March 29, 2009

Sexy Awareness

Over the past couple years we have frequently been asking why porn features so much violent and/or demeaning sex?

We are left wondering, did we porn consumers create the marketplace for such behavior or are we simply being lead along on an already existing trend?

At first it seems a chicken/egg kind of thing. Did the demand for violence come first or did producers decide that there are benefits to having a demoralized talent workforce? Are we encouraging violence by consuming violent porn? Are we desensitizing ourselves? Can consumers even get off without hearing "Take it all, bitch!"?

Eventually we may come to assume that porn producers are creating content that the audience wants. If so what does that mean for the majority of our population? How would we escape responsibility for creating a violent sex culture then?

These questions become even more immediate given April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Time for a spring cleaning of our various hangups. Specifically the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (helping victims and perpetrators) is focusing their efforts this year on violent sexuality in the workplace.

We at BikeSmut LLC will strive to provide you with pertanant info so that you can be sexually aware at work and also some other places. We hope to flood your brain with all the sexual awareness you can handle.

1st up...

Our friends at Lickety Split report on a website that differentiates between sex and porn. has a pretty dismissive name, but actually seems like a interesting idea for generating discussion on ideas like who does and does not like to have ejaculate shot in their face.

So much to learn about blowing one's load. We hope that you will stay with us as we try to understand how to balance the needs of the sexes.

"With bigger semen volume, you’ll cum harder than you ever thought possible. You’ll get a big boost to your testosterone levels, too, which means stronger sex drive, better erections and overall much improved sexual ability. And the ladies? Blown away.".

Next time on BikeSmut: Is there a connection between sexual inadequacy and violence?

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  1. I love the Sex In the City-style bro-down between dudes about cum volume. Get out your G3 powerbook and write about your feelings, guys.


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