December 29, 2012

Bikesexual Confessions in Austin, TX

This Saturday Bike Smut returns to U.S. soil. 


The filthy bikefuckers of Austin Fucking Texas will get their opportunity to not only witness the worlds most explicit program of erotic bicycle movies (only a few of which can be seen online) but also they will CONFESS!

Thanks to our friends Bed Post Confessions and Austin´s natural tendency to drink we expect a lively set of expressions from the performers and the audience. These are heartfelt expressions of love and loss via, with or otherwise pertaining to, bikes!

But before we get to the movies and performances the upencoming homofab groups The Queer Ride And Team ProHomo are hosting a bike porn collage workshop at the same space along with oter

Come by and get your hands dirty, literally deconstructing bicycle and porno magazines into your own vision!

Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX
Saturday, January 5th
29th Street Ballroom at Spiderhouse
2906 Fruth Street
7 pm

Bike Porn Collage Workshop and Photobooth
same place
$6 - includes FREE entry to screening at 7pm

You are invited to Put yr FACE in our Crack

December 26, 2012

Jesus yr old!

Y ahora, mi amigo Jesus esta un poco mas viejo.
Mas Fiesta en District Federal! Sabado!

mas informactions pronto!

December 18, 2012

XXXMas Fiesta en OaXXXaca

Paseo de Porno!

MIÉRCOLES 26 dic, 2012 
Hidalgo 302, Central Historical

Se presentará por primera vez en Oaxaca "Bike Smut".
¡Libertad de transporte y libertad sexual!
¿Eres bici sexual?
¿Crees que una mejor manera de transportarse y mejor sexo son la llave para una mayor calidad de vida?
¿Tal vez piensas que la bici es sexy o que te sientes muy bien cuando andas en ella?
Bike Smut es el tour de un festival internacional de cine que celebra el transporte impulsado por energía humana y una cultura positiva del sexo.
La única manera de ver a Bike Smut es cuando se presenta en un teatro/cine, taller de bicicletas o en un sótano para una audiencia en vivo.
No hay DVD's a la venta y no hay proyecciones en medios. Esto es un reto para Bike Smut pero es la única manera de asegurar la privacidad.
Después de más de 1,000 proyecciones Bike Smut no ha tenido fugas. Mantienen la privacidad de los realizadores tan segura como ellos
Bike Smut es una experiencia compartida.
Normalmente vemos porno solos en los lugares más íntimos de nuestra casa (o para algunos, en el trabajo) rara vez hablamos de ello.
Bike Smut hace un llamado a una mayor honestidad en nuestra sexualidad. El sexo sucede. Podemos ignorarlo o aceptarlo.
¡Ver Bike Smut en un entorno social fomenta hablar de sexo, género y otros temas considerados tabú!
Bike Smut es cívico. Las políticas actuales están diseñadas para
reprimir la expresión sexual y la elección del transporte.
Bike Smut desafía esa tendencia mostrando la calidad de la expresión creativa y la cantidad de diversión inherente tanto al ciclismo y al sexo.
Ambas actividades (ciclismo y sexo) son elementos importante para un estilo de vida saludable y una agradable calidad de vida.

  Felix Fuckin Navidad...Merry Humpin Xmas   

gringo bici humor

As much as we want to belive in a snow angel appearing in every tamale we ingest, we are quite thrilled to not be wearing pants, thanks.

Hey! You think my spanglish is funny? That ainçt cochillo, meng..

Fozzy Bear would always be talking about how awesome Oaxaca is... in fact he ended nearly every single line he ever said by repeating his love for this beautiful Mexican state not once, not twice, BUT ALWAYS THREE TIMES!

Clearly this is a place of dreams.

Don´t wake us up, instead hop aboard the dream cycle, there is always room for one more!


Wed Jan 26
Cafe Central
Hidalgo 302

December 17, 2012

The Village Bicycle

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Founded by one of our favourite sex worker and eco-sex activist, Anne Sprinkle as a way to "memorialize my whore sisters that had died so horribly and needlessly."

