October 19, 2014

Exxxtra Curricular California Porno!

Bike Smut is touring down the west coast by bicycle. As such we get to have some pretty curious adventures and meet lots of colorful characters.

We also get to show porn is some pretty odd places...

TONIGHT in San Luis Obispo (or SLO)
Bike Smut selected cuts! 8 years of whatever we want!
Perfect Vision
2020 Ruth St
7:30 pm

Wake up you bastion of conservative fuddyduddies! We got the hot bikesexul action coming at ya!

October 14, 2014

Los Fuckin Angles

Bike Touring is great. We are riding south along the west coast! It great to be on the road again and now with a fabulous new tourista!

It gives time to ponder some of the great questions of our time, for example:
QUESTION: "How many LA bikesexuals can dance on the head tube?"
QUESTION: "When can I watch a screening of erotic bike films?"
QUESTION: "Where did you get that 'My other car is a tiny penis' sticker?"

Thankfully these questions have answers, which we are prepared to offer below:

October 24th
Church of Fun

410X Melrose Ave


October 2, 2014

Extra Bay Area Action!

We are having a hoot at El Rio!

But the bikesexual train doesn't stop rolling just cause we are in the most densely populated city on the west coast.

We got 3 more shows for ya!

Wednesday in Oakland!
Feelmore 510, 1703 Telegraph Ave, 9pm

Thursday in Emeryville!
GUAVA, 4210 Holden St, 8pm

Saturday in San Jose! 
Back Bar  21 N. 3rd St