February 22, 2013

Is that a Santa Cruz missle in your pants or...

Holey hell! It's happening again! This time in the hippy refuge of Santa Cruz!

Bike Smut 6 in Santa Cruz
Sat. The 23rd
Bike church
703 pacific ave. (enter on spruce)
8pm, 18 +
$5-10 suggested donation
No drinking at venue

"Woohoo!" Said the local bikesexual when told about the upcoming show. And s/he was right to exclaim.

The Bikesexual Cheerleader goes "Ra Ra Raw"

The last time we brought a community of bikers and pervs together we had an amazing time thanks to the great folks at El Rio in San Francisco, the fabulous performances of Bianca Stone (video below) and the stellar audience! Among those in attendance that brisk Tuesday night included  famed queer porn stars Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Maggie and Ned Mayhem, Siouxsie Q, and Scarlet Faux (shit we hope we aren't forgetting anyone)... WOW! What an amazing crew of radical sex workers. We are so thrilled to have met you and stoked you enjoyed our efforts! To inform/punish those who couldn't make it out / couldn't make it in we have a series of stills from the performance.

We expect more exciting collaborations to come from our Bay Area friends. This Spring a brilliant feature length hardcore bikesexual porn movie co produced by Trouble Films and Bike Smut will be released! Who knows what else these delightful folks will come up with?!?

OK, now its time for that treat you were promised

The greatest bikesexual cheerleader
(since Poppy Cox became the self appointed worlds greatest bikepolo cheerleader)

PART ONE - listen to her talk about bikes and sex

PART TWO - watch her fucking dance

Thanks Bianca! We hope you will delight us and our audience again soon!