January 31, 2012

Getting missionary with it


thats just the kind of brash statement that could escape your lips without warning if you are in attendance of our show this Friday night. Only replace "BURRITO" with "BICYCLE" and "DELICIOUS" with "ME"

Friday, February 3, 2012 
848 Divisadero
7:00pm until 10:00pm

The evening is co-presented by fantastic folks at Femina Potens Gallery.

January 30, 2012

Reclaming our Davis

After a fantastic screening and dance party with Cyclecide this weekend we are primed for an exciting week of screenings including Oakland, Santa Cruz, maybe Sacramento, and a repeat screening in SF. But first, we lick the youthful, hot pepper infused faces of Davis, CA.

Its been a while since we have played a show in Davis. In our 1st California tour we were scooped up immediately and had a great house show with an insightful forum afterward. Then there was the turmoil resulting from the university deciding that the collectively organized, bike repair space was a safety hazard. No reasoning was provided, the building had not suffered any damage, according to one member, "one morning the administration just decided it didn't like it and now we are kicked out"

Since then they have gathered their forces and have made a comeback! We expect a lively crowd, with fun loving students and bikers gathering to share in the expression of joy! (and no callus injustice)

Here is their facebook event

or fuck it, details are textual!

Davis Bike Smut
Tuesday Jan 31st

1221 1/2 4th Street
9pm, $5 - 10 donation

Oh and what is this? Our own MissPoppyCox is scheduled to be on the Davis radio speaking with the hosts of "Intercourse on Intercourse." Too bad the show isn't in Pennsylvania, or it could be "from Intercourse"

aw, thats a lovely use for a penny farthing. Thanks!

photo credit to clickandclash

January 23, 2012

Hitting the Bay, Hard and Fast.

After weeks of back and forths, tos and fros, we are pleased to announce our 1st Bay Area show in almost two years. Our totally awesome freaky bike freak friends at Cyclecide  have agreed to host our show and their wonderous Swearhouse this Saturday!

We are so excited to see all our awesome bay area bikey sex friends, and make some new ones! The show will be followed by a sweet dance party full of hot bike-sexuals, like yourself. So be sure to invite your friends to radically get down, watch porn and...uh..... REDEFINE OBSCENITY!

Saturday Jan 28th
Cyclecide Swearhouse
1660 Jerrold St, SF, 94124
Doors at 8.30, show at 9.30

$5-10 sliding scale

We will have a few more shows before we leave The Bay, so keep checking back for details!

The end of the Confessional

Sure, we went though the entire history of our favorite pedalphile's verbal essays on tricycles, uncles and the joy of riding. This promotional teaser might be a little disturbing, but then... adult themes are for adults.

January 17, 2012

Bike Cinema Pagan Holiday Weekend

No not Barber Santa, Santa Barbara!

The "American Riviera" es muy caliente! This week in bicycle-cinema news it will be host to not just Bike Smut but also our friends at the somewhat straight laced Bicycle Film Festival.

Tre Joy!

Its not very often,  just about once every couple years that this aligning of the cosmos is possible. It never fails to catch us off guard, and we are fortunate that our local hosts were tapped in so that we helped avoid a scheduling conflict (which is never as much fun).

It is strange, but considering that Bike Smut has played 18 of the 26 cities played by the BFF its actually supprising it hasn't happened more often. (note, Liverpool AND Washington DC both suffered massive erection dysfunction and failed to get a screening, alas)

On top of great movies they have some pretty great parties. Check out the full calendar here. They have having events from Thursday to Saturday, we are saving the best for last with a Sunday screening at our friends at Pescadrome

Sunday, Jan 22nd
101 S. Quarantina St.
8pm doors, 9pm show
$7, no one turned away for lack of funds

group ride to event TBA
ANNOUNCED! 6pm at Cranky's 1014 State Street

Dont let Santa appear in any unnecessary places. Keep them Pagan holidays sacred!

photo credits to Dave Barry, and the Emblibrary.

