September 29, 2012


   Saturday, October 6th your favorite bicycle porn collective is coming to you in Detroit! That's right folks, Bike Smut is back in full force with brand SPANKING new smutty films for your pleasure.
Last years show was a BLAST, with fire spinning strippers, warehouse parties, critical massing and local Detroit bike art!
         Come join Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx for a night of erotic bicycle hilariousness. Bring your friends and your mum!

WHEN: Saturday, October 6th!
WHERE: Class City Cinema. 3420 Cass Avenue. (The same place as last time with a different name, was the Burton Theater!)
WHAT TIME IS IT?: 9:15 pm!
18+ (adult F.U.N. time)
$7 doll hairs

                                     AND REMEMBER TO:

September 28, 2012

Beth and Bike Smuts Excellent Adventure: Bozeman and beyond.

        After Colorado we were pretty gosh darn tired. We had to get to Bozeman, Montana, however it was quite a  treck so we decided to spend a night at Revs sister in laws parents. On the way to their house however, we had to stop by a hospital. Rev unfortunately had a bad staph infection in his right leg that was taken care of with antibiotics. While we were in Colorado it started to hurt more and more, and he was afraid the infection was going to come back. So we stopped by a hospital on our way to our hosts house for the night. The doctor said that there was nothing to really do except rest, and keep it elevated, so we took of to our hosts without much more information then we had before.
                                                                     Wyoming sunset.
        We spent the night in a lovely farm house in Wyoming. We were stuffed full of steak and potatoes for dinner and the most amazing pancakes for breakfast! The morning after our night there it was time to make the three hour drive to Bozeman. The headwinds on the I-94 were insane on the way, and more then once our car topper flew open and we had to get out and close her up again. The second time it happened revs sleeping mat flew out and since his leg is messed up, I took a five minuet walk back down the freeway to retrieve it. Have I told you guys yet that I hate big semi trucks? Well they are worse when you don't have the protection of a car door and window between you and its giant beast of a body. Well that was a scary walk, I can tell you.

                                                          Leon, the friendly traveler.
     While I was walking a friendly gentleman stopped to see if we needed any help. His name was Leon and he was a well versed traveler. From Canada originally, he makes his way down through the states to Mexico city every year in his van. What a lovely, genuine man. Gave us some traveling tips about traveling in Mexico and hopes that we can meet up there at some point. When he finally left and we had everything secured down to the roof, we went to start the car... and of course she would not start. So for the second time this trip we had Babs Johnson towed, this time we were in the tow truck (first time for everything), and we were taken the last sixty miles of the trip into Bozeman.
      We dropped of the van at a garage and were picked up by an old friend of Revs from Portland. A curly blond haired zoobombing awesome lady named Harty. She was a modern day cowgirl, and so much fun to hang out with. Not only was she extremely easy to get along with, but she was also a fantastic cook and each night we had something delicious for dinner. While the van was getting fixed up, we spent the day visiting the space where we were to do our show that night, passing out flyers to college kids and visiting a sex shop called The Erotique, where I got my first vibrator given to me after I mentioned that I didn't actually own any sex toys! Its a cute little purple shiny thing called a bullet. Wooooeahhh!! Haven't used it yet but ill tell you all about it when I do (maybe).
Well the gentleman gave us all sorts of fun little gag gifts like a blow up sex sheep and a silly string spurting penis to give away at a show. That was really lovely of him. Our show that night was a small one, one of the smallest we have had, but the crowd was lovely and participated in their way and the ones I did get to talk to said they really enjoyed it and were glad they came (pun intended?).
        The next day our van was fixed and we took of for our drive across North Dakota. Eleven hours away was Minneapolis, and with nowhere to stay in any of the Dakotas we decided to make it an all night drive. My first ever all night drive and also mu first experience with five hour energy shots. Expert Tip: Don't mix them with redbull. I didn't sleep at all. I drove for five hours straight while Rev slept in the back of the van, until I decided I should probably try and sleep. I don't know if you guys have ever tried to sleep on that stuff. It doesn't work. I lay low for three hours while Rev drove then took over for him again when he could no longer carry on. This happened on and off until finally we were in Minneapolis! And oh the fun times we had in front of us that we had no idea awaited us!
More on Minneapolis coming up in the next blog post. Probably gonna be obvious by the title. Keep an eye out.

