January 29, 2009

Urban Velo, bike pimp

Urban Velo's Brad Quartuccio and Jeff Guerrero have been documenting most of the important trends affecting city bikers for years. Their stories, photos and even adds are usually dripping in so much style that it might seem overwhelming to everyday readers.

Although they are based out of Pittsburgh (PGH!) they have been fairly successful in covering lots of culture from cities all over the world.

Just this past week our own call for entries to Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound graced their fine website.

Here is hoping that there are lots of aspiring filmmakers reading and rubbing.


heh, he said "wedge" ----------------------------->

Both Photos "mysteriously stolen" from Urban Velo's Flikr Pool.

January 23, 2009

Doing it the hard way (ie not on grass)

Our touring bike polo/porno team, the "Pork Barrels" have come home to find that things have not changed much in Portland hardcourt players

  • Goals are still ridden though.
  • Mallets are still thrown.
  • Bikes still break.
  • Some players are better than others
  • And due to our work ethics (few players are willing to save $$ to travel to other polo courts) the Axels of Evil are still the best players in the world (alongside Seattle and East Van).

Instead of us having to travel anywhere, we invite you to come try your might against us. Any Sunday at Alberta Park on NE 21st and Killingsworth. And if you want a taste of some real competitive action, a tournament is in the works in early March.

And speaking of bikes breaking, this past week our crack team of photographers were on hand to capture this gem:

The guy who did this really likes his bike, so you can imagine what he would do to someone he does not like.

January 19, 2009

Tod Seelie does bikes and sex, but not at the same time.

Tod Seelie's advice on pursuing a career in photography is a guide to living doing just about any art right. You are poor, respected and (assuming the most modest of needs) you get to have the time of your life every day you live.

"Um, don’t expect to make any decent money in band photography. Do it for the love of it, and hope you can find another way to make ends meet. I will mention one thing that I get asked a lot, which is how am I able to tour with bands and focus on photography without having a day job. The answer is to keep your expenses down. Re-examine what you really need. Don’t buy new things, be resourceful, eat cheap, dumpster dive, don’t spend money at bars, don’t own a car;ride a bike instead, and when you travel either give up or sublet your room. That last one is probably my biggest one. If you don’t need a lot of money to get by you don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to earn it. Your time is all you have, and having the freedom to spend it how you please is worth a lot more in my book." -Tod Seelie
This feels similar to the Pornographer's Playbook to Touring without Bankruptcy. These are lessons that are easy to understand but hard to live by.

Tod also talks about selling work and expectations regarding sharing of images. With any luck we will be able to find out more about his feelings on image privacy and ownership of media.

January 10, 2009

Remembering Claremont

Happy 2009 from the naked bikers of Pitzer College in Claremont University.

What marvelous happy-go-fucky bike folk. While we're not sure about the effects of our screening on the other colleges of Claremont University, Pitzer made great strides in the absolution of clothing as a social function of covering ones genitals.

I pray that you have started a tradition at Pitzer College. Meanwhile, I'll work on getting the Middle East Technical University naked this spring.
- anonymous student
Presently they are still playing bike polo and eating avocados like nobody's business. As of the current date, no pregnancies have ever been caused by direct contact with a bicycle, something to remember when school work starts to cause your mind to wander.

January 5, 2009

Ghost Bikes. Not Sexy!

Fascinating about death may make teenagers and Food Batchmakers wet in their pants but why is death often considered erotic?

It is just the taboo nature? Is it finding comfort in between a new friend's legs after a wake? Is it that we frequently find naked women with weapons surrounded by a bloodthirsty horde?

The idea that bikers must have a death wish to be traveling on the streets in anything so unsafe is one of the more infuriating justifications for not feeling guilt when driving.

When it comes to cycling we at Bike Porn Industries have a more challenging time keeping death sexy. So we dont.

We do however recognize that the cycle of life includes death and humping and sometimes what you are humping can help create more life.

The point is, riding bikes is fucking sexy, and while saying things like, "the dead will ride" is pretty sweet, mostly the dead are just dead, ie not sexy.

Our friends over at Urban Velo have just released their 11th issue with a feature on Ghost Bikes. Such respect to our fallen compatriots is noble if not sobering. link to the article