Today, I was so overwhelmed by the powerful and moving tweets on #dec17, I decided it was time for me, as a privileged (ie: middle class, white) sex worker to 'come out' to my greater network of friends on facebook. While I am fairly open about what I do, I realized I had never stated it publicly, and I have a much further reach of friends on FB than I do in my day to day life. I thought it would be especially beneficial to some maybe well-meaning but misinformed old friends that might not know how their prejudices continue to stigmatize an already marginalized community of people. And, who can blame them. There is so much stereotyping and pigeon-holing from politicians and the media with no real representation from actual sex-workers.

So, I thought it might open their minds if they realized they already knew a real life sex worker who doesn't really fit into many of the usual stereotypes. I am not addicted or abused. I choose my occupation and I like it.  So, here is what I said:

Today is The International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers
Sex work is the world's oldest profession. It is as old as patriarchy and capitalism and as long as our society is governed by these things, sex work will continue. Sex work will not stop through criminalizing or stigmatizing it. Any attempt to stifle it through laws or culture will only result in more violence and danger in the work place.
Sex Workers do not need to be rescued from their(our) work. They(We) need to be rescued from the stigma and shame that society places on their(our) work which is what makes it dangerous. Sex Work is not bad for women, it is the patriarchy that classifies women as single-faceted and less than human. It is patriarchy that condones violence against us every single day, no matter what we do for a living. One can argue that within patriarchy all women are 'whores'.
Sex Worker rights are WORKERS rights. Sex Worker rights are HUMAN rights. Sex workers sell their body in exchange for money, which is what each and every one of you employed people does every day. Sex Workers are every bit as human as you and are just as undeserving of violence and harassment in the workplace or anywhere as YOU are.
Despite what you are told in the media, most sex workers choose their work. They are not trafficked and usually, anti-trafficking laws and those enforcing them, end up hurting many more than they 'save'.  They are prejudice and racist in assuming that, women, especially women of colour, are unable (too stupid or gullible) to make decisions about their life, livelihood and body themselves. Therefore, the only way any person would choose sex work as a profession would be through coercion or enslavement.
In an attempt to humanize sex workers, rather than thinking of them as the butt of a joke or a poor stereotype in a book or movie, I thought it might be nice for you to learn that you already know one… and it's me. If I don't fit into the archetype of what you think a sex worker is, maybe thats because most stereotypes are too general to fit anyone. I choose my work for many reasons. I like what I do and it affords me time to do other things I enjoy too.
I am a feminist. I am a sex worker. I hope knowing this about me will make you think twice before judging others and continuing to stigmatize and endanger us. Stand with sex workers, not against them. It is not a case of us vs them. Sex Workers are people, just like me and not so different from you.

And now to link this all back to bikes.... of course. Cyclists are marginalized and vulnerable road users. Just like sex workers, despite the stigma attached to differing from the norm of society, cyclist still deserve equal use of road space. Cyclists are people, just like drivers, and do not deserve violence directed towards them on the road. So cyclists, next time you think about stereotyping sex workers, you might want to think about how stereotypes of you, and how if more people stood up for your right to not be hurt in your daily commute, how much safer the streets would be for everyone. The more friends and allies that speak out for and support sex workers in their choices, the safer they will be.

And then we come to how the bicycle dramatically affected and still affects the liberation of women. The ability to rely on your own body and choose how and when and where you go will always be liberating. Just like being a self-employed, self-sufficient, contributing member of society, (like so many sex workers are or have the potential to be) is good for the community at large. 

Please support:

December 14, 2012

Puebla? I thought you said La Pube...

Sabado En Puebla!

Rodada hacia la proyección: Punto de reunión "fuente de los frailes" 20:00 horas

Vídeo Proyección 
Sábado 15 de diciembre
21:00 horas

Bike Smut es una colección de videos eróticos hechos por ciclistas de todo el mundo. Es creativo, inteligente y divertido. 
El festival que organiza ya va en su sexta edición y es una mirada colectiva y cachonda sobre la síntesis que forman movilidad y sexualidad.
Los videos solo pueden verse en proyecciones privadas, no hay DVD´s a la venta ni se pueden ver en la red.