January 16, 2012

Cooking up a sexy fun der storm

Final LA show tonight!

Due to a delightfully demanding email from our friends at Orange20 we have agreed to presenting an additional Bike Smut screening, going down tonight! It's totally last min, tell your friends to come out and enjoy one last chance for erotic bicycle bliss!

Vlad the Retailer  (Next door to the Bike Kitchen)
704 Heliotrope Drive
after 8pm
$5 suggested donation 

January 13, 2012

Orgasm Trail's Southwestern Tip

Bike Smut returns to the southwestern tip of the continental United States... but you will get more than just the tip


Will this be our last show heading south? will we turn north to Santa Barbara, the Bay area and on to enjoy the lands of golashes and parkas in Cascadia?

Or will we continue for just a bit further, reaching down into the heart of frat boy overdosing and under-consensual sex of Tijuana?!?

only time will tell, but in the meantime, find us in San Diego

Tuesday Jan 17
Ruby Room
1271 University Ave
10pm, $5 suggested donation

with The Happy Smoke and Dick Justice

January 12, 2012

Buns in the Oven

Something is cooking in Los Angles!

Our first two shows were at a new venue (not even our organizer had ever been to) that turned out great! The Home Room has got some great artists supporting it and plenty of kind moxie, which is not too common in LA (so we are told, everyone we meet is pretty nice)

For our encore performance we have decided to see whats hot by asking a cook.

Bike Kitchens have a long history in LA, "The" Bike Kitchen has spawned two offspring upstarts who are also working at bringing the social aspects of cycling into more peoples lives. The most recent the Bikerowave is near the ocean and is pretty slick. Its slightly older sibling hails from East LA, and has a more down and dirty reputation.

For the second time, Bike Smut partners with the Bike Oven!
Saturday Jan 14th
2706 N. Figueroa St
10pm screening, but come to enjoy the Art Ride at 7pm!

Get your Buns Cooking this weekend!


images credit to Alison Galvan and the Lorain Wheelmen
video credit to LA Comedy Shorts

Portraits of a Pedalphile - Part V "Uncle Francis"

Bringing up old histories of bikesexual pasts can be a challenge. Merv does the hard work for us and his introspection and courage help give us the tools necessary to reach deep into our trousers.

To understand more completely, try riding a bike yourself, and if you are lucky maybe you too will immediately shoot a load down your pants leg.

Happy new year!

January 10, 2012

Sex Education in LA

Ring the bell, school is back in session!

Bike Smut is in Los Angles
1/11/12 *
Home Room
3175 Beverly Blvd
$8 per screening, ages 18 and up
TWO screenings, 7pm AND 10pm (limited capacity)

Ride your bike! DonniePepper will give u 1 free vegan taco home-made by WheelieGoodFood if u ride and lock up outside. otherwise they shall be $1 each.

*pretty sweet date, but remember all columns day in Athens?

January 7, 2012

Southwest commentary

Via a Bike Smut aficionado in Phoenix
There are themes each year, but the theme never quite actually winds up being what it's supposed to be. It was supposed to be _The Orgasm Trail_, but the recurring themes in the shorts were fuck machines and forest nymphs. Lesbian hookup shot stop motion made another appearance this year with more bike content in it, but it's hard to top the first take where this was done entirely with Poloroids. The whole affair is completely DIY. Films come from local bicycle communities. Some times they're clever. Often they have elements of parody. Often they're just artsy. If you're turning your nose up because you're afraid you might catch teh gay or the actors might not have the correct tit:ass:waist ratio, well, you're doing it wrong. If it were commercial, safe, and predictable, it wouldn't be interesting.
Anyway, even if you didn't make it to the show doesn't mean you can't make a film. Films are shown in a traveling exhibition for a year and then destroyed, so you can still run for president. They don't have to be and often aren't explicit. I'll loan you my, eh, vintage, Fisher Price PixelVision 2000 camera, if you like.
Eg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyLtVLR5Rrk.
In the words of John Maynard Keynes, we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be. Fuck that. Some dude named Maynard has more balls than you. Make a film.

