July 25, 2015

Seattle! Fight for your fucking future!

Seattle is a city of impressive futuristic tendencies:
the Space Needle, the computer software, the wall to wall Starbucks, the overpriced housing market,  the stream of people who commute for two or more hours twice a day between Everett and Tacoma...
 We can do better. Seattle its time to abandon the ways of yesteryear and step into...


It connects our sexuality & mobility to the future of our species. 
How can I use power tools and hydraulics to get on and get off bikes? Will there be a singularity? How will we cope after the carpocolaypse? Can squirters solve the looming water shortage? Where is my alien 4-way orgy and can I get Captain PrickHard to sign my boobs? Is this really the last screening in Seattle?!?
All these questions and more will be answered. But just as before there are no DVDs and the movies are not online. The only way to see Science Friction is to be there when it happens live


This workshop is produced by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Our mission is to promote the many ways sex is beneficial through education, outreach, the arts, advocacy, and research programs that serve the public.

July 22, 2015

Come Again, Canada... One Last Time

We are back in Vancouver BC with our final screening of
Bike Smut 8: Come Again!
Due to travel schedules we had to postpone this screening until July; Vancouver demanded to share the amazing videos from Montreal, Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix and San Palo one last time!

Thursday July 23  
The Rio Theatre - 1660 E Broadway

 Enter the bikesexual way back machine. It is Bike Summer 2001 in Vancouver BC, aka The Summer of VeloLove! An event that rallied all of the self mobilized people of the city to see themselves as more than just a smart mode of transport. They were a people; and they had a voice.

14 years later most of Vancouver has changed! Many parts are uber clean, with brand new condos and sports facilities and barely a trace of the homeless and or native population that has been ousted from their vigil of protesting the Winter Olympics among other actions that exasperate the wealth gap.

Its hard to believe how far Canada has come. 10 years ago BC were all about decriminalized marijuana, affordable health care and gay marriage for everyone. Now that the US is coming on board with these ideals Canada seems to want to move on as if they were bad ideas.

Looking back at the past that could have been is a fun way to pass the time. But It is time we looked forward to that epic time where bikes liberate minds and bodies from their otherwise contained space and we have a proper bikesexual intifada!

July 16, 2015

Come Again, Alaska, its the Midnight Sunburn!

"Bikes and cussin' and carrying on" - the low key way to infer of a festive time among people who love to love (and hate) on each other! Right up there with tomfoolery and horseplay and a pile of other adjectives for mostly safe fucking around.

This weekend is the 4th annual Midnight Sunburn Bike Polo Tournament! Hosted by the people at Anchorage Bike Polo who on top of a great series of bicycle games, rides and a smattering of pleasureful things will also include the northern most screening of Bike Smut in 2015.

That means epic vistas! Fun fucking rides! Mobile hot tubs! 

  • Wear a helmet? Sure! Your protection and your comfort are your business.
  • Wear down your opponents? Sure! The abuse you dish out should be equivalent to the pain you can suffer though. Infliction is one thing but this is some old style polo. mallet to mallet, bike to bike, body to body.
  • Watching amazing bicycle erotica? Absofuckinlutly! Its gonna be a hell of a party and if our last time out is any indication we expect to we rewarded with a pile of smiles.
 We had so much fun last time we have great expectations for the future.  

July 9, 2015

World's Largest Sex Bike - Media Monday on Thrusday

We are in Las Vegas building the world's largest sex bike and the Media is popping! We did 3 interviews this week with more planed for today and tomorrow. Here is the first snippet from Las Vegas Weekly.
On July 11, the museum debuts the permanent installation Earth, Magic, Sex, Motion alongside Bike Smut 9, a festival of erotic bicycle films. The former is a two-story interconnected arc of bicycles that vibrate and respond to rider motion, thrusting into a wall of plants that leads, fittingly, to C*NT. (The bike is also up for a Guinness record for World’s Largest Sex Bike.)
Photo by Bill Hughes
The space will soon be home to a 10-foot vulva, part of a forthcoming exhibit called C*NT. The installation invites viewers to step inside the world of female anatomy, where they walk through a tunnel into the womb and touch a floating cervix overhead, seek out a vibrating G-spot and find the clitoris (you’ll know when a bell goes off).

“Just as with sex, there’s a relationship of trust and intimacy when you’re riding a bike—you are the engine,” explains Reverend Phil Sano, founder of Bike Smut and the installation’s co-creator. “This is meant to question and explore taboos, as well as the joy and otherworldliness of being in that hyper-aware state.” - Andrea Domanick

We expect a lot mroe photos and videos soon. Getting multiple on and off bikes in mass is pretty fucking fun!