Gracias a nos sponsors: Profética Casa de Lectura, PueBicla and BicioNudos

Una noche solo!

December 12, 2012

Virgin Cunt de Guadalupe!

Quatro semanas en Mexico y nos decimos "Gracias!" Gracias para la bici, y para sex!

Gracias para arte de bikesexual!!!

Esta Virgin Cunt Dia Para Guadalupe... feliz cumpleanos! 

de Bike Smut 

December 5, 2012

GDL Te Quieren!

Que quieren que bajar! Nos amig@s en La Casa PUC tienen muchas bebidas y encantan bicis!


Vamanos a 19:00 para bebidas, discucion, y pre-show videos!
Epazamos  a 20:00!


December 4, 2012

Una vez más GDL!

Guadalajara es muy simpatica. Un poco más paciente de DF con bonita mujeres y guapo hombres y muchos personas en la bicis!

Muchos personas quieren mas bici porno y lo tenemos, asi...

una vez más! Su última oportunidad en Guadalajara de ver estas películas representan más alegría y liberación en las calles y en la cama es pronto!


  • Esta Miércoles!
  • 5 December, 2012 
  • Agustín de la Rosa 616 
  • Bebidas a 7:00pm peliculas a 8:00pm
  • $10 - muy barrato
  • en la patio, llevar una manta!
  • Facebook

Llevan un poco mas dinero para el calcomanías excellente!

Foto credit: sonofson, y... lo siento no sé donde los otras fotos es de... tu sabes? Dimé!

December 3, 2012

Rapido Radio Ahora!

En Guadalajara en la radio a las 9 en

It's been a while since we were talking bikes and sex on the air 
About time we got on a MEXICAN RADIO

eschucha nos!

Media Monday: Fleshbot wants to ride our bicycle...

After our fantastic show in Toronto, we had the pleasure of talking to the delightful Sophie Delancey about Bike Smut and this year's program, Turning Trixxx. And now her thoughts and observations are up on one of our favourite porno-media vehicles: Fleshbot.  Read all about it, right here!

Highlights include: a great compliment to Jessie Sparkles and his movie 'The Bike Wizard'. (Which was  also featured on Fleshbot a few months back!) Plus shout outs to our more seasoned pornographers: Courtney Trouble and Madison Young

And to wrap is all up, she finished with this lovely little statement that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

 "Bike Smut is a great primer on indie porn, a great incentive to get on your bike and one of the funniest, sexiest nights I've had in recent memory. " 

Thanks again to Toronto, Good For Her, Fleshbot and Ms. Delancy. We hope to see hot bike fucking from Toronto for Bike Smut 7!

November 30, 2012

Guada - fucking - harder!

We are about 10 min from boarding the bus to what we are told is the bicycle capital of Mexico. With a much denser (albiet mountainous) city than District Federal using a bike in Guadalajara is quite practical.

Also they play a lot of polo. The country's finest polo players are helping put together our show!


Viene a Guadalajara el Bike Smut Festival, una composición audio visual que une dos actividades cotidianas aparentemente inconexas, el ciclismo y el sexo.

La serie de cortometrajes que lo componen fueron hechos con las bicicletas y los cuerpos desnudos como protagonistas, y en ella hay desde escenas eróticas hasta algunas bastante explicitas y para algunos hasta grotescas, por eso sugerimos que las personas que asistan a la proyección lo hagan consientes de lo que van a encontrar.

Habrá a la entrada una cooperación de $10 por persona, que se destinarán a apoyar el proyecto.


November 27, 2012

ReMembering Bike Love in Toronto

Well it happens. You are excited to travel, you have all sorts of plans, you expect to meet all manner of people AND YOU DO!