we couldn't say it better. and while I am pretty sure no Bike Smut movies have been made out of just Polaroids, many have used film and still cameras in leu of the fast and easy digital camcorders.

regardless of how you choose to capture your inspiring images of sexy transportational freedom make sure you share it with us so we can share it with the world!

photo credit to Tucson Velo
 and the Atlantic

January 6, 2012

Remembering Phoenix

Strange but interesting fact. We have never had two shows in the same venue anywhere south or east of Boulder, Colorado. EXCEPT at the Trunk Space, which despite all odds has been able to provide an excellent venue for obscure/strange/otherwise malnourished touring acts for a decade!

The crowd was a little reserved at first, but soon found themselves moving and dancing together, increasing their bikesexual quotient.

Afterwards the audience chose to mill around and see the art we have to offer. Many thanked us for our dogmatic stance on how we refuse to make DVDs, even for media, meaning that the ONLY place to watch Bike Smut is when it happens in front of a crowd, live!

Our Bike Smut merchandise is as colorful as the people who choose to be adorned in our undies

Must thanks to our friends at  Phoenix New Times who came out to help document the joy we call The Orgasm Trail. Hope to see you again next year!

Sexy Drama in the LBC

Our schedule is all sorts of crazy, we are on a final west coast leg to end a year of touring! help us finish strong!

Bike Smut in Long Beach
Saturday, Jan 7th
ZKO Films Studio 
5437 Cherry Ave. Lbc

photo credit http://www.sherylyvette.com/

January 4, 2012

Portraits of a Pedalphile - Part IV "Sharing the Ride"

Merv takes a quick detour on violence boulevard during a handlebar ride.

yikes! how many more can we handle? the new year is upon us! Its not too late to deliver a really epic kiss to that Bianchi you have been checking out during your work break.

A bike-sexual review of Courtney Trouble's 'Live Sex Show'

In case you porn-positive bike-sexuals out there haven't heard yet, one of our favorite pornistas has just released her latest movie, "Live Sex Show.’’ We were just giddy with excitement when we received an email from Ms Trouble inviting us to review it. We thought the concept sounded really interesting and particularly related to what we try to do with our project, bringing sex out of the closet and in to the open for discussion and expression in an attempt to untangle ourselves from all this shame we are wrapped up in.

We landed in Austin with a few days to spare before our show at the 29th Street Ballroom.  Our wonderful host, writer of sex blog F*bomb and founder of Austin's Smut City (a monthly screening of awesome and obscure porn) was also really excited to see what Ms Trouble was up to. So after a delicious dinner from his favorite taqueria, we all got comfy and put it on.

'Live Sex show' is exactly what it sounds like, a series of scenes of different people having sex in front of a live audience. This alone opens up a plethora of issues and questions within film, sex and pornography. Here at Bike Smut one of our main goals is to assemble an audience to watch different interpretations of obscenity to allow them to make their own decision about what is obscene and what isn't.   By showing a group of people watching different interpretations of sex and sexuality, Trouble has encouraged these same ideals. The movie audience sees and identifies with the live audience and is encouraged to share these ideas within their own community.   This, in turn, will help to redefine sexuality and obscenity within our community and society as a whole.

The execution of the concept was well handled and felt very personal, it did not however feel like it was from the audiences point of view. So I feel in part like we were not only meant to be watching the actors but also the audience (even though we never really see them) As the movie goer you do not feel just part of the audience. You feel as though you are watching the action and watching the audience watching the action. Sometimes the performers actions speak directly to the cinema audience, putting the live audience in the place of the voyeur, where as other times the performers interact more with the live audience, leaving the movie goer to feel like the voyeur.

For example, the first scene shows a girl pleasuring herself, and while we are aware of the audience watching her, she is playing specifically to the camera. She is seemingly unaware of the audience watching, personally taunting and teasing us with her performance. It is not until her climax when the applaud from the live audience draws her attention to them with a smile and a bow.

