July 14, 2016

The Final Tiny Sausage Fest... in Vienna!

This Thursday we share our amazing program in Vienna, with Miss Poppy Cox!
July 14th
Bike Kitchen
goldschlagstrasse 8, 1150 Wien
8pm,  5 euros suggested donation
With special guest performances 

July 8, 2016

WNBR is back in the Buff

Get those bikes rolling smooth its time to Ride naked! Again!

Buffalo hosts its 2nd ever World Naked Bike Ride! 
Saturday, July 9th at 7pm at the corner North and Franklin

The ride is "as bare as you dare" so even the timid are encouraged to join the ride in support. There is no worry about being naked enough. However many started the ride fully dressed then because they saw so many naked people having such a good time have felt the urge to strip off more and more clothes as they ride. It is likely that you may be wearing something (if you want) but you wont be alone. Naked Rides attract dozens if not hundreds (or in the case of Portland and Chicago, thousands) of riders! Many silly prudes react in shock and horror as they exclaim, "but what if i have a problem with the seat? What if I hit a bump?" as if your naked body will somehow engulf the entire saddle and you will be stuck like that forever as some sort of bike-human-hybrid. (A version of that story has already been written but feel free to make that into a short movie if you like.) How absurd! Do you really think a thin piece of fabric is the only thing keeping your saddle from becoming a dildo? Pashaw!

Riding naked feels great! As the sun, wind and even rain kiss our bare skin we are reminded of our humanity. The WNBR is a rare treat because our patriarchal expectations that prohibit mothers from breast feeding their babies have put such an impossible standards on all of us that many never want to go outside, much less expose our skin. But there is nothing "natural" about clothes.

Even with the vast amount of body shame and terror at being vulnerable on our streets the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a wildly popular event. Even the local Buffalo newspaper couldn't help but promote it  Although some want to ride completely nude we encourage comfortable footwear and maybe a fannypack or bag you can attach to your handlebars for your essentials.

Its a protest against body shame and car culture. Riding is a great way to bring visibility to a cause so start thinking about what slogans you might want to share.

Body painting may be available, but coming pre-decorated is recommended. A full body painting takes a while to apply, so plan accordingly. Also there is a really fun afterparty planned so be ready for that!

You may also want to decorate your bike. Its a great way to show the connection between you and your mobility. You move together and you play together and you trust your very survival on its steadfast reliability. You both deserve to look great!

Easy there, its not just about bikes. Any human powered people are welcome to attend. Rollerblade, skateboards, shopping carts or just joggers! It a celebration of our bodies and our streets!

Can't ride but want to support? Spectators are encouraged to congregate at the intersection of Bidwell Parkway and Elmwood Avenue around 8 p.m. Get more info by putting your nose in their FaceCrack, er... ButtBook, uh FB

photo cred to BikePortland.org