But then somehow along the way you forget that you were in the midst of telling people about how excited you are to see them. And before you can say anything you are being searched by border guards for 6 hours and trying to explain to a border guard that riding a bike naked need not be uncomfortable at all

Before you know it you see your friends from another country and the relief washes over you... then months later you realize you haven't shared that note about how great it was gonna be, so instead you have to share HOW GREAT IT WAS!

Hawt damn we are were excited! ERECTIONS AND WET SADDLES ALL OVER TORONTO!

We just Months ago that our favorite venue in Canada is was able to host us! THE SOMEWHAT UNDERGROUND VENUE, CINECYCLE! SO AWESOME!

Last time we came through it was quite a scene amazing party hosted by our friend and international bicycle playboy, Navid. Dancing and cavorting till dawn, that's the way we like it!

Plus the fine folks at Dandyhorse created this G-rated bike porn:

Reminds us of a few videos form the past...

Although the crew following following in behind Breezee makes more sense... this girl should probably be concerned that an entire pack of rawdy bike punks is on her tail.


Speaking of unacceptable behavior, we hope to have a delightful update to the terror of the north, the dastardly epic Shame in Toronto soon.

November 24, 2012

Primero Smut de Mexico

El primero producción de Bike Smut en Ciudad Mexico (D.F.) era fantastico!

Leer hacemos aqui que un person en attendence escriba por que nos.
Bike Smut Festival es una colección de cortos eróticos hechos por ciclistas, donde el mundo de la bicicleta es inspiración y protagonistas de estas obras de la cinematografía contracultural.

Gracias! Queremos muchos ideas de sexo y bici. Y vamos la mundo recoger tod@s!

Detrás del Bike Smut  hay una filosofía de vida radical: hazlo tú mismo. Defienden la autogestión en la movilidad y en un terreno más virgen dentro de la política, la representación de la sexualidad.
Se podría resumir, como dice R. Phil, fundador del festival y quién representó un breve performance durante las proyecciones en Casa Biciteka, “se trata de  tener el control de tu vida en la cama y las calles”.
Did he say that? That doesn't sound like Spanglish...

silhouettes during the show
Una de las propuestas del Bike Smut  es que la gente haga su  propia pornografía, que le transmita placer sobre la sexualidad. La única forma de ver las películas del Bike Smut Festival es acudiendo a las proyecciones. No se distribuye ningún DVD ni se pueden descargar por la red. Así garantizan la privacidad de quienes hacen las películas.

Además de pronunciarse con la propuesta de sacar el porno de la clandestinidad de una sociedad donde se está acostumbrado a consumir imágenes en la soledad de internet, como si de un crimen se tratase, con propuestas como el Bike Smut Festival se reta a la gente a discutir ideas sobre sexualidad.

Smut no solo significa obscenidad, también es un término que usan los ciclistas anglosajones para describir ese tizne de lluvia que levantas con las llantas al pedalear en días lluviosos.

Sin lugar a duda el Bike Smut Festival vino a calentar el naciente movimiento ciclista de la Ciudad de México con lo innovador de su propuesta. El Bike Smut Festival en breve viajará a la Ciudad de Puebla para presentar la selección de cortos que conforman su se

Gracias a la fotographia de

November 13, 2012

Riding in MeXXXico

After 14 months of planning we have arrived en Mexico! Hay muchas personas radicales aqui!

Tonight is the kickoff of the Terremoto Anniversary! One of our hosts, Oscar described the group as a pragmatic racers. "We dont care if you ride a track bike, mt bike, unicycle, or whatever! If you can keep up with us you are welcome to ride."

 All week long they encourage bikers to join them in riverly in the streets, at the velodrome, at bike polo, playing footdown, etc culminating with a big party Saturday night with Bike Smut! Its the first time we have shown movies in Mexico, so we are making a special program curated from the past 6 years of smutty bike goodness.

Sabado, Nov 17
Central Del Pueblo,  Republica De Nicaragua #15  Colonia Centro
con erotica en la patio tamprano y porno en dentro más tarde

6:30 - ??

Feliz cuplianos, Terremoto! 