September 27, 2012

Wanton in the Windy City

When I think of Chicago, the first thing that comes to mind is the neon rainbow lit walkway at the airport. While the connection between bikes and sex to this big piece of public art in the biggest city in the midwest might seem tenuous, when you think about it, it actually relates quite well. First, it being a rainbow, which is now synonymous with a representation of a variety of sexualities in the LGBTQ community, and second it being a walkway at an airport, which is all about transportation, albeit not human-powered. 

But enough with my mumbo jumbo, all you need to think about when you think about Chicago this week is super hot bike sex! 

On Friday, Chicago will celebrate 15 years of riding in the streets with Critical Mass. The ride will start at the usual spot which is:

Daly Plaza
5:30 pm

AND THEN......

Bike Smut 6 Turning Trixxx happens on:

Saturday September 29th
at the Music Box Theater
3733 N. Southport Ave
11:59 (midnight)

Thank you to Kristina Hill for the great local poster art. 

After you get all worked up from the screening, it's advisable to take a bike ride over to our wonderful local sponsors, Early to Bed. (Or be prepared and ride over there before the show!) Early to bed is Chicago's local sex-positive and female friendly sex shop. Not only do the serve their community by helping to support more sex-positivity, but they also supported Tour de TriXXX in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit!

September 25, 2012

Beth and Bike Smuts Excellent Adventure: Colorado Oh Colorado.

What an incredible few days spent in Colorado!
Well, at first Babs Johnson, the smuttiest van in the world, decided to break down on us just outside of Fort Collins. What a beezy. So we got her towed to a local shop and were picked up by Revs brother. We spent the night at his house and the next day met his lovely wife and cute son. We broke down on Tuesday and had a show on Wednesday so we gathered all that we needed from the Van, borrowed Revs brothers extra car and made our way to Boulder for Wednesday evening. Our show took place at a warehouse called the Phoenix Asylum, where a handful of local artists rent out spaces and work there. The show was great, lovely people came and they had some interesting questions. One being, "Is it cheating if you ride more then one bike?." I personally have five different bikes so am I bike polyamorous? I'm not sure.
Phoenix Asylum Audience, Boulder, Colorado.
After the show we hung out at 303 Vodka with some of the local bike enthusiasts. Drinks were drunk, I had a Vootbeer float (vanilla vodka, rootbeer and whipped cream, yum!), and friends were made. An old friend of Revs, Gaylen, provided some hilarious commentary on the bike porn industry and made us laugh a whole bunch. Del, the co collaborator of a space called Burn Works that builds freak bikes and bike furniture among other things, offered to lend me a bike since mine was on the van still. This was for the ride that was happening Thursday night. The Happy Thursday Ride, with a theme of disco zombies, I just couldn't miss it. The gang convinced me to stay in the area for an extra day while Rev sorted out the van. Rev ended up passing out in Gaylens big red box truck, Clifford, and I stayed with a wonderful gentleman named Peter, who worked from the Phoenix Asylum.

