April 29, 2013

Love of Mystery finds a bike between yr thighs

Do you feel sexy when you are riding your bike? The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, heavy breathing, something hard and tubular between your legs...
So sayeth the Love of Mystery, aka Erin who frequently journals her opinions and experiences regarding sexuality "from a life affirming place and for activism".  Which sounds about perfect to us.*

In the article, Erin encourages readers to create their own short, erotic movie for our upcoming 7th annual program "The Porny Express" and we are treated to some hot bicycle imagery direct from the author:
That evening I thought about how fun and it would be to shoot something involving riding my bike to the farmers market and buying vegetables while secretly enjoying a butt plug.
We are not sure this isn't happening often. Now that we have toured in 23 different countries with such a diverse collection of ideas about how to get on and off bikes it seems all too likely that there have been a number of people who have enjoyed their dirty secret in public.

I imagine a world where all people are able to be liberated from the social mores of the past and be follow their internal drives while respecting and loving one another.
Amen sister. We hope you will enjoy this article and more writing from the Love Of Mystery blog!

There's not much time left, make some sweet bicycle erotica today!

*Is it possible to engage in sex-positive and/or bicycle culture without being an activist? Possibly, but for the time being we will give the 24-hr party people a pass as long as they are doing it in the road.

April 23, 2013

Behold The 3rd Lingerace!

Austin is hot. Sure the Sun being the source of live on the planet has something to do with the temperature, but for a moment forget the sun, because the streets are burning with sexy bikers!

Enter the 3rd annual Lingerace, where bikesexuals in Austin, TX race and compete in other exciting bicycle events while wearing lingerie. This fundraiser will help take the Ladies of Austin TX Bike Polo all the way to Vancouver, BC for Ladies Army 5. One of the largest gathering of hard femms on Earth and some mighty fine sport!

The folks at the Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club are no strangers to Bike Smut. In fact they made a lighthearted smutty little polo video to promote our "4:PLAY" program a few years back.

We are stoked that they are still doing this event in Austin. We first broke the news about the Lingerace back in 2010, and since then they have really expanded their donation base! Tons of sponsors means tons of prizes and lots of emvy for those not in Austin. But you can see how good it was yourself.

props to Fast Folks Cyclery and the Ladies of ATXBPSC

A brief glimpse at how sex-positive, human powered people can enjoy an afternoon. 

All photos courtesy De Mis Ojos Photography

We know how it feels. Thats why we do it

We recently mourned the passing of beloved Sprockette and hard femme, Agent Crush. Thanks for all the support and donations. She would be stoked to know there are more sexy bikers doing it in the streets!

April 20, 2013

The Passing of Kiki

Portland is blessed. Within the small city there is vast opportunity for self exploration and various designers, activists and otherwise well meaning humans any of which might be able to offer you a bit of time necessary to help you find your way.

But for all the heartfelt intentions tragedy still strikes in Stumptown, the same as anywhere. This week we morn the passing of beloved bikesexual, Kiki.

Under the alias Agent Crush, Kiki spent more years popping and u-locking than just about any other bike dancer in the world. She joined the Sprockettes shortly after their founding in 2003 and was a force of empowered femininity for many years after. With glamorous red curls and a confident stance she was immediately recognizable at bike punk rallies, nonprofit fundraisers, community street fair, girl empowerment camps, and of course in the streets wherever she happened to be riding.

Famed Sprockettes journalist (and occasional bike blogger) Jonathan Maus captured her spirit in images. Nearly all the photos available here were taken by him. We are fortunate that someone with his skilled eye and trustworthy history has kept them available for us to appreciate. Kiki took care to present a very particular image and she did it extraordinarily well.

 Kiki had a fun and mischievous spirit. But she was also quite caring. She was one of the organizers of the fundraisers for Hollis, a bike-dance sister who suffered significant brain trauma in a nearly fatal collision while traveling in India. Four years of treatment later Hollis is still recovering. Kiki's trauma left no such possibility. After a few days of stress her family learned there was no brain activity and so she was taken off life support earlier this week.

"She had a natural talent and joyous nature that shined through her performances" said Agent Trouble at a teary-eyed memorial in Oakland this week. "Fuck, I can't believe she is gone."

A memorial is scheduled for this weekend. For those who have the means and would like to contribute to her funeral please click here.

April 19, 2013

Turning TriXXX Tonight in Davis!

Hey now, it's been a while. Spread the word Bike Smut is breaking out!

Tonight in Davis, California
The Domes
$5 - 10

April 10, 2013

Share your vision of The Porny Express!

Bike Smut's Call for Submissions posters are going up all over!

We have had word they have made it from Florida to Alaska and more are on their way to Montreal, GdaƄsk, Vienna, Milan, Copenhagen, and all over the UK!

Behold the view from Bristol's 3-D Pornoscope

Santa Cruz wall has hobo raccoons in a BikeSmut sandwich

Delivering the Alaskan Bikesexual Package

More from the Alaska desk which was recently cleared of snow to make room for our hot package.

bike dick enabled

Yes Bike Smut has designs on going to Alaska. While there we may lay some fat pipe and dig up some fossils
London Gets Smut
Behold the grime from New Orleans

some packages remain uncut

presenting the phallic fruit of Puebla, Mexico

We will keep this page updated with the finest images as they come in. If you see one feel free to take a pic and share it with us. Bonus points for bikesexual creativity.

April 9, 2013

Turning Trixxx in Davis

Bike Smut is not done Turning Trixxx!

We have just confirmed our next screening in Davis, California a famed place for being a gold/platinum bike town before it was no longer cool to care. Read about our previous exploits here.

When: Friday, April 19th
Where: Baggins End Domes Yurt
           On the corner of Orchard Park Drive and Orchard Rd
            Near the EC Garden - map
Doors: 8:30 p.m.
Show: 9:00 p.m.

Pump the tires; lube the chains! We got two wheels of pleasure without the pain!

Unless you are into that.