January 17, 2014

Dallas hops on The Porny Express

There is a city in Texas that more than any others conjurers images of Amerikana. Football players (doing drugs), cheerleaders (on drugs), and (drug filled) cherry pie.
Okay, maybe El Paso is a bigger hub for drug trafficking, but when we think of eccentric, wealthy people who are just barely holding onto their marbles, we think of...

But this aint no game. This is real. Everyday means something, and until you figure out who shot JR you are just gonna have to keep pounding them hard Dallas streets, living your life as you desire, just as any emancipated, sex-positive, human-powered person would, with or without drugs.

But Sunday is special. On that day of rest we are gonna get so fucking active! We have a really amazing venue right downtown with really good seats. Only thing is its pretty tight. Better get there early.

7pm Cocktail Reception with Local Performance Artists and Introduction by the curator of this Erotic Bicycle Film Festival.

With Performances by The Amazing Boobzilla!

8:30pm Theatre Doors Close. Bicycle Porn Begins. Yes, porn. Sex & Bikes & Sexy Bike People. Theatre seating for 30 people with a small amount of extra room for those who are okay sitting on the floor.

10pm Afterparty at Absinthe Lounge

*21 & Up ONLY. $10 suggested donation, no one turned away.
*One Night Only


This is our first ever screening in Dallas, make it count!

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