November 10, 2012

Consent Is Sexy - The NSFW Trailer

Perhaps you saw it on Queer Porn Tube already, or maybe someone was Tweeting or FaceCracking about it or maybe you are a regular on FleshBot (they wrote about this a week ago already!), if so this might not be that exciting, but if not hold on for the most graphic and consensual trailer of bike fucking porn you have ever seen!

Active consent is the hallmark of those striving for sex-positivity, but just those terms are seriously challenging. What do those words mean? Moreover who is to define what "sex-positive" is and what is not? Seemingly it is easier to talk about it in similar terms as art, in that "we know it when we see it". The same goes for the opposite, as in Mr. Burns' classic line, "I don't know art, but I know what I hate."

Most porn is attempts to create the insane ideal of easy sex without strings or worry. To appease that most primal, lizard-brain parts of our existence. It is a fantasy but when mass producers of hardcore, "Hi, my name is Dick-In-Your-Ass" porn are the only voices heard, immediate gratification is a nightmare.

This is something we touched on years ago when we first heard about Make Love Not Porn.  We live in a society with a generation of kids whose parents do not want to engage in awkward conversations about sex and whose health programs are under attack by puritanical "abstinence only" sexual fear mongers. Thus these youth are learning about sex from the only available source.

Rather than blame mass produced porn for being mass produced porn, Cindy Gallop wisely decrees our need for more diverse voices to put all these ideas into context. Because there are ways to have sex where you don't rudely shove your phallus up a butthole, then into a mouth to then jizz on their face... but it would seem kids these days might not know they have an alternative to this kind of interaction. Thus the importance of sharing your desires with your lovers and your community! If you want active consent  (and things that go with it like intolerance to rape culture) to be a more common part of your life and the lives of your friends you should share these ideas!

Bike Smut is just one way to get this kind of great ideas into a community, but there are dozens of other site that feature words, pictures, and videos of excellent sex-positive intentions, perfect for learning more about.

Crash Pad Series - inclusive queer porn
Miss Maggie Mayem - radical words to challenge any dogma on sex, drugs
Indie Porn Revolution - artsy, entertaining, all-inclusive, and totally DIY.
Girlfriend Films - mainstream lesbian porn by lesbians for lesbians

Did we miss anything? How about the dick?!? We have noticed a curious lack of homosexual, sex-positive activity out there. We have a delightful plethora of cunt on display at Bike Smut this year and have been trying to get more homosexual activity included in our program. Does anyone out there in the vastness of the nets know of a good website with lots of sex-positive homosexual male action? We don't want to leave anyone out but we have been told that "biking is totally gay" most of our lives, and yet...

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below, thanks!

November 2, 2012

Turning TriXXX in New Orleans

You say you love bikes.
You say you love porn.

But you complain that we are not giving these things to your right now...

Hey, Big Easy there fella, there is enough amazing bicycle erotica to go around, but we need your help. We often hear from people like you weeks or even days after a show. "Why didn't you tell me you were putting the fun between your legs!?!?"

We hear it all the time; and that is because some people are still feeling shame about sharing these ideas. For many, it is not (yet) considered casual conversation to inform your extended family-types about the immediacy of radical, DIY porn. Porn that cranks the gears between your ears and your thighs.

We are proud to share such porn with you. We are coming close to you and all you have to do is help ask for it. But until we gather, please let someone you care about know about it.

Saturday, Nov 3rd
Mud Lark
1200 Port (at Marais St in St Claude)
8pm, $5
Cheep beer for sale, do not BYO, save it for the afterparty!

Let em know what you think! Don't be afraid to share your most intimate expressions...

November 1, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Houston

BooYA! About a year ago we were enjoying some terrifying automotive challenges with our previous metal steed, The Oregon Dream (RIP). After a nail clenched trip from NOLA with a overheating thermostat racing 350 miles and adding all manner of coolants to a radiator to make a show where the audience was still waiting with baited breath two hours later.

Well we have already suffered thu our fair share of infernal, internal combustion so we will have no problems in the future bringing our bike love to Houston for what could be the final US screening of Bike Smut ever (assuming our Mexican Adventure makes it impossible for us to leave the land of avocados and colorful kitsch)

So, unless San Antonio gets their shit together that is it!