Muffin, our waitress and fellow Drew Barrymore lookalike.  
Gaylen in Clifford, the big red box truck.
Thursday morning Rev, Gaylen and a lady that I don't remember the name of met up for breakfast. It was lovely, and we had a waitress called Muffin who looked and sounded like Drew Barrymore. They think I look like her too so we took a picture together. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Phil went of to work on the van and I stayed in Boulder and hung out with Gaylen all day on Clifford. We ran errands, picked up some beer and around 7pm we got on our bikes and rode out to meet the ride. It was unlike any ride I have been on before. Each stop was extremely short, and there was a bicycle cop that rode with everyone and stood there staring at us as we danced to disco music and hung out. It was like being at a middle school dance with a chaperone watching your every move. Regardless of Sgt. Buzzkill, we had a lot of fun. It was nice to be back on a bike again and I made some new friends. One of them was Reverend Tommy, a wonderfully bald gentleman with a kind voice and soft personality. We got along well.
Audience at Deer Pile, Denver, Colorado
The Deer Pile.
Friday rolled around too quickly and it was with a heavy heart that I left Boulder. But the next show was upon us and the excitement one can only get before a show once again reared its little head. Our next show was in Denver, not too far of a drive and we made it there in no time. The space we performed at was called the Deer Pile. It was a wonderful community of local artists that open up one of the rooms so acts like our can do shows and get out our word. The show went as well as one could expect, with one gentlewoman wearing the underpants again but this time over sparkly leopard print tights. It was a laugh, and after the show we drank beers and hung out with the local artists that worked at the Deer Pile and helped us put together the show. It was there that I met a wonderful new friend and my new pen pal. His name is Ethan, and we stayed up till five o clock in the morning chain smoking hand rolled cigarettes, drinking tea and talking about life, art, music and everything in between. It was one of those conversations that belonged in a movie and one I will remember for a lifetime. Sleep finally came on a giant bean bag chair at the Deer Pile and by 10 am we were ready to start our day! We hopped in the Van, she wouldn't start, so a friend of Revs jumped her. We then drove her over to Denver Bike polo. We hang out at bike polo for the day eating a picnic or a whole chicken, baguette, cheese and assorted veggies. That was Saturday, the day we had our show in Fort Collins. Oh my oh my.
Leo and Marsha, our wonderful hosts and Revs family. 
We had ended up back at Revs Brothers house where naps and showers were taken before the show. We then realized that the films had to be put on a DVD since the Lyric Cafe Theater that we were doing the show at didn't have the right system for a lap top. It took longer then expected and by the time the DVD stopped, we were late. We rushed and got there just in time (kiiinda). Rev started the show, but I am not sure how smoothly it went as I was in the cafe part setting up my merchandise table. I did go into the show half way through however and about five minuets after I did a young woman, who apparently did NOT like the show, stood up yelled "This is an outrage!" and stormed out. I am not kidding. The whole audience applauded her and one gentleman shouted after her "You are a dying breed!". Fucking hilarious. She then proceeded to argue with the barista that worked there about her views on being a conservative. Such entertainment. The show packed up around 1am and exhausted and feeling like zombies we made our way back to Revs brothers for some well needed rest.
BBQ night at Burn Works Proper
On Sunday, we stopped by Boulder again to say goodbye. We swung by the Phoenix Asylum, Burn Works and 303 Vodka warehouses and ran into Gaylen. He told us of a BBQ that night and we were down, of course. We went to a supermarket with a wonderful couple and Gaylen sitting in the back of Babs. We picked up chips, dip and STEAK. So much steak. Oh and beer. Lots of beer too. We spent the night grilling, eating RANCH (say it in a British accent I dare you) and talking about powdered donuts. It was a lovely night, however it couldn't last forever and we had to eventually clean up and go out separate ways. The next day we had a lovely lunch with Revs brother and his wife (two of the nicest people I have ever met!), and then we were on the road again. This time heading for Bozeman, Montana!

                             Sometimes you just gotta visit and hang out in community gardens. 
What crazy adventures have we gotten ourselves into since then? Well you will find out shortly as I will be posing them right here for your very own eyes. Stay tune bike smutters! Check out more stories of our trip by searching for Beth's Perspective!

September 23, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Madison

Hawt damn, we thought Wisconsin's Capitol City would not be able to host us this go around, what with the new school year and all. But porno-centric minds prevailed and we are exposing ourselves this coming Wednesday!

Madison, WI
Lothlorien Co Op
244 W Lakelawn Pl
7pm.  $3-7 donation
Adults only
Connect with yr FaceBookin Friends

There have been talks of bike rides and pastries happening. We want to see yr creative side! What you got?!?

