April 24, 2014

bicisessuale d Italiano!

Blast it! We had a great screening in Amsterdam and Zurich and between the excellent history tours and having our handlebar bag stolen on the night train we didn't even make blog posts about them!

Well even if you miss out on info here, the column on the right is usually up to date.

So now would be a good time to look at that calendar and see what dates are coming up and what people you can invite to enjoy sex-positive, human powered entertainment!

This Saturday we are blessed to be in Catina, Italy on the island of Sicily. We have got Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Downhill XC Race! It is a pretty excting place with a lot of great events coming up!

Venerdì 25 aprile
Rock the Park, Xc Eliminator

Venerdì 25 aprile, ore 21:00 in Piazza Duomo
Critical Mass special edition CBF2014

Sabato 26 aprile, ore 22:00 ℅ Zeronove
Bike Smut video festival e party CBF2014

 Sabato 26 e domenica 27 aprile
Salvaiciclisti 3.0
Group Cycling®

Sabato 26 e domenica 27 aprile
Bike Polo Tournament

Domenica 27 aprile
Junior Bike Race

everybody get that? Do we need to get your attention again?

Bike Smut in Sicily!
Saturday, April 26
Via Opificio 12, 95131 Catania, Italy

April 16, 2014

Belgium, I hardly even fucked the

Belgium might inspire more confusion that any other European country for people from the United States.

They speak a lot of French although it's not quite France.
They ride a lot of Dutch bikes but it's not quite The Netherlands.
They enjoy a discussion of logic like the Germans but its not quite Germany.
Flemish or phlegmish, they love naked bike rides and they are gonna love Bike Smut!

17 Avril
Rapa Nui Association
4 rue dieudonné lefevre , 1020 bruxelles
4 euros + 1 adhesion

FB Invite

April 11, 2014

Velo Erotique on the West Side!

Greetings from the West Coast... of the Atlantic!

After a fabulously sucessful mini tour of Central Europe including Geneva, Lausanna, St. Etene, Grenoble, and Lyon Bike Smut jumps BackInTheSaddle!

First up our lovely and insane friends in Paris are gathering for another specticle. The last time we got together 200 horny bikers took over the street in fron of La Ola Oops.  FaceBook Event
SUNDAY, 13 APRIL,  La Mutinerie, 176 rue Saint-Martin 75013, 19:00h, GRATUIT (donations),

Then the very next day we travel into the respectable and orderly suburbs of Ghent, Belgium. It will be our first time in Belgium outside of Brussels and the local DIY crowd are gathering like a fun, freaky storm. Come early for the potluck food and stay late for rad, feminist, crusty punk bands!
MONDAY, 14 APRIL, 't Kieknkot, Beukenlaan 37, sint-denijs-westrem, food 20.00h, GRATUIT

Brussels has got many fine qualities but we know what we want... French Fries and Naked Bike Rides! One of the world's most famous CycloNudestas, a person who has negotiated with many  spaces to create safe spaces for casual nudity, Jerome Nature, may be in attendance! FB Event
THURSDAY, 17 APRIL, Byrrh, 4 rue dieudonné lefevre, ADMISSION

You want bikes? You want sex? You want them both? Where else in the wold are you gonna go besides Amsterdam! (simma down West Coast, USA this aint about you) Last time we had all but given up on screening our program in Holland. "If we can't get a show we should just go there, ride lots of bikes and have lots of sex!" - MissPoppyCox. But as fate had it an upstart, kickass venue of rad, film loving feminists totally said, "Bikes + Porn? YES WE CAN!" We are grateful our friends at Filmhuis Cavia are welcoming us back again.
FRIDAY, 18 APRIL, Filmhuis Cavia, Van Hallstraat 52-I (de poort door, binnen de trap op), 4 euros

In a few days we will share our schedule for much of the rest of Europe! So excited!!

Photos via Lima, Peru and Brussels WNBR used without permission. If you are the owner of one of these just let us know and we will credit or remove the image
Chicago WNBR photo by Aaron Leverenz  with permission. Thanks!

April 3, 2014

Back in the Saddle: a European bike tour adventure

We are driven to provide the finest, most ethical, human-powered bicycle pornography on Earth!

This Spring and Summer we will accomplish just that!

Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!

Bike Smut is a collection of erotic bicycle shorts made by cyclists, radicals, and queers from all over the world - various interpretations about what is great about sex and cycling!

This year the submissions are from Oakland, Seattle, Florida, Montreal, Berlin, Milan and Geneva! Literally and figuratively all over the map.
Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!

We have a pretty ambitious schedule as you can see in our future route. Thousands of kilometers traversed by bicycle!
Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!

Bike Smut is a celebration of human-powered transportation and sex-positive culture.The content is completely audience generated.No reproductions or DVD's are available, so you must go to a screening to see them.

Inline image 2

Films include of variety of representations of human sexuality,entirely created by amateur bike pornographers from all over the world!

Inline image 1
Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!

This synthesis of transportation and sexuality is everything you could imagine it to be: creative, ethical, aware, explicit, tantalizing, candid, and silly! Since its inception, Bike Smut has toured North America 15 times, and in the summer of 2011 the project completed its first European excursion, playing 63 shows in 21 countries, from Scotland to Turkey. The winter of 2012 took Bike Smut on their first tour south of the border, featuring six shows around Mexico. The Bike Smut Film Festival is now in its 7th year, and the only way to see it is to attend a screening and experience it with others.

Inline image 5
Bike Smut is at its heart, a community driven event. Besides the screenings we often coordinate with local groups to host workshops, skill shares, group rides, races, potlucks, and performances.

Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!
Euro Bike Porno Polo Tour!

Are you ready to feel the strength of a steed between your legs? This film festival made by queers, cyclists and artists is only available in theaters.

Inline image 4