November 30, 2010

4: PLAY for Denver!

Bike Porn's final Colorado screening is this weekend in Denver!

Saturday, December 4th

Open Media Foundation
700 Kalamath St
7:00pm, with live broadcast of the preshow starting at 7:15
$7 no one turned away,
adults only

We loved this image so much we decided it needed a comeback. Get frisky!

The preshow will be broadcast on Denver Media Foundation's live. We hope we dont get them shut down.

November 24, 2010

Sexy Saviour Calendar

Black Friday is coming and while you can't buy a DVD of bike porn you CAN have a sexy biker calendar! The examples of strange yet enticing connection between woMan and machine(et) never seem to stop.

Presenting the Bike Saviours' "Not Safe for Work Trade" 2011 Calendar.

Apparently the calendar is a bit more racy than last year's, and inspired us to query deeper about what is going on behind the lens at Bike Saviours. To that end Heather Hoch of the Saviours, answered our questions which are left intended. Her answers are in bold.

So what is happening these days at your co-op bike shop in Tempe?
Bike Saviours is doing great! We had a really huge Tour de Fat last month which was great. Other than that, we still just teach people how to fix bikes! Ha.
Did you set out to make a more adult themed calendar? if not how did
it come to pass?
We actually were debating this year whether we wanted to make the calendar more or less sexy for 2011. We hadn't officially decided when it came time to shoot, so we kind of just let the models do whatever. The first people up were for March and they were a male and female couple, both only wearing underpants and doing some S&M stuff with wrenches and bike tubes. I guess it just snowballed from there.
Does the shop have a stance on sex, or porn? Where do these ethics stem from?
Personally, I've been in a Bike Porn film and so have some other members. But, I would say the shop has no specific stance on sex or pornography. We try to keep our views as a collective organization simple and focused on fixing bikes and teaching our neighbors. This is just a fun, optional thing we started doing last year to raise some fun(ds). I think a collective organization that empowers people with the knowledge to do things on their own attracts a lot of independent, free, and open people.
That is actually quite a stellar response. Sex exists and you liberated folks can use it as they want. So you say that new calendar is customized with information about your shop, bike holidays and events instead of boring old holidays like Columbus day. Can you give us an example of a bike holiday? (We know quite a few and yet were not consulted!?!?)
Most of the bike holidays we included are annual or monthly Tempe rides and such like "Bike to Work or School Day" in April or the Phoenix Critical Masses. We also have the Bike Summit in D.C. and some silly things like Be Bald and Free Day. All of the proceeds go directly to funding our shop, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit bicycle collective with a focus on educating people on bike maintenance and safety. Thanks for your support of our collective!"
Nice work Heather! Well we would have liked some more variety in background but we are confident we have been quoted as saying, "make bike porn where you can." Right in the middle of a bike shop seems a pretty damn good place.

Buy it direct from them at

November 19, 2010

Group ride! Bike Sex! Dance Party!

Greetings Boulder! A historic evening of dancing, independent film and opportunity for creative sharing of our varied sexual identity is nigh!
  • We have a group ride meeting at 20th and Alpine at 6:20pm
  • We have a DJ for the afterparty at the 303 Vodka,
  • We have a fuck ton of beautiful, inspiring art by people who want you to be able ride your bike have sex when you want, as you want!
Phoenix Asylum
2510 47th St. Unit D
7:30pm, $5, adults only

Ft Collins you will get your chance in just 48 hours!

Tapping the Rockies Take Two

One down, three to go. Lets do it up right!

Bike bolder in Boulder

Friday, Nov 19th
Pheonix Asylum
7:30pm, $5, adults only
with help from Burnworks and 303 Vodka

If your name is on the "Attending" list by 7pm on Thursday, you'll be on the list to get in - but you MUST show up before 7:15pm, or your spot will be given up! If you are NOT on the list by 7pm Thursday, then attendance will be first come, first serve! Come early! Doors at 7pm

Sign up now!

boulder? i hardly even knew her!

Ft Collins, you will get your chance soon enough

BikePorn 4:PLAY Trailer

BEHOLD! You may now have some 4:PLAY

This exciting promotional trailer is brought to you by the letter poon.

If you want any more you will have to come to a screening. There are no DVDs and repeat screenings are highly unlikely. Get it while its hot!

November 16, 2010

A Mild-Mannered, Earth-Shaking Proposition

We at Bike Porn Industries have been not so secretly toying withe the prospect of a European Tour in 2011.
Everything seems to be falling into place as more and more countries step up and claim their bikesexuality.

To that end we are attempting to learn more about their culture, so as best to integrate it into our hot wheels. One such method includes our forming a team of bike dancers to perform in the streets.

Here is our inspiration for dancing in Turkey:

Thoughts? Techniques? Other people who love to dance and move and ride bikes got suggestions for how such fast legged action could be worked into cycling?

Joy of Bikesexual Parody

An alert viewer sent this in and we were so flabbergasted by its radness we wasted only a few precious moments touching ourselves before sharing it with you. Be sure to click on the image to get the full glorious in your face version.

Thank you London Mayor, Borris...


November 15, 2010

You got some Salt on your ...

Holey Salty Sins!

What a way to kick off our Tap the Rockies Tour. Take one of the most repressive cities in the world, combine with a plethora of hot racy bikers add years of hot dance parties, throw in a mix of excellent local content and an injection of soon to be illegal everywhere alcoholic energy drink and you have just about the best reason to GET. THE. FUCK. DOWN.

Massive piles of graciousnes go out to our hosts and organizers, Point 6 Percent Productions and Tall Bike Jesus as well as all the wonderful bikesexual residents of SL,UT

Photo credit to Keifer Thomas. We hope to see more exciting pictures arise soon.