September 20, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Milwaukee

Are these the lands of sky blue waters?

When self-identified anarchistic community watering holes decide to host an evening of graphic human-powered transportation porno AND THEN they amaze us with stunning art...

Well we have a tendency to sit up and take notice!

Thursday, September 27th
The Public House

815 E Locust St
8pm, $5
FaceBook Invite you demand?!
CLICK HERE we say!!

September 19, 2012

Minneapolis get maximum bike sex

Tour de TriXXX is quickly moving east and our first official stop in the 'mid-west' is Minneapolis. New(ish) home to one of our favourite feminists and former filmmakers, Nickey Robo. Headquarters to one of the most gender-bending bike clubs in the lower 48, Queer Bike Gang. And the brick and mortar hub of the wonderful feminist sex shop, Smitten Kitten. All of these wonderful people in one place, and they all wanted to help with the show!

Nickey Robo, actually hosted Bike Smut 5: Speed about 6 months ago to help support the awesome new group Wheel Sexy. It was one of the only shows we did not personally show up to screen, but we think she still did a great job!  Nickey helped sort out a space for us in MSP again, and created the magnificent flyer you see above.

Queer Bike Gang has also helped us out in the past, and this year they will be leading our pre-show ride, which will start at Smitten Kitten at 8 and deliver you to the show right on time for the start.

Smitten Kitten is one of Tour de TriXXX's very special sponsors and is helping us spread the good word of bike sexuality all over North America. They have been getting Minneapolis hot and bothered since 2003 and have a top-notch online store too. They are an excellent resource for mid-westerners and bike-sexuals the world over. 
Be sure to check them out online or at their store: 3010 Lyndale Ave S.

And of course, don't miss the show!

Saturday, September 22
Bedlam Community Design Center
2714 E 27th St

September 17, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Bozeman

Montana shows are pretty rare. Although we spend a lot of time encouraging even small (some might say, "backwater") towns to contact us to set up a screening it takes a bit of coordination to pull it off right.

Thankfully we have some great friends in Bozeman, who unlike Wyoming or the Dakotas are all set to present the worlds most graphic collection of bicycle movies FOR FREE to those who can make it to the campus of MSU this Wednesday night.

The Procrastinator on MSU campus
Free ($3 suggested donation you cheap bastards)
7pm   18+
Join our FaceB00K event for online interaction with young coeds nowhere near you!

Then it is on to MNPLS!

September 15, 2012

Sexulaizing Other Transportation

Of course we are primarily attracted to the total self reliance and independence of the bicycle. A tool that delivers unparalleled elegance and efficiency while making your legs burn so good with every mile. However there are other forms of transportation out there. Everything under the sun has been sexualized at some point, and some things have more staying power than others.

barbed train car rod for confident insertion

Speaking of power the ability to move tons of freight and bodies faster than 100 mph over great distances is pretty impressive.  And of course the Japanese really appreciate their trains... this video of crowds of people waiting all day to greet the new high speed rail is pretty heart warming

Particularly when compared to this series of movies titled  Subway Serial Rape: Lover Hunting 

Or even what we guess is extreme anal furry-train porn?

you should thank us, we could have made this image much larger

For all the forms of transportation out there, and people who have taken on the monikers of transportation it can be a little confusing how we got here, so that we can have a better idea about where we are going.

Professional Wrestler, Tugboat
tell me about obscenity
And finally we come to the big payoff for all this confusing chatter. For although we really do appreciate bikes in their various forms, all objects are still objects and thus subject to the individual's subjective ideas on objectivity! (heh) Since any object could be taken any way (as demonstrated above) we have chosen to target the emotion and experience of utilizing that object. Normally we are a bit snobbish about the experience of cycling being far superior, but then there are certain delights that are not easily achieved... like sleeping or staring out of a window, or getting a rim job in a bathroom. These activities are more the province of mass transit.

What if we advertised buses like we do cars?

