June 9, 2016

World Naked Bike Ride, Las Vegas, Baby!

Its naked bike ride season! Get your bewbs and your butts and your bodies ready to ride!

We have been covering and uncovering the World Naked Bike Ride since our inception in 2007. The future of Bike Smut is still unknown but we are confident the ideals inherent to biking naked will carry on!

This weekend for the first time ever the denizens of the City of Sin are encouraged to bare their bodies to the reality of modern living which include (but are not limited to):
  • Shame and ridicule for having bodies that are not up to Hollywood standards
  • Exposure to auto emissions
  • Sunburns
  • Traffic
  • Seeing others naked bodies
  • Others seeing your naked body
  • Fun times

Its an odd thing but when enough people gather together to do something that would normally be dangerous or even off-putting, it suddenly becomes acceptable... even patriotic! Such is the nature of  community standards. If the community decides that it doesn’t find nudity offensive then its not offensive. Shall we just blindly inherent our sense of morals from our fore-bearers, who inherited theirs from some stuffy Victorian sense of puritanical propriety? NAY! We must proudly examine our taboos with great trepidation (and a pinch of zeal) so as to avoid continuing lame traditions that at best may have suited a community for its time but were never meant to be carried on so long and at worse should never have been considered in the first place.

The Erotic Museum has made a pledge to help protect our individual right to explore sexuality freely and without shame or coercion. So the "Bare As You Dare" idea of the World Naked Bike Ride fits in perfectly. This idea has not escaped our local media. Rosalie Spear of the Las Vegas Weekly made it their front page story this week:
In our society, the human body is highly sexualized, and its public baring is usually deemed a criminal offense.  The World Naked Bike Ride already occurs annually in more than 75 cities in over 20 countries. This peaceful political protest celebrates our natural form in a non-sexual manner while calling attention to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Riding nude suggests a dichotomy, between being vulnerable yet empowered.
That may be the most concise, intellectual way that idea has been expressed. Take a moment to imagine being a driver in a car and seeing many naked bikers. You likely would give them more room because, "I don't want to hit them, they are naked!" Yet you could pass every other biker without a second thought about their safety. As if clothes offered sufficient protection. A case study showed that drivers passed closer to cyclists wearing bike helmets, presumably because they were less concerned about hitting them so it stands to reason naked bikers would be even safer!

Moreover, Las Vegas may be the most difficult place to bike in North America. Having traveled across much of the country we can say with certainty that there are aspects that are absolutely brutal. Most major roads feel more like highways with more active traffic entering and exiting from all the businesses. They both often have 3,  4 or more lanes of travel and lights that are timed for travel at speeds that are near impossible for bikers to maintain. The neighborhood streets in between major arteries often result in dead ends leaving the unwary biker right where they started, only more dehydrated as the endless asphalt keeps the desert heat long into the night. This compounded with half the population visiting from elsewhere, being encouraged to drink and gamble all day and night with the comfort that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Though all this we find a way. Like many bikers in other cities we learn techniques for mitigating risk. We ride in packs when possible. We learn safer routes and times but there are still a lot of people on the margins. People who haven't been riding long, or haven't thought to look for a different route. By building a stronger community we make it possible for us to organize and improve the conditions for everyone.

This is actually really important because this joyous parade is protected part of our freedom of expression. The people have the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Say it proud what you think, or better yet, show up early and write your ideas on your skin. You know loads of people will be reading your thoughts (as long as its not too wordy).

This is a WORLD naked bike ride. It happens in dozens of places all over the world. We can help each other by letting people know where to join a naked ride in




Mexico City,


If you would like to host a ride of your own you can start it by adding your location to this ever expanding list of rides.

While at the museum ask to ride the world's largest sex bike 

Its no wonder that the WNBR and Bike Smut are such good friends. It is only with the autonomy of our own bodies independence that we can feel free to explore freely (or conversely, give up that freedom to a trusted dominant partner).

Its your body! Its your life! Expose it as you will without the burden of patriarchal norms that should have been phased out more than a century ago. Bring a friend and join us as we take to the streets in Las Vegas' First ever World Naked Bike Ride!

Saturday, June 11th
Erotic Museum
3275 Sammy Davis Jr Drive
6PM  Free food, Free beverages, vendors, bike mechanics, tabling, body painting and live DJ!

Please register here so we have enough goodies for everyone!

June 3, 2016

NYC Porn Film Fest!

A festival of Porn in New York City? Why yes, this weekend is the NYC Porn Film Festival!

JebusTits, there is so much porn in one room:
  • Bushwick Arts Festival
  • Ryan Sullivan’s ISLAND + panel discussion of barebacking in contemporary porn
  • Katie Rex & panel explores pornography in feminist culture/its positive affirmations in the lives of the performers & viewers
  • The Social Sex Revolution: Cindy Gallop and associates for 2 short talks and a screening of MakeLoveNotPorn.tv
  • Oskur Garcia presents: "Anthropocene" Anarchco-queer-porn curator from Berlin
  • AK Burns & A.L. Steiner's 69-minute sociosexual film about community

  • Porn as a tool to legitimize a visual aesthetic while transforming it into a categorized fetish
  • Mistress Dahlia Rain's introduction to financial domination

  • Dale Cooper presents PIRACY!
  • Bike Smut: Interracial alien orgies, power-tool wielding lesbians, Mexican post-porn saddle squirting
  • Antonio Onio's Loose Holes, A selection of shorts that examine how technology effects sex
  • Max Bernstein presents... Comedians talk about pornography.
  • Gerry Visco & Ron Jeremy present 'The Golden Age of Porn' Screening of the film: JOY + panel discussion

  • Daliah Saper presents Revenge Porn: high profile cases, discuss legal issues & the unstoppable streams of distribution.
  • Furrie Culture & Sex The subculture of Furry involves anthropomorphic animal characters

  • Alfred Bruyas presents "Unkempt" collected pornography by video artists united in their use of noise and mess.

There's some heavy hitters of the porn world in this lineup and Bike Smut is honored to be included among them. The issues of art and porn have, largely, been the issues of distribution.  Of the 16 different programs offered this weekend EIGHT of them are directly addressing this issue. 
We don't talk about it very often but Bike Smut has some challenging politics.

Most of the movies that are made for us are not distributed anywhere else. A few of our filmmakers are established pornographers but most at not.  For the kindergarten teachers and the military officers and the nonprofit directors and everyone else whose lives would be ruined if the wrong people saw them in a remotely sexual movie Bike Smut is a rare creative outlet of expression. 

We don't entrust these originally created pornographic films in the hands of just anyone, so we can't just mail copies of the program or send screeners to the media. There has to be a lot of trust and that trust is earned over many years, not given.
So we have to be there in person. But then its a pretty big bikesexual world. How can we be in all the places that ask us? We would like to be able to put our genitals where our mouths are but traveling everywhere by bicycle is difficult and time consuming (trust us, we rode 10k miles across North America and Europe for The Porny Express). We are left with the choice of flight. Which is amazing. If you fly often you could easily not appreciate the marvel of massive jets zooming across the sky. But its also really fucking sad. It takes a lot of Iraqi blood to make that refined jet fuel and just as with the auto industry, the true cost is hidden from us via a mountain of subsidies and deferments as the ecological toll will be paid by the next generation.

So, for our hyper-transportationally aware selves, flying, like consuming meat, should be done infrequently with great appreciation. Will there be another NYC screening in the future? Only the future will tell.  Take it all in while you can!

Possibly the last ever Bike Smut screening in New York City

Sunday, June 5
315 Ten Eyck Street