November 13, 2010

US Border threatened by Canadian Hot Inch Action

Without a doubt, we love aspects of our American heritage. Its a challenge accepting the burden of being the world superpower with lots of personal freedom and people from all over doing different things and making good stuff happen.

We love that we can delineate a space. Being from a specific place does give us a sense of who we are. But there are a lot of reasons why that delineation sucks. Border guards, for example, are skilled at fucking with people who dont conform to their expectations.

Here is yet another great example of why borders are TEH SUXOR!

Friends of Bike Porn Industries have been curating a show of buttons. The small, coin-like disks represent just about any opinion are part of the holey trinity of DIY idea distribution (along with stickers and patches). Hot One Inch Action encouraged everyone to design a button, which would then be produced and available at their traveling art show.

It was wildly popular in Seattle and Vancouver, BC (where the organizers hail from) and the Portland show was scheduled for tonight... but then, there are customs and there are Customs:

Hi everyone, sorry to say that Hot One Inch Action in Portland tonight has to be postponed until a future date. The buttons were denied entry - they didn't believe we give most of them away and sell buttons for only $1 each. The show is ready to go so we'll sort out the border and reschedule. Do a search for our Facebook fan page or email to hear about when the show will happen. Sorry- we're super disappointed and look forward to making it happen in the future.

we call bullshit when we see it.

November 11, 2010

Returning to the bike fucking promised land

Its good and its going down tonight in Salt Lake!
extra padding for extra comfort

Salt Lake - Friday, Nov 12th
Point Six Percent Productions and his Highness, Tall Bike Jesus
9:00pm, $5, +18

Facebook your bad self


Back on the Road

We are packed! Besides the pile of stickers, revealing clothing, condoms, and a special vibrating butt plug we call "my bike" we also have a fresh edit of Bike Porn 4:PLAY with some exciting new submissions! Specifically an Appalachian Bike Porn called, "I Came On My Bike." This movie comes at the topic from lots of great angles. Its got chain-smoking, dirty twanged-mouthed twinks and tweens, some Deliverance inspired mt men flogging, and and 2 topless poetic forest nymphs. It's a pretty awesome movie and is about to have its world premiere in SL, UT.

We think we will have a trailer for you in a week. But, due to the lethargic pace we are on, the other working title for"Tap the Rockies Tour" is, "Molassis-Drivetrain Oxycontin Sloth Doesn't Care Tour"

But we are remineded that you can still ask for bike loving via the fuck face book! Come on over and learn something about slathing greese on a squeeky wheel.

November 9, 2010

Tap the Rockies Tour

does one of these images appear? deal with the lameness of the future!
Announcing the "Tap the Rockies Tour"!
True to form, we shall go tap tap tap from SLC to Ft Collins to Boulder to Denver. A pretty mild pace for us with four weeks for four cities, particularly when contrasted with our previous tour. We got a hunch that we will pick up a bonus show somewhere in there. Then its out of the big mountains and back to a proper Cascadian winter.

We are ever so excited to be working with great people to share great art and to ride with the sexy bikers of the Rockies!

Here are the dates and places for our final tour of 2010

Salt Lake - Friday, Nov 12th
Point Six Percent Productions and his Highness, Tall Bike Jesus
9:00pm, $5, +18

Boulder - Friday, Nov 19th
Pheonix Asylum
7:30pm, $5, adults only
with help from Burnworks and 303 Vodka

Ft Collins - Sunday, Nov 21st
1000 E Laurel
$5 suggested donation, adults only

Denver - Saturday, December 4th
7:00pm, $7 no one turned away, adults only
With live broadcast of the preshow starting at 7:15

Bike Porn Industries home away from home, Salt Lake has demonstrated a love of cycling that goes beyond the pale... beyond the tan even. Its a place of extraordinary Mexican stands and raging bike punks. But then every place we have gone in Colorado has been pretty fucking fly as well. We love them mountains.

November 4, 2010


A bright, shining light is beaming down on Bike Porn Industries: a quick hitting stint in the Rockies is coming together, with eager bike beavers in Salt Lake, Ft Collins, Boulder and Denver (not sure what is happening in Boise, alas); late additions to our bikesexual lineup are being finalized and mailed to our Seattle orifice; and a euro tour seems like it will include six months of epic bike fucking from Istanbul to Ipanema!

Still not all is well for all radical sex activists everywhere.

The perennial badasses at Self-Serve (arguably, the best sex store in the Southwest) who have been organizing their own porn festival for the past several years have lost a major battle to beurcracy.

The City made it clear that both Zoning Enforcement officers and Special Investigations Divisions officers would attend the performance in number, and that these officers would find a way to shut down and silence an event focused on the importance and power of free speech. The Sunshine Theater was threatened with citations for permitting “adult entertainment” under an obscure provision of the zoning code which the City has never before enforced, and which it conveniently overlooked when similar events were held at City-run venues.

That is some pretty fucked up shit there, Albuquerque. W
e hope whatever crawled up inside them is not contagious.

Censorship comes in many forms, so be vigilant and support an ethical pervert today!

November 2, 2010

Boulder I hardly even knew her

News comes fast and furious in the world of rapidly made art and underground screenings.

Behold, the porn gods have smiled upon us as our expected dates for a screening in Boulder CO line up with their Santacon!

Yes, there was only one biker who was mostly trying to not be noticed by a drunken santa, but this year there could be 2 bikers, one of which is wearing a santa outfit the other still trying desperately not to be noticed.

We hope to be among those not arrested Friday, November 26th

Many events work with bikes and sexual expression. Be proud. wear a stupid outfit and say "Thank you for the freedom to enjoy irresponsibility, proper!"

If you live in Boise, Ogden, Ft. Collins or Boulder we need to hear from you! This is your only chance to have these totally unique films shared. Live it up!