I love my bike! It's the reason how I met my boyfriend. I using it every day, twelve month by year and this is why I made a movie about Love bike. I know it's a very soft film for your festival but I hope you will appreciate! 

 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express in Montreal
Thursday, October 17th!
Cafe Cleopatra
1230 St. Laurent 

October 8, 2013

Do it with your mouth

The Porny Express has arrived in Canada

and tonight we are back on a Canadian radio!

Sex City is a program on CIUT in Toronto. We will be talking about Bike Smut, our shows in Toronto and Montreal, the politics of sex, cycling and distribution!

Listen in at 10pm Eastern Standard Time

Also, we were just on Bike Talk radio show last week:
Listen to it:  http://archive.kpfk.org/m3u.php?mp3fil=17896
Download it: http://archive.kpfk.org/mp3/kpfk_131005_112000biketalk.mp3

Its radio! Ya know. you can uh... "put it in your mouth"

or your ear? You should probably put it in your ear!

UPDATE: did ya miss it? listen to it online right now 

October 7, 2013

Sex, Drugs and Bikes that Roll - Toronto on The PornyExpress!

The Porny Express keeps rolling!

After an extended visit in Chicago (with a side trip to Indiana for the first time ever!) Bike Smut made use of the tracks and plopped down in Buffalo for a day in time to witness the handmade bike trailer shear off near the chainstays. So that was exciting. Thankfully we happened to be visiting another Bike Wizard who just happened to be in the process of setting up a metal shop.

So 10 beers and one pizza later the trailer had a few extra ounces of steel to reinforce. You want to talk about confidence? Immediately afterward it went 144 Kilometers from Buffalo to Hamilton, ON through wind, ruts, train tracks, confusing directions and insane drivers without any trouble.

Now its parked in the questionable safety of our Toronto Bike Smut HQ.

Perhaps if there is demand we will bring it out to the show this Thursday for you to marvel upon. Where are the mutant, cargo bike freaks? This is your chance to see what the best minds in Portland/Minneapolis/Buffalo can manifest!

Either way you should watch inspiring pornography. 

For the 2nd time ever The Porny Express crosses international boundaries to provide a dozen artists' visions about what is great about sex and cycling. (hint: not everyone feels the same about it!)

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Thursday 10/10 (is that October 10th or is it the 10th of October? IT DOESNOTFUCKINGMATTER)
CineCycle129 Spadina Ave (in the old coach house down the lane)
doors at 7:45, screening at 8:15 

Not available on DVD or online. 
This is the only time you will get to see The Porny Express in Toronto!

October 4, 2013

Australian Premiere!

Did you know Bike Smut is a global phenomenon?

Damn right we are. In fact we are going all the way Down Under!

Thanks to our new friends in Australia the sun never sets on our beautiful bicycle booty. With a sexy bike wash, free vegan food,  DIY sex toy demonstrations, bike maintenance workshops, bikesexual spoken word performances and a screening of our most graphic program ever it is gonna be one night night! If you are in the southeastern quarter-sphere we insist you check out Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx in Sydney!

The Austrailian Premiere of Bike Smut
Sunday, October 13th
6 Faversham StMarrickville,  
Entry: $15/$20

Full BIKESEXUAL schedule now up. Check out all the rad shit that's happening! 

4.30pm: Doors open

4.30-8.30pm: BIKESEXUAL PHOTO EXHIBITION: Take a peek! Submit pics of you and your sexy two-wheeled companion to: pervfilmfestival@yahoo.com.au. Photos can be as racy or as tame as you like. Photos due Friday 11th October.

4.45pm - 5.45pm: SEXY BIKE WASH open. Treat your pedal-powered conveyance to a sexy rubdown from one of our bike wash hotties.

5 -5.15pm: MISS YASMIN will demonstrate some of the basics of making your own sexy implements from bits and bobs and bike parts. You will then be able to pop into the kinky craft room upstairs and make something for yourself with the assistance of Miss Yasmin and her helpers (all equipment and necessary tools supplied).


5.45-6pm: HOW TO LOVE YOUR BIKE 101: Griffen will demonstrate the basics of bike care and maintenance. TLC baby!

6.30-6.45pm: HOLLY ZWALF will be performing some smutty bicycle related spoken word.

6.45-7pm: Vegan supper will be served (included in price of admission)

7-8.20pm: SHORT FILM PROGRAM: Bike Smut 6 - A selection of bicycle themed short films to make you as hot and bothered as a long ride in the blistering sun. Bike Smut is a US-based touring film festival of radical pleasure. This is a collection of films made by cyclist, queers and/or perverts to promote human-powered transportation and sex-positive culture. The program boasts films from 7 different European cities and films from two Feminist Porn Award winning pornographers including Courtney Trouble's delightful 'Ride and Kiss'.