March 3, 2020

Old Bikes, Fresh Legs, Hot Sauce!

The rumors we started are no longer true; Bike Smut is NOT touring! STILL!

We've had a plucky team for this bike-powered tour across Europe starting in Athens, Greece. However because we love them and you and also ourselves we are not hosting social gatherings.

So what will we bring with us this time? Our first go around we had our amazing international superstar, Gi GI Malibu meet us in Hamburg with two liters of Tapatio hot sauce. And the option of having a gallon of Sriracha is tempting. But then, Valentina is the pound for pound champion. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM! You may not realize the hardest part of traveling in Europe is finding spicy food.

Also, we need lots of help finding rad fucking people who want to help us provide a rad fucking experience for their rad fucking community. Do you know them? Connect the dots! DO IT NOW!