This feeling carries on for the next few scenes, and one thing I start to notice is how, unlike in so much pornography, this film is shot with an active female gaze, both in the cinematography and in performance. Because within our patriarchal structure, women are too often the bearer of meaning rather than the creator of it, art is told from a male perspective rather than a female one. We are caught quietly watching male fantasies being played out over a woman's image. However in this, the camera feels like and active participant, rather than the usual passive watcher.  The female stars command the gaze from the audience, even when they are in roles of submission. Both scenes with cis male actors seem to use the them almost as props on which to express their desire.

As the film moves on we get to the scene with Tina Horn and Roger Wood. Like before, despite Horn being in a place of submission, I still get the feeling that she is commanding the scene through her desires. She seems expectant, prepared and loving every second. After some great spanking and power play, we come to a beautiful moment when Wood tries to take Horn's boots off and she whispers "You're supposed to leave them on" and Wood then turns to the audience, explaining "She wants to leave her boots on"

That moment totally turns the scene ins out, without ruining the moment. The first thing that shocks me is how damn sexy I think this is.  The couple becomes transparent, and it portrays a deep level of comfort and trust with each other. It is also proof of how much Horn is commanding her own desires through the scene, where she is seemingly in a submissive place. It also shows how she is willing to break from the scene in order to get exactly what she wants.  This moment also directly acknowledges the audience for the first time, and the movie-goer finally gets a taster of being to secret onlooker.

The scene progresses with a few giggles that make their way into some impressively passionate fucking and wonderful screams of pleasure from Horn. Once they are done with the discussed scene and finish with fantastic kiss, Horn tumbles over and Wood suggests that they could just keep going 'until they kick us out'. 

Horn then inquires about how much time they can have, and after an ok from an outside voice, asks Wood, "Do you wanna keep fucking me?" Wood rolls her over with a 'yes' and giggles of approval come from the audience. I thought this whole interaction was beautiful, sexy and filled me with so much joy! And to top it off, the sex they have them is even harder, hotter and wonderfully candid.

Next is Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley. Both wonderful performers who are both playing directly to the live audience. The scene has a simple narrative in which they take turns fisting. The whole thing feels fun and relaxed with loads of communication between them, which I love to see and really turns me on. I loved the bit when Jiz Lee lays down her ground rules before they start, and they discuss all the discussions they had with each other prior to getting on stage through email, etc. The live audience is feeling super relaxed by then, making the at home audience almost feel like they are there in the room. It was a wonderful way to show how much fun communication and consent can be, as well as showing how important it is to sexuality, and especially pertaining to the act of fisting. 

The film ends with the cast grabbing Trouble for an 'all hands on deck' effort to get her off.  With lots of laughing and fun being had by all, the film ends on a relaxed note of satisfaction. Our at home audience is feeling pretty great by then too.  We happily sit and discuss our thoughts on the film, especially commenting on how sexy we found the communication towards the end. Now while not everyone will be comfortable watching this with their friends or even their lovers. I do hope that the concept can help ease people into the idea of sharing pornography and sex in their community, even if it is just by talking about it more. We all have to remember that way before film, home video cameras or the Internet, humans used to watch each other have sex, live. ‘Pornography’ of all sorts has been seen and shared throughout our species since long before we found a way to define it. I do hope that more pornographers will attempt to touch on this issue of sharing in an effort to redefine the genre.

January 2, 2012

Rising like a Phoenix

Now we know the rest of the battle of Arizona!
Phoenix the land of eternal sprawl named after a mythical beast with a pretty impressive recovery rate (although we would like to ask her girlfriend about it sometime)

Bike Smut has never been to the same place twice in Tucson but we are returning to the only place we have ever shared our porn in PHX

The Trunkspace
1506 NW Grand Ave
8pm $7 no one turned away for lack of funds

group ride details soon!