Tip of the hat to

Update, even Toronto, Canada has something to say about how amazing their mass transit although it seems they got a bit of a chip on their shoulder...

"Hey, appreciate our fucking transit system or a bunch of people with power tools and safety gear are gonna make you wish you had!"

September 14, 2012

Getting Lyrical in FoCo

The fine folks at the Lyric Cinema Cafe in  Ft. Collins were motivated to write a story about what it means to be "adult"

As a public venue, we get a lot of strange encounters on a pretty regular basis.  A few years ago we had an especially colorful character came in seeking out an enjoyable movie-going experience.  He was an elder man, with no more than four or five teeth in his mouth (the rest must have been around somewhere), rainbow striped suspenders (ala Mork), an Elmo t-shirt, large glasses about as thick as my thumb and a ball cap with extra long bill, I'm sure for added effect.  He was very nice, but clearly indifferent to which movie he wanted to see.  So I steered him in the direction of "Let The Right One In", which he seemed to think was a suitable title, and headed into the wrong theater.  He seemed eager to see anything, so I didn't bother to re-direct him.

After about ten minutes he came back out and asked in a wet gummy drawl what was playing in the theater he had just exited.  I said it was "Two Lovers" to which he looked at me and the customer I was talking to at the time with a toothless sneer of confusion and headed to the other theater.  He switched theaters two or three times before he decided the bathroom was a far superior sitting area for 10 minutes.  When he finally came out, and in his thick tongued accent asked what "I've Loved You So Long" was about, I thought another tooth was going to fall out in disappointment when I told him it was a french drama.  "So, are you guys an adult theater then?" he asked.  To which the customer I was conversing with went beat red, holding back his laughter. "We play movies for adults, yes." I answered. "No, I mean ADULT."  I kept playing dumb for a bit until he spat out what he was getting at....literally.  And that, my friends is why these theaters don't exist anymore....UNTIL NOW!  This weekend we are bringing smut back to the large-ish screen with BIKE PORN.  So bring an extra box of kleenex and a poncho, we'll get extra mop heads and have a great time!

 We are bringing the joy to our last show in Colorado tomorrow! Then it is on to Bozeman, MT!! w00t!

Turning TriXXX in Denver

Whew! We had a handful of friends and supporters who had been trying to help us find the right place to share our smut with wheels... without success for months. With the Boulder and Ft Collins show booked for several weeks and no promising leads in Denver we were ready to give up on it all together. Especially discouraging because we have had some really excellent shows in Denver before.

Check out some of these pictures from the about the same time a presidential term ago:

This pic was NOT from the first ever Desecration Cat, but it should have been

Denver Kink Tank offered some bodies for abuse

By any measure it was a success

This weekend we haven't planned fun bonus activities,  amazing local performers, or a team of twinks prancing around in thongs, but we do have a venue where all of these things COULD HAPPEN.

Friday September 14
Deer Pile
206 East 13th Avenue
10:30 pm
Generous donations appreciated!

Then we have our last Colorado show on Saturday in Ft Collins!

September 13, 2012

Sponsored Smut

I know what you might be thinking.  "Sponsors? I thought you guys were like totally D.I.Y. and punk and just wanted to liberate people from their hetero-normative and single-mode-of-transportation ways! What are you doing with SPONSORS??! Did Bike Smut sell-out?"

Well, as some of you bike-sexuals out there might know. We do not release DVDs or put the movies online, which means we MUST travel to share these awesome movies. It also means we have to rely entirely on our audience for support. (That is, the audience that didn't have to work, or feed their parrot, or had a flat tire that night, and actually made it to the show.)  It is important to us that our audience has a chance to interact with others, exchange ideas, and see something they might have skipped if they were watching at home. 

However, All that travelling to share this amazing art ain't cheap. Plus, there are all these awesome companies out there with similar ideals to us, and we thought maybe our audience would benefit from knowing about them, and maybe even getting some awesome give-aways too!

