September 21, 2008

Halfway there!

The Cascadian Bikexploitation tour has been rolling strong!
In Bellingham we had 2 near sellout shows even though Western Washington was on break (when do colleges start their session anyway?).   In Seattle the rain would try and dampen us but we were already wet. Such adversities were no match for sexy bikers and the publics demand for origional programming. Crotchs with and without bikeshorts were ungulating on the side  40 ft brick building.  A standing room only show on the inside at the The Mix Lounge + projecting AND both programs back2back on the building across the street left the citizens of Georgetown pleasantly startled. We hope similar exitment on Monday in Olympia as we bring Bike Porn to the historic Capitol Theater for the 1st time ever. 
How will Washington's State Capitol respond? 

Screening @ 9:00 pm 
Capitol Theater

206 5th Ave

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