December 29, 2012

Bikesexual Confessions in Austin, TX

This Saturday Bike Smut returns to U.S. soil. 


The filthy bikefuckers of Austin Fucking Texas will get their opportunity to not only witness the worlds most explicit program of erotic bicycle movies (only a few of which can be seen online) but also they will CONFESS!

Thanks to our friends Bed Post Confessions and Austin´s natural tendency to drink we expect a lively set of expressions from the performers and the audience. These are heartfelt expressions of love and loss via, with or otherwise pertaining to, bikes!

But before we get to the movies and performances the upencoming homofab groups The Queer Ride And Team ProHomo are hosting a bike porn collage workshop at the same space along with oter

Come by and get your hands dirty, literally deconstructing bicycle and porno magazines into your own vision!

Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX
Saturday, January 5th
29th Street Ballroom at Spiderhouse
2906 Fruth Street
7 pm

Bike Porn Collage Workshop and Photobooth
same place
$6 - includes FREE entry to screening at 7pm

You are invited to Put yr FACE in our Crack

December 26, 2012

Jesus yr old!

Y ahora, mi amigo Jesus esta un poco mas viejo.
Mas Fiesta en District Federal! Sabado!

mas informactions pronto!

December 18, 2012

XXXMas Fiesta en OaXXXaca

Paseo de Porno!

MIÉRCOLES 26 dic, 2012 
Hidalgo 302, Central Historical

Se presentará por primera vez en Oaxaca "Bike Smut".
¡Libertad de transporte y libertad sexual!
¿Eres bici sexual?
¿Crees que una mejor manera de transportarse y mejor sexo son la llave para una mayor calidad de vida?
¿Tal vez piensas que la bici es sexy o que te sientes muy bien cuando andas en ella?
Bike Smut es el tour de un festival internacional de cine que celebra el transporte impulsado por energía humana y una cultura positiva del sexo.
La única manera de ver a Bike Smut es cuando se presenta en un teatro/cine, taller de bicicletas o en un sótano para una audiencia en vivo.
No hay DVD's a la venta y no hay proyecciones en medios. Esto es un reto para Bike Smut pero es la única manera de asegurar la privacidad.
Después de más de 1,000 proyecciones Bike Smut no ha tenido fugas. Mantienen la privacidad de los realizadores tan segura como ellos
Bike Smut es una experiencia compartida.
Normalmente vemos porno solos en los lugares más íntimos de nuestra casa (o para algunos, en el trabajo) rara vez hablamos de ello.
Bike Smut hace un llamado a una mayor honestidad en nuestra sexualidad. El sexo sucede. Podemos ignorarlo o aceptarlo.
¡Ver Bike Smut en un entorno social fomenta hablar de sexo, género y otros temas considerados tabú!
Bike Smut es cívico. Las políticas actuales están diseñadas para
reprimir la expresión sexual y la elección del transporte.
Bike Smut desafía esa tendencia mostrando la calidad de la expresión creativa y la cantidad de diversión inherente tanto al ciclismo y al sexo.
Ambas actividades (ciclismo y sexo) son elementos importante para un estilo de vida saludable y una agradable calidad de vida.

  Felix Fuckin Navidad...Merry Humpin Xmas   

gringo bici humor

As much as we want to belive in a snow angel appearing in every tamale we ingest, we are quite thrilled to not be wearing pants, thanks.

Hey! You think my spanglish is funny? That ainçt cochillo, meng..

Fozzy Bear would always be talking about how awesome Oaxaca is... in fact he ended nearly every single line he ever said by repeating his love for this beautiful Mexican state not once, not twice, BUT ALWAYS THREE TIMES!

Clearly this is a place of dreams.

Don´t wake us up, instead hop aboard the dream cycle, there is always room for one more!


Wed Jan 26
Cafe Central
Hidalgo 302

December 17, 2012

The Village Bicycle

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Founded by one of our favourite sex worker and eco-sex activist, Anne Sprinkle as a way to "memorialize my whore sisters that had died so horribly and needlessly."

Today, I was so overwhelmed by the powerful and moving tweets on #dec17, I decided it was time for me, as a privileged (ie: middle class, white) sex worker to 'come out' to my greater network of friends on facebook. While I am fairly open about what I do, I realized I had never stated it publicly, and I have a much further reach of friends on FB than I do in my day to day life. I thought it would be especially beneficial to some maybe well-meaning but misinformed old friends that might not know how their prejudices continue to stigmatize an already marginalized community of people. And, who can blame them. There is so much stereotyping and pigeon-holing from politicians and the media with no real representation from actual sex-workers.