Notsuoh    (Houston spelled backwards cause it so crazy!)
314 Main Street    
9pm    $7    21+

One year later: An Obituary and a Discovery

Sitting here in New Orleans, just a few days after our show in Asheville, NC, which was another packed, underground show at Warren Wilson College. I realized it had almost been a year since we made a discovery there that totally transformed 'The Orgasm Trail' tour... Or at least the time we spent in the car. Almost a year later. I think it's was finally time to release what has been aptly named: The Greatest Tape in the World. No irony intended. 

The Oregon dream has died. That white steed with a manual transmission that delivered us from the eastern seaboard, safely around the southern states and eventually to our home of Portland, OR almost a year after we left it, is now gone forever. We have now taken up a new journey with a new vehicle, a maroon giant with a small nose who we fondly call, Babs Johnson. The Oregon Dream's ending was a little tragic, but fairly well timed to say the least, ending it's life just a few weeks before we took off on our next adventure, Tour de TriXXX.

While I do not want to go  into details on The Oregon Dream's tragic end, nor do I want to touch on the occasional misery it caused us on our journey (ahem..). I do want to tell the story of perhaps the biggest gift a car could ever give. The gift of music. I have talked many times about how limitations breed maximum possibilities  and this was definitely one of those times. The Oregon Dream was only equipped with a basic cassette player and radio. A limiting way to entertain ourselves while driving across the country, but we were all pretty excited to find some silly old tapes at thrift stores to create the perfectly eclectic soundtrack to our 'Orgasm Trail Tour'. However, we never expected to discover something so epic. 

The second or third stop on the tour was a show in Asheville, North Carolina, where a lovely house of queers on the Warren Wilson campus had organized a house screening. A few of them had been involved with one of the movies we were screening, so they were extra excited to watch the program. They day after the show, they directed us to the campus free shop, so we could grab a few necessities before we took off again. Inside we found a few useful items, (like the pants that Reverend Phil is still wearing to this day,) but what really caught our eye was a rack full of casette tapes. Grimm and I browsed through the selection and picked out a few goodies. (The Forrest Gump soundtrack contained a ton of great americana, perfectly suited for the road and Louis Prima promised to add a bit of soothing class to those late nights and early mornings.) In our perusing, I stumbled upon a cassette that had no name, just a really interesting cover. On closer inspection, we could see that it was a tape that had been home recorded, with the inner packaging reworked for some personal flair. We assumed that it must be an old mix tape that someone made, so we thought we would take it and see what was on it. Nothing could be lost, it was free, right?

We had to get on the road pretty quick, and didn't give much more thought to the tapes. We had a show in Athens, GA that night and we didn't want to be late. It wasn't until the next day when Grimm and I decided we needed to do a major car rearrange to increase our functionality, that we pulled out our new finds. We decided we should check out the mystery tape first and see what was on it.

By the third song, we were totally entranced. This was no mix tape, but a home recorded tape of all original material, and  calling it 'original' is a bit of an understatement. It was funny, and complex, yet simple and somber all at the same time. A little reminiscent of  The Talking Heads at times, but then switching to melodic folk closer to that of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. By then end of side one we were pretty sure we had found 'The Greatest Tape in the World.'

The tape was labeled: James A Stewart, Copyright 1995. There was a listing of song titles on the inside, coloured over in a variety of highlighter pens. The cover had been made from a photograph, of what we assume to be the artist, but with hair that looks like flames that he created by scrapping into the emulsion (an technique now lost with the advent of digital. I'm sure instagram will come up with some filter soon, so we can recreate it in the modern age.) 

While we did not get to listen to the whole tape that night, and ended up staying in Athens, GA for quite a few days, our next drive was sure to included an more in-depth look into this fascinating find. I was confident we had stumbled upon something great. The more we listened, the better it got, and one of the best things about the tape, was that it played for almost two hours. The perfect thing for long drives, when most cassettes aren't longer than 40 minutes. When our British tourista, Christopher, joined us, he was immediately sucked in to the wonders of the tape too.