They are helping us. We are helping them. You are (hopefully) helping us, and in turn we will all help each other. I think its a win/win all around so........
Without further adieu, The sponsors for 'Tour de Trixxx' are:

More details about these wonderful companies will be posted in the coming weeks. See you at the show!

September 10, 2012

Beth and Bike Smuts Excellent Adventure: the first few shows + pictures (like stories for your eye balls)

    I am the new girl. The newbie. I like the way it sounds, but I am going to strive for a new name by the end of the tour like... the well versed in bike smut tourbie? We may have to work on that. This is my first post on this blog, but it will not be my last. My updates will come frequently. However as I have been distracted these past few days and I have updated you after the first three shows. Sorry bout that, I will remember in the future. I will. Trust me! With these updates I hope to give you guys a new perspective of what shenanigans we are getting ourselves into and whats its like to tour across America showing short erotic bicycle films. The perspective of a 20 something, British, purple haired cyclist. Hold on to your bike seats ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a F.U.N. one! - Beth Willow Yeah!
Our trusty steed!

   First weekend of the tour, three shows in and all of them successful so far! We sat of Thursday and made it just in time to Bend, Oregon. Luckily this show was in a theater so the only needed to be set up was the laptop and the merchandise table. We did two shows that night one at 7:30 pm and another at 9:30 pm. The first was good, small, but interesting participants that made it fun! Our lovely host offered me, rev and Poppy a beer and a slice of pizza each so with a little food and a local beer in our bellies we starts the show
     The audience was lovely and provided some good insight into some of the films. By the time of the second show the room had been filled so I could tell this was going to be a lot more fun. I sold condoms and stickers to those who were interested. One of them was a young man, an artist, who was going to be deployed shortly back to Afghanistan. He called me ma'am which me me blush. I told him no one had ever called me that before and he said it was a shame. He bought a sticker that says my other car is a tiny penis, he is going to put it on his gun when he gets deployed. He made me an origami flower out of one of our programs while we talked about sculpture and the human body. He thinks it's the most beautiful form of art there is and finds himself getting disappointed by those who see it as a taboo, as something that isn't beautiful.  I don't remember his first name, but I'm pretty sure his last name is Cobb. So I call him Sgt. Cobb. He made sure I knew he was only going to war to pay for school. I hope it all works out for him, he was a very real person and that's rare to find. 

The audience's perspective in Bend, Oregon

      Our hosts were two wonderful people. Micha was the husband and his wife brought there eleven week old son to the show. They have four kids. They invited to sleep at their house, however the kids waking up at 8 in the morning was an issue for those of us who wanted more sleep so we ended up staying at the movie theatre. It was comfortable and in the morning we were able to get a coffee from the shop next door. That was on Friday, the day Poppy left back to Portland so she could work. She will meet up with us in Minneapolis and Gaurdrail is supposed to be meeting us on the 12th. Or in Bozeman. We haven't gotten to that point yet. So we left Poppy with a sign to hitch back to pdx (she arrived safely!) and then it was just Rev and myself on the road for the twelve hour drive to Salt lake city.
 Alvord natural hot springs sunrise.

        We had a night to space before the show so we decided to split it up into two six hour trips. I drove on the highway for the first time. Open road, no speed limit and no cops around. Couldn't have asked for better driving conditions either, although it did get a tad windy at times. We drove to a placed called the Alvord hot springs just on the border of Oregon next to a huge playa of desert and nothingness. The hot springs are a naturally occurring treat that at the source is next to boiling, but by the one it gets to the tub we were in it was 170 degrees. And what a treat it was being able to wash of the sweat from the day of driving and drink a nice beer under the blanket of stars that covered us. While in the sprig we met a handful of wonderful people. The first was a couple named Vivian and David. They had met 15 years ago very close to where we were then, and they lived not too far away. She was a veterinary surgeon and he used to race bicycles back in the day. Then he started racing vintage sports car when he got a little older. Now he makes or fixes machines (a little foggy on the detail here!). We got to hear some awesome birthing stories and When i asked Vivian what her favorite part of the job was she said pulling cow out of lakes when they have fallen in. I thought that was funny. We met another young man that night called Tree Lifegiver. We told them all about the tour and they were all interested, promising to look us up and check out  show one day. We slept in the van that night with the side door open to see the stars and the sunrise. We awoke early, went for another soak then set of in the road to salt lake city.

