January 27, 2008

epilogue: excited peeps and tight pants

Lets recap a bit eh?

Cascadian Bike Porn Tour
  • 3-5 cyclists bike 400 miles from Portland to Vancouver BC
  • 4 screenings of bike porn to ravenous audiences in Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver BC
  • 1 negligee ride
  • 1 street rumble

Bike Calipornification Tour
  • 14 days on the road
  • 6 of which were in a car
  • ~40 episodes of This American Life played
  • 5 screenings in LA, Davis, SF, and Cottage Grove
  • 1 pair of soft, pink sock-slippers for xxxmas
  • dozens of requests to have it return to California
So what is a Bicycle Pornographer to do? Bring it to middle america!

Announcing the Bike Porn Goes Breadbasket Tour. There is a bun in the oven and it looking to be reborn in the heartland.

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