So, I thought it might open their minds if they realized they already knew a real life sex worker who doesn't really fit into many of the usual stereotypes. I am not addicted or abused. I choose my occupation and I like it.  So, here is what I said:

Today is The International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers
Sex work is the world's oldest profession. It is as old as patriarchy and capitalism and as long as our society is governed by these things, sex work will continue. Sex work will not stop through criminalizing or stigmatizing it. Any attempt to stifle it through laws or culture will only result in more violence and danger in the work place.
Sex Workers do not need to be rescued from their(our) work. They(We) need to be rescued from the stigma and shame that society places on their(our) work which is what makes it dangerous. Sex Work is not bad for women, it is the patriarchy that classifies women as single-faceted and less than human. It is patriarchy that condones violence against us every single day, no matter what we do for a living. One can argue that within patriarchy all women are 'whores'.
Sex Worker rights are WORKERS rights. Sex Worker rights are HUMAN rights. Sex workers sell their body in exchange for money, which is what each and every one of you employed people does every day. Sex Workers are every bit as human as you and are just as undeserving of violence and harassment in the workplace or anywhere as YOU are.
Despite what you are told in the media, most sex workers choose their work. They are not trafficked and usually, anti-trafficking laws and those enforcing them, end up hurting many more than they 'save'.  They are prejudice and racist in assuming that, women, especially women of colour, are unable (too stupid or gullible) to make decisions about their life, livelihood and body themselves. Therefore, the only way any person would choose sex work as a profession would be through coercion or enslavement.
In an attempt to humanize sex workers, rather than thinking of them as the butt of a joke or a poor stereotype in a book or movie, I thought it might be nice for you to learn that you already know one… and it's me. If I don't fit into the archetype of what you think a sex worker is, maybe thats because most stereotypes are too general to fit anyone. I choose my work for many reasons. I like what I do and it affords me time to do other things I enjoy too.
I am a feminist. I am a sex worker. I hope knowing this about me will make you think twice before judging others and continuing to stigmatize and endanger us. Stand with sex workers, not against them. It is not a case of us vs them. Sex Workers are people, just like me and not so different from you.

And now to link this all back to bikes.... of course. Cyclists are marginalized and vulnerable road users. Just like sex workers, despite the stigma attached to differing from the norm of society, cyclist still deserve equal use of road space. Cyclists are people, just like drivers, and do not deserve violence directed towards them on the road. So cyclists, next time you think about stereotyping sex workers, you might want to think about how stereotypes of you, and how if more people stood up for your right to not be hurt in your daily commute, how much safer the streets would be for everyone. The more friends and allies that speak out for and support sex workers in their choices, the safer they will be.

And then we come to how the bicycle dramatically affected and still affects the liberation of women. The ability to rely on your own body and choose how and when and where you go will always be liberating. Just like being a self-employed, self-sufficient, contributing member of society, (like so many sex workers are or have the potential to be) is good for the community at large. 

Please support:

December 14, 2012

Puebla? I thought you said La Pube...

Sabado En Puebla!

Rodada hacia la proyección: Punto de reunión "fuente de los frailes" 20:00 horas

Vídeo Proyección 
Sábado 15 de diciembre
21:00 horas

Bike Smut es una colección de videos eróticos hechos por ciclistas de todo el mundo. Es creativo, inteligente y divertido. 
El festival que organiza ya va en su sexta edición y es una mirada colectiva y cachonda sobre la síntesis que forman movilidad y sexualidad.
Los videos solo pueden verse en proyecciones privadas, no hay DVD´s a la venta ni se pueden ver en la red.

Gracias a nos sponsors: Profética Casa de Lectura, PueBicla and BicioNudos

Una noche solo!

December 12, 2012

Virgin Cunt de Guadalupe!

Quatro semanas en Mexico y nos decimos "Gracias!" Gracias para la bici, y para sex!

Gracias para arte de bikesexual!!!

Esta Virgin Cunt Dia Para Guadalupe... feliz cumpleanos! 

de Bike Smut 

December 5, 2012

GDL Te Quieren!

Que quieren que bajar! Nos amig@s en La Casa PUC tienen muchas bebidas y encantan bicis!


Vamanos a 19:00 para bebidas, discucion, y pre-show videos!
Epazamos  a 20:00!


December 4, 2012

Una vez más GDL!

Guadalajara es muy simpatica. Un poco más paciente de DF con bonita mujeres y guapo hombres y muchos personas en la bicis!

Muchos personas quieren mas bici porno y lo tenemos, asi...

una vez más! Su última oportunidad en Guadalajara de ver estas películas representan más alegría y liberación en las calles y en la cama es pronto!


  • Esta Miércoles!
  • 5 December, 2012 
  • Agustín de la Rosa 616 
  • Bebidas a 7:00pm peliculas a 8:00pm
  • $10 - muy barrato
  • en la patio, llevar una manta!
  • Facebook

Llevan un poco mas dinero para el calcomanías excellente!

Foto credit: sonofson, y... lo siento no sé donde los otras fotos es de... tu sabes? Dimé!

December 3, 2012

Rapido Radio Ahora!

En Guadalajara en la radio a las 9 en

It's been a while since we were talking bikes and sex on the air 
About time we got on a MEXICAN RADIO

eschucha nos!

Media Monday: Fleshbot wants to ride our bicycle...

After our fantastic show in Toronto, we had the pleasure of talking to the delightful Sophie Delancey about Bike Smut and this year's program, Turning Trixxx. And now her thoughts and observations are up on one of our favourite porno-media vehicles: Fleshbot.  Read all about it, right here!

Highlights include: a great compliment to Jessie Sparkles and his movie 'The Bike Wizard'. (Which was  also featured on Fleshbot a few months back!) Plus shout outs to our more seasoned pornographers: Courtney Trouble and Madison Young

And to wrap is all up, she finished with this lovely little statement that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

 "Bike Smut is a great primer on indie porn, a great incentive to get on your bike and one of the funniest, sexiest nights I've had in recent memory. " 

Thanks again to Toronto, Good For Her, Fleshbot and Ms. Delancy. We hope to see hot bike fucking from Toronto for Bike Smut 7!