Winners of the Good Vibrations giveaway!

        We arrive earlier then we did at the Bend show and again the theatre was already set up, this time in an awesome bike warehouse called point six percent productions or Brian's place. The first tall bike sighting of tour happened here as people started making their way in around 7:30. Brian, our host, changed into his dressing gown and the show began. It was a Saturday night and the small but die hard cyclist scene of salt lake city had come to see the show. They laughed, shouted and cheered through the whole show adding an hilarity to the already quite funny videos. After the films and the questions and comments we went into the first free give away of the tour from Good Vibrations. Earlier in the evening two gentlemen named Steve and Mark Chetti (or Cheddar?!) helped devise a series of events that would allow participants to win the prizes. They included a tricycle lap dance, beer bottle blow jobs and sexual trivia questions. Amazing lap dances were performed including some very graphic couples performing the beer bottle blow jobs. Harts of to Jimmy for the best tricycle lap dance of the night. Hilarious! Our sides were hurting from laughter but we still danced the night away, sold some underpants (which Steve took the liberty of walking around in all night) and had many discussions of bicycle and sexuality! Bikesexuality! We closed out the night hanging out at a locals house, where I (Beth) got to meet a rather fluffy rag doll cat called Louie. 100% awesome tour so far! 
        Tomorrow it is on to Boulder where the tour will continue and the blog post will start coming after every show! (sorry for the late updates!)

See you at a show near you fellow bike smutters! Keep the F.U.N. between your legs and remeber, safety 3rd! 
Follow the twitter, tumblr and Beth willow yeahs instagram (just search that name or any bike smut hashtag!) for updates on photos and other tid bits along the road!

Newbie out!

Turning TriXXX in Ft Collins

For ages we have struggled with finding an appropriate place to share our films in Ft. Collins.

Our first screening in Ft Collins was at Hodi's Half Note.  The music club had a nice feel and the workers worked to make it as comfortable as possible, but nevertheless it still felt like a bar and half of the audience shyly kept to the back.

The second time we had tried to work with various clubs at the University of Colorado. We had even attended a sponsoring club's meting so its members could know that not only were we real, but that we we also have near bulletproof ethics. In the end it was decided the safest and easiest thing was just to have everyone gather on the campus and ride around until we found an open door. Then we would rush in, set up, watch porn, cheer and leave before anyone was the wiser. The Afterparty was similarly amazing with a naked photo shoot to help promote the ideals of (which are pretty noble, if your not familiar)

The last time we were in Ft Collins we got to share our movies at an upcoming community space, Hammertime. The afterparty was again quite memorable and included a game of ninja freeze tag.


This year we have secured the Lyric Cinema Cafe as our venue. This is one of those micro-cinemas that has been around longer than seemingly possible, considering most micro-cinemas only last a few years at most.

Saturday Sept 15th   
300 E Mountain    

And there's no telling what afterparty action will go down, unless you are at the show, in the seats, ready to kick some naked ninja ass!

September 9, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Boulder

Our all new program of independently produced bicycle erotica will make its East of the Rockies premier!
Bike Smut is Turning TriXXX in Colorado!
Wednesday, September 12th.
The Phoenix Asylum
2510 47th St Unit D
Doors at 7pm, $7. Limited space, come early to make sure you get in!
The festival will feature an all new interactive performance by our exciting Tourista, Beth Yeah! This program is guaranteed to make you feel one or more of the following emotions: hilarity, arousal, wistfulness, curiosity, and surprise!

These films are never put on DVD or the internet, and are shown only at the travelling film festival. If you want to see them now is your chance!