Who was this guy? Where was he from? What was he on? What ever happened to him and his musical career. We tried many google searches looking for answers, but found nothing. We tried searching for song titles and lyrics, and as his name is not unusual, and we had little else to go on, and stil came up with nothing.

The story does not end there. When we got to Tucson, AZ, I knew I had to share the tape with more people than anyone who hopped in 'The Oregon Dream,' with us. This music was too profound to keep to ourselves. Plus, at the rate we were listening to it, I did not want the tape to come to an untimely death. So I decided to digitize it and share it with the world. (I know, sorry, it took a while to get around to it) I thought it would be easy, The track names were written down, so I could just digitize the music, name the tracks and start circulating. However, I soon realized that it would not be that easy. The same number of tracks that were on the tape, as were written down, but it soon became clear they were not written in the same order. Some songs were obviously named, like 'Testing 1-2' he repeats the line a bunch of times, no way would any other track be called that. Same with 'Touch my Disease'. However on the track listing they are written ten tracks apart, where on the tape, they are only 4 tracks apart. (What??? Why??? James A Stewart, what were you thinking???) I then decided to dive deep into the lyrics to try and better identify each song. Releasing this music without thought seemed unfair to someone I could't get consent from, so the least I could do is try to name the tracks right.

The first track I decided must be 'Ska Hops' since it was the only slightly reggae sounding track on the tape. There were however, two bossanova sounding tracks and only one title that made sense, 'Bossa Luva Nova'. When discussing it with Christopher, I had told him I decided to assign 'Astrud G' to one of the instrumental tracks, as it didn't seem to fit anywhere. He told me maybe I should try and google the title as it might mean something that we didn't know about. Sure enough, Astrud Giberto as one of the most famous bossanova recording artists, responsible for making 'The girl from Ipanema' an international hit. So we knew Astrud G must be the other bossanova song, but which was which? Well, one has a line that goes: 'I love you honey, but you're dead' and just like that, we had out answer. 

And then came the question of what to call the thing. The only titling appeared to be his name. However, on the inside of the cover photograph, he wrote this: "Tu Nathan & Mascha A Lovely Day to say Oba' Oba'." I figured it was really the only appropriate title I could give it. So here you have it, for the enjoyment of all our wonderful and strange friends and fans: The Greatest Tape in the World: 'A Lovely Day to Say Oba' Oba'.' I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brought to us.

Side A
Side B

I will release each track one by one as well. For now, here is my music sleuth, unofficial track listing:

1. Ska Hops
2. Will the Youth Become Useless?
3. Any Which Way
4. Touch My Disease
5. Astrud G
6. Bossa Luva Nova
7. The Man No One Knows
8. Testing 1-2
9. Embergee Na Vay
10.In the Morning
11.R'apple Girl
12.You Tu Me Tu
13.Luna Rouge
14.Girl with a Sex Mex Swirl
15.True to My Deliveries
16.Crawl Space (Improv)
17.A Day to Awaken
18.My Love of Yesterday
19.The Plum Painter
20.The Cough
21.0.5 Pops Boy
22.Sky Cap
23.Full Ah Gollum
24.All that I have (Improv)
25.Jean Jaques Perrey - Gossippo Perpetuo

October 29, 2012

Storm of Franken Porn!

presently we have amassed a pile of young, hot blooded adults to watch erotic bike movies.

What happens next may be beyond our control...

Turning TriXXX in Asheville

We are moving on in, inland that is. Into the Appalachian Mountains. With yet another underground screening, this time on the Warren Wilson College campus.

TONIGHT, Monday Oct 29
The Shit House on WWC

"Some time after 2 or 3 p.m., once sustained winds reach 30-40 mph, and it’s gusting over 50 mph, I would not advise going out. During Hurricane Irene, a number of lives were lost when people were crushed by falling trees - some in cars. You’re best bet will be to stay inside from mid-afternoon Monday through Monday night, and only travel if absolutely critical."

