November 22, 2013

Tennessee on The Porny Express!

A couple years back we got to play Memphis for the first time. And what a time it was!

Lanky, pasty-white, gimp-styled fetisishist being hauled around on a massive flatbed bike trailer sounds system being whipped by various participants was more than we had expected! Shouts of joy and delight rang out again and again, and the show had not yet even started!

We had so much fun in Memphis we vowed to return. We wondered why Nashville was so difficult. Two years later we are coming back to Memphis but we are doing more than that. For the first time ever we are hitting Nashville AND Knoxville!

So without any further postponement here is the current triad of radical Tennessee venues:

Sunday, Nov 24
The Birdhouse - 800 N 4th Ave
8pm, $5-10 no one turned away for lack of funds
adults only
FB invite:

Sunday, Dec 1
Boheme Collectif - 919 gallatin ave
8pm, $5-10 suggested donation
adults only
FB invite:

Friday, Dec 6
Five In One aka VINI - 2435 Broad Ave
9pm, $10
FB invite:
Get advance tickets now!

Who knows maybe another will be added along the way?

November 17, 2013

Asheville on The Porny Express

Whats got mountin hippies salivating?

A potluck and Asheville's only screening of The Porny Express!

We have seen some pretty amazing foodstuffs at our shows before. Penis and vulva shaped pastries from housing coop-ians, handmade ice cream via radical faeries, and loads of gooey frosting in Baltimore... But what delectable will gather this Saturday in Asheville? Our gastronomical clock ticks in sweet anticipation!

Saturday Nov 23rd
The Waterwheel
365 Lytle Cove Rd
8pm, potluck at 7pm
adults only

feel the ride

November 13, 2013

Bike Smut: Rarely in Raleigh

We have had a few great adventures in the Carolinas but for sure there are challenges. It took an impressive effort to find a place willing to get a little freaky in the Capitol city of NC. But now we have it all figured out and we are bringing some amazing art to this smart (in 2011 TIME ranked it 3rd in the nation in education) but stiff city.

Come show us your hard wood in the City of Oaks!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express in Raleigh
Sunday Nov 17th
Pitch Media Gallery
14 B Glenwood Ave

in cycling its not use it or loose it... its more like use it or use it even more cause this is not something you are gonna be able to give up easy.

photo by Jack Dawes

November 12, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #6 Power Up

Today, a special treat. The creators of of one of Bike Smut's most mind bending films share their thoughts about sex, cycling and politics in film. Usually we have a sort of interview process to get the most from our filmmakers but in this case we are basically forced to reprint their words exactly as we received them. Standby for delightful head scratching fun in 3, 2, 1 

POWER UP – Starlow Prud.

We are ready to meet feminist people around the world. This is why we produce erotic films. The characters in our videos are not only lovers, they are becoming together immediately political.

Mario (human): Horses are extremely rare in my world.

Monix (bike) : Unlike me. I am totally missing in your world.

Banco (ATM) : It is not true, you are the star of Porny Express.

We took 91% of time looking for names, definitions, grammatical rules and its political damage. Monix is not a bike.

Gode : dildo in french. It is a DIY Porn Tool.

DIY Porn Tool : gode, spontaneity, chosen restraints, détournement, bouche à oreille, learning by doing and collaborative process avec les moyens dubord.

Warning ! The limit of this methodology is to be out of the random.

We heard about the Bike Smut open call in a feminist porn festival in France. This news turned us so on, that we began the project as soon as we came back in Geneva. We were so absorbed in our DIY biko-banco-porno production, that we forgot to look for the title of the open call. We discovered the Porny Express topic only when we were working on the postproduction. We are proud to be far away from the reality of things. We are proud to be Starlow.

Thanks for the crazy interview to go along with the crazy film, although this was more of a manifesto, than an interview. But who are we to define any medium? Why try to be so deterministic in our media and the manners by which we engage them? Really, shouldn't we all search for our own "Gode" at our own pace?

Either way we expect more to be encouraged to create and share their own ideas about their bikesexual freedom soon!

November 11, 2013

Richmond on the Porny Express

Back in the saddle!

we are heading down and around the south! (technically I think we have been south of the Mason-Dixon line for a few days but this is more proper south.

Its a lot of extra miles but maybe you can help us connect some more dots!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express - RICHMOND, VA
Thursday, Nov 14
Movie Loft
just east of 3rd and Grace

November 6, 2013

DC on The Porny Express

Finally! Its taken 100s of emails and more than a few brutal bike tube flogger whuppins but we finally got a show in DC!

The nation's Capitol is going to be en fuego this Sunday!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Sunday, Nov 10
The Rocketship
1223 Decatur St NW
830 pm 
$5-10, no one turned away for lack of funds
FB Event



Thanks to Andy Singer

November 4, 2013

Baltimore on the Porny Express

"Get In On It" that's what the slogan of Baltimore was just a couple years back. Like the former mayor we are left wondering the same questions regardless.

"On what? ... In what? Are you coming on to me Baltimore?!?"

"Because I think I am okay with that!" 

I hope you are, but you shouldn't just be faking it. We expect this city to live up to its epic reputation.

If buying a car in Charm City can be this exciting and degrading what can you do for bikes?!?

If you answered, "add porn" then you are on the right path.

Friday, November 8th
The Parlor
800 St. Paul St
$8 suggested donation
Adults Only

BTW we think the current slogan, "Believe, is great although we wonder if they really are willing to test their faith...

November 3, 2013

Finally, Philly on The PornyExpress!

We've rode from Minneapolis to Montreal and now we are heading to Mexico!

Is your map out of date? We thought we were so reFresh

The population density is impressing upon our MMM Bikes tour.

Still we are pressing down. Down south and also down on the new hardware! A shiny new neck, a (rather dull) fork and colorful bags!

In the middle of cutting the fork we pondered how history would judge our culturally enforced genital mutilation of children.

We were able to get an updated fit on Duff #5 who is now outfitted with a tall angled neck, front rack and bags! It took a while to dial it all in but with kind-felt patience and genuine excitement for rolling bikesexual adventure. We also are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Bike Wizard family,  Bicycle Roots co-owner Nachama, who with deft tool manipulation shared the secrets of the star fangled nut driver.

But don't try to get between her and her crown race remover!

Also we are excited about the response Bike Smut in Brooklyn, New York. No, they didn't get down the way Boston did but they did express a great deal of happiness and a zeal for the lols. They were challenged to present more better heckling and they delivered!

"They are spoken for"
"Don't worry, they are fixed"

But the winner for the best heckle of the night came right after a startlingly abrupt transition between scenes. The audience was caught off-guard, then we all heard someone yell,  

"Hey i'ts about bikes, not Segways"

sweet rapture.

But no volume of jaded hipsterizm could outlast the drive of self-empowered legs, a badass venue and good, cheap pizza in the hood. There are strange wages to living in a massive city of perpetual excitement.

PHEW! Thanks NY! Now we head south... er southwest? Philadelphia was being so coy, we thought we were gonna have to bail on her. But the city of brotherly love is ready to get down and dirty (ya know in a mature kind of childish way... with homo)

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Turner Dome
181 Turner St  -  19122
Wednesday, Nov 6 

Come get Phillthy with us!