October 5, 2007

Thanks for the Mammaries

In the streets of Portland, Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver BC they cry for more!

Every show a rousing success. Bodies packed in tightly to accommodate the hoards of eyes hungry for flesh and steel. A stranger's lap becomes necessary seating, the floor already a jumble of limbs.

Once thing that can be taken from this outpouring of support for bicycle pornography is, yalls are some deviant fucking cyclists and the demand for more bicycle porn is far from quenched (if there is such a thing)

Thanks to Jonathan for supplying images from our evening in EastVan, as well as all the performers, Leanne and her bike strip and receiving the Olympic rings as Vancouverella, Mykle's anti-erotic reading, Adrian getting Voodoo donuts stuffed down her gullet as Portlandia, GirlShawn for rubbing her uniboob in time, Ifny, Jasun and Cara for working the space and time from back to front, the Creaking Planks for the melodies, and the massive number of sexy cyclists form whom work so hard to keep happy and horny (or any of the interestingly awkward number of places between)

Thank you Cascadia for all you have done to make this possible. Perhaps I will return in 2008 with more...

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