The show will be great if we can avoid being caught in the FUCKING STORM of the CENTURY....

October 27, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Richmond

YES! Our last Two fabulous shows have shattered the previous horror stories about screenings mid Atlantic.  It was so good in fact a veteran sex educator took time to write about it!
It makes perfect sense when you think about it: bodies in motion; the exhilaration of freedom; the stimulation of one’s senses while riding; the fit and flow of clothing by the rider; the positions of riding, peddling, mounting, and dismounting the bike (ahem… “mounting”); the rhythm of the legs and hips; and of course the way the seat presses provocatively against the rider. - read more on Dr. Ruthie's blog!

Both Brooklyn and Washington DC shows were full of hot bodies and both included TWO live performances from local artists. What a treat for us to see a community not just passively accepting our notions, but actively engaging and exploring their own bikesexual ideas via song, dance, photography and spoken word!

This unexpected success is giving us a whole a whole new perspective on finding the joy between our legs in places it never seemed possible! If the challenged venues in the nation's capital can enjoy it, than we might be able to bring two wheeled bikesexual liberation anywhere!

How about Richmond, VA? In the past we have marvelous screenings at the vaunted Byrd Theatre, but since their board of directors learned there was sex involved, Bike Smut has found a new more suitable, underground dwellings in RVA.

  Saddle  presents
 Bike Smut 6: TurningTriXXX
Sunday Oct 28
@ MovieLoft (underground venue, email for directions or just ride w us!)    
7pm - group ride from Lamplighter - 116 South Addison Street
$5 Suggested Donation    18+

October 26, 2012

Turning TriXXX in DC

This sounds like so many great/terrible porno plots, but yes we are in the US Capitol tonight "serving the federal papers" if ya know what we mean...

FRIDAY, Oct 26th

Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX in DC

Presented by The Garden 


1359 H St, NE near Rock 'n Roll Hotel

8pm, $10, 18+

Thanks to Free In DC for the help pimping as well as all the sexy bikers who are gathering to make it happen!

photo credit to Michelle Nolan

October 25, 2012

Hot off the Strasse!

Just hours before we screen Turning Trixxx in New York City, We had our first ever screening at the 7th annual Porn Film Festival in Berlin! We already have two filmmakers who were in the audience there coming back at us with great reviews! Read them for yourself:


Miss Poppy, thanks so much, the screening was great!
I love your new movie, it was so lovely to see you both and then it was so hot too!! 
almost felt like fucking you live :)  miss you!
great setting, up on the -is it called a landing?
and fun and pretty -your bike could use some paint though ;)    and such smooth dialogue...
nice job!!!
oh my god, the bike wizard was so funny "thank you bike wizard, thank wizard, where are you?? -in the living room" hahaha
oh and those hot danish girls... wraw
my friends loved it too, her favourite was the one with the bike 'crash' and the "where do you live? -right there!" and bathtub fingerbanging :)
there was a lot of ooh aah and ouch! from the audience watching the bike mechanic fucking the spokes, also a guy moaning in a very positive way
also i met sophie there which was nice
unfortunately i have to spend the rest of the night filling in tax forms, but you inspired me to get up early tomorrow and go watch 'fucking different'
big kisses! xxx


I was at the Bike Smut show tonight in Berlin and it was fantastic. There were so much people that some must sit on the floor. The atmosphere was very good and we had much fun. Nobody left the show or was offended. The audience was openminded and they applauded to every screening even to my piece of artwork. After the show one guy asked me if i was the one in the film and he was very interested in what i was doing. I felt a little bit like a movie star and it was no bad feeling. I really loved the show and the creativity in the different films. Unfortunatly you could not be here in berlin this year but i followed bike smut on twitter and saw that your north american tour was a big success. I also wish you a great show in New York tonight.

Hope to hear from you and send you smutty greetings from Berlin


Thanks so much to everyone who attended. We do hope to be there in person next year. And if you felt inspired, please, send us a movie!