After party at 303 Vodka next door!

The Phoenix Asylum cooperative is located at 2510 47th St., Unit D, Boulder, CO. To find us, once you are on 47th St., north of Old Pearl, park in front of the "47th St. Industries" building, and walk between the two green/teal warehouses. Our door is on the left, with a bulldog painted on it.

Invite your peeps via the FaceBook event

September 4, 2012

Birth of a Bikesexual Nation

Marisa Black has been a frequent and popular writer for Dodson and Ross for some time. This summer she decided to take her transportation in her hands, not knowing exactly where it would deliver her spirits.

Getting my crotch accustomed to the pressure was a challenge. But in a surprisingly short period of time, long stints became much easier, even pleasurable, on my tender bits.

 But that is just the beginning of a fabulous Bike Sexual tale that deserves to be heard and shared the world over! Click here to hop in the saddle!

Certainly my love affair with Dawn the Bike includes sexual aspects. Being physical and exerting myself increases my feeling of residing inside my body, ramping up my already-high libido. The vibration of turning wheels travels through the frame and makes my vulva quiver. That long, sustained, self-created vibe in my cunt leaves me abuzz. The edge of the saddle pressing against my lips elicits a quiet smile. Just the thought of time on my bike causes my thighs to twitch and my groin to contract. Being on my bike, my beloved Dawn, has become a highly erotic activity.

Exciting verbiage, but little can compare with this closer!

"The sense of capability, of taking myself where I want to go, by my own power, is beyond the literal aspects of linear movement. Bicycling is capable empowerment. I can do this. I can go places. I can take myself there. My body is a vehicle of transformation"

thnaks Ms Black!

September 3, 2012

a decade of deca-dance!

Did we say that right? Uh. Yes. Yes we did.

Thank you Zoobomb for giving us the cause to go down every week with so many wonderfully liberated bodies in motion!

 ZBX, our 10-year anniversary concludes with a Birthday cake feast tonight at Col Summers Park. Join us if you can!

Audience Reactions to "Turning TriXXX" - Seattle

Whenever possible we love to give voice to the people who live the life and make their community more exciting by their presence. We had the opportunity to meet one such leader in his community after our recent screening in Seattle.

Abundant a user on the popular sexual website, FetLife had this to say about our new program Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX:

The show was great. Fun mix of content (though I am a straight dude withe the predictable biases). I can see how more gender & orientational diversity would appeal, though that clearly depends on the submissions you get. And some of the prior showings I've seen had tons of diversity.

handmade bike chain choker by Abundant
I really enjoyed the surrounding questions, conversation, and interaction with the audience, even if we were a little reluctant to engage. People seemed looser after the show; maybe prime with some questions before, and then return to those same questions after?

Also, I'd love it if the URLs presented in the films were also available somewhere else. Maybe they are in the blog? I'm thinking of indiepornrevolution and something like lexieweb? The euro buttplug ride one. And any others I'm forgetting.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. Thanks again for putting on such a fun show for bikesexuals like us.
Thank you Abundant! Having excited people wanting to examine and appreciate various forms of sexuality make this massive project worthwhile. That and the handlebar rides... and the parties. Okay, most of this is seriously fabulous, but we are grateful for your words just the same!

September 1, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Salt Lake

Oh Salt Lake, so delightfully misunderstood. There are few places where we see the shining glory of budding bikesexuality with such vigor and excitement. Maybe it is the oppressive dominate culture that gives them the extra energy to bring our screenings-turned bike races-turned dance parties to the hilt? Either way Salt Lake has a special place in our hearts, as it never fails to provide an amazing show.

We are stoked to return to one of our most favorite venues in the entire Northern Hemisphere, the uplifting bikesexual palace of Point Six Percent Productions!

Don't know about em? Come on down to the show and learn all about it! There will be about a hundred shining faces ready to excitedly learn and share!

Saturday Sept 8th
Point 6 Percent Productions 
1130 South Richards Street 
8pm    $